Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Divine Feminine Aspect: Spirituality within Pleasure

If you know me you know- I don't shy away from speaking and teaching about things of a sexual,sensual nature.

I love good food,good wine and laughter. I believe in feeling a full range of emotions from crying over the sight of a beautiful butterfly, to raging over injustices to animals,children and the elderly.. and to Mother Earth.I like things around me that feel good,smell good,taste good.I am a sensualist for sure! 

Like most Medicine People/Shamans -I am highly sexual and enjoy pleasure very much.I energy gather through lovemaking .

I am totally at ease and shameless about this as it is an aspect of the deepest and most ancient Divine Feminine spirituality .

Like you-I am also extremely spiritual -my life revolves around prayer,meditation and being a good servant to the Divine .I am all about love,light and Oneness...perfect within my many imperfections! In other words-hey I make lots of mistakes so let's not mistake being spiritual w being a saint!! I am SO not that... lol

 I am an Ecumenical Pagan..with  a deep love for the Archangels, Christ Consciousness and the Dove Goddesses Mary Magdalene,Mother Mary,Isis,Alcyone and Qwan Yin.I also work with the Mother Earth Goddesses-particularly Dana and the White Buffalo Calf Woman ..too I adore and am absolutely aligned  with the Elemental Angels/Fae to heal and to do my manifestation work -

 I believe each person has the absolute right to choose how to experience the Divine Mind-but I do see a need to swing a bit back over to the Feminine Aspects in faith worldwide.

Believe me we would indeed have a world of

The need to experience our bodies as the Divine Temple housing our Spirit! That here too-there is God/Goddess.In our emotions, in our sexual pleasure, in our tender feelings,in our barefeet sinking into the Earth,in song and in dance...In our waking and in our laying down to sleep- in a warm bath of water.. floating and experiencing all things through our sacred senses.
The Sacred Moments of walking hand in hand with a child
Of eating a crisp red apple right off a tree on a cool Fall Morning
In the smell of fresh baked bread
In sharing a meal with those we love talking all around us ,smiling,laughing.

In the moments of loss and grief-in the consoling arms of ones that love us and wish to nurture us.

At the breast of a Mother nursing her child... and in the hard work of a Father wishing to care for those in his home the best he can...his mind ever on provided for their needs.This too is Divine!.. and for those single Mothers without a Partner to support them in their lives and those families where both parents work outside the home - the constant hard work day by day.. this too is Divine.

Most faiths out there these days are pretty male dominated ,pretty rule oriented and seem to be geared toward shame based thinking as regards pleasures of the Body. They work very hard to steer ones away from pleasurable pursuits and experiencing the Divine within the body temple. It is - my way or the highway (the highway  to Hell that is) It is - believe this or DIE... so for me-no thanks!

Now things are changing abit- many Christian Churchs no longer have a "this is the only way to salvation "attitude- but you gotta admit.. most are still in the old paradigm of preaching salvation based on fear of punishment.

Alright-so enough of that.. I am talking about the absolute spirituality within pleasure!

Instead of thinking we need to ascend out of our bodies to achieve enlightenment . I appeal to those that would like to seek another route. Experiencing the Divine Within your own body temple.

I suggest
Learning about Earth based spirituality 
Going to drumming circles  
Taking bellydance classes
Spend some time in caves to connect with Earth Energy .
Barefoot Gardening
Tantric Sexuality -learn about this
Learn breathing techniques to connect you with the Divine Mother

Eating REAL food-preferably what you grow- but buy ,prepare and enjoy totally eating REAL honest non GMO whole foods! Eating it slowly-chewing it well- enjoying it thoroughly.. and when you eat.. just eat- really feel it nourishing you-give thanks for it.. this is a simple way of experiencing the Divine Within Pleasure.

When you are making love-really look your partner in the eyes and feel them totally- love them purely with everything you have....intend the energy of orgasm be released through your heart chakra instead of your base and send that energy to the productivity of your garden! You will find an amazing love energy permeate your whole space when you use pleasure that DOES NO HARM as spirituality.

When taking walks intend the energy go into your divine womb to enhance your manifestation ability -pull up Earth energies through your feet( non natural soles of shoes block this -so barefoot or natural soles)

 I will speak on this subject again- there is SSSSOOOO much to say on it...as so many people are feeling a disconnect from true heart centered spirituality I propose the option here of another way of being-it works for me wonderfully!

I hope you have a most pleasurable day!!

So eat ,drink and be merry.. for tomorrow you may- DO IT AGAIN!!  Hee hee-

The Divine Feminine Aspect: 
Spirituality within Pleasure- and so it is...

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