Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Faerie,Fairy,Faery,Fae -let's go out to the garden to work and play!!

If you know me you know-I am a big believer in the Fae- Fairy Kingdom
The Great Shining ones of Dana, The Wee Folk,Elemental Angels

They are by beloved  friends ,fellow Lightbearers and Healers, Earthkeepers and Warriors for Mother Earth!

I do my healing right along with them all around and by my side.

Some examples of things I have seen them do in my behalf!


When stink bugs struck the area I asked my house Fairies to ask the stink bugs to leave because I knew my husband would spray them and kill them... guess what-the next morning they were gone! I have shared this with many people who have had the same results.

In the garden I asked my garden fairies to ask the deer and rabbits and harmful insects to stay out of the garden and explain to them that this was food to feed my family-guess what- it worked!

I have tinkerer Fae that have repaired a car transmission,my car radio is hooked up to NO power source but runs( no power source but the Fae that is)they repaired a refrigerator that had been dead for 3 days!! -Runs like a top now ( repair man that came over after a year of it running it stopped 1 day-by the time he got there after a prayer asking for healing it started up again -we decided not to cancel the appointment he said I have no idea why this thing is running-it shouldn't be! )

We had a dryer repaired-it is still old and slow but at least it is not knocking around with a broken roller inside-yes the Fae fixed that too! We use it now to fluff up the clothes -we actually line dry in the basement for the most part now to conserve resources.I am very happy to have the dryer fixed though-of course!

So now onto the garden... right now I am ready to plant the seedlings for the garden-starting them inside -before that though I got a message from Faerie Kingdom to ring the seeds in my crystal bowl for 3 days and to set the seeds in the bowl all that time. When I rang the bowl yeserday the heirloom seeds inside their packets began to rattle and dance around-it sounded ust like a spirit rattle playing with me-it was lovely-such a mystical experience it gave me cold chills!!

This weekend I will plant the seedling using dirt from my fairy garden -I will pray over the seedlings asking for the help of the Fae in the garden -for prosperity,healing,good health and abundance galore in the garden and in all aspects of life!

This Spring and Summer we will ask the Garden Fae to ask the deer,rabbits, groundhogs and harmful insects to stay out of the garden-but we will also plant a small clover patch for them to enjoy!

I have been given a design to work with in the garden-in each Sacred Direction-East,South,West and North- to plant a teepee shaped structure out of bamboo to grow greenbeans on and to place a generator crystal inside each greenbean teepee-calling in celestial energies to aid in the garden and to set the energy for divine growth.The Sacred Directions alignment in the garden here will form a diamond shaped garden.

The Fae have asked me to put a water feature in the very center of the garden to anchor the divine energies of Water and Abundance and to plant a glorious herb bed right in the middle -then the teepees outside that-then the 3 sisters garden(corn,beans and squash) outside that..then the outer edges we can square off and give garden plots to the Three Rivers Tribe members to grow whatever they like!..I imagine in each corner where it goes from being a diamond to squaring off -that we will plant triangles of beneficial flowers...

Outside of the community garden-I will have my own garden plot as well for my family specifically as we are New Earth Preppers and intend to can,freeze and dry as much as possible this year! I will be asking my personal Fae Guides and helpers to aid us in this abundance manifestation!

My husband and I plan to as well get chickens and build a moveable chicken tractor,to get a few pet rabbits for making great compost with red wiggler worm farm below their hutch and maybe even a few milking goats!! As many Fae are guardian spirits of the animal kingdom as we work with these farm animals and get to know and love them-I imagine getting to know a whole other element of Fae Kingdom! OH BOY!!!

In time the woods behind our house and the garden area we plan to plant indigenous edibles,plant fruit and nut trees  and wild crafted herbs in that space and do a more Native America inspired edible forrest/permaculture garden!We will then of course ask the woodland Fae to watch over and tend the garden with us!

I am feeling so blessed to know Fairy Kingdom and to work with them-I wish and want and beg.. Let me work with you more and more as I become a better Earthkeeper! Please share your wisdom and help me become what I wish to become! A good healer, a good gardener, a good friend and fellow Lighbearers to all my relations -trees,rocks,earth,water, Father Sun,Mother Earth... and of course!

Be blessed and a blessing!
Until tomorrow!
Love and Light,SandraBear Davis : Appalachian Medicine Woman

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