Monday, February 27, 2012

This week at the Enchanted Cottage

Hello there!
This is SandraBear Davis-the Appalachian Medicine Woman .

I am a shamanic trance medium healer, medical intuitive and metaphysical teacher.I have a great love for the Archangels,The Dove Goddesses and Faerie Kingdom!

I want to share some things about my life and some events we have going on this week at the Enchanted Cottage in Penn Hills PA!

I meditate each morning and start my day seeking Great Spirit and Mother Earths Guidance on the energy of the day.I receive the message of Spirit that I then share in my blog and occasionally on my blogtalk radio show.

I am also a New Earth Prepper and Organic Gardener.My goal is to raise a big garden and can ,dry and freeze everything we need and get a 2 year supply of food on hand and supplies for the coming Great Earth Shift.

I personally believe the system we are in is a slave world and is destined to fall soon! I believe this will be a tough time and we need to get ourselves ready to be self sufficient- like our Great Grandparents had to do- going back to the past for lessons is I believe the key to surviving and THRIVING into the future !

This year we plan to get chickens,honey bees, rabbits and maybe a milking goat or 2- we have an acre to work with for a little urban homestead in Penn Hills PA-just 2 doors outside of Pittsburgh city limits .

We also plan to store up 4 loads of wood and get a wood cookstove for the basement.
I need to get a bunch of rain barrels to collect rain from the roof this year.. sigh-SO much to do!!

I try to clean organically but my husband resists me-argh!! He is in love with bleach- so we have issues with that.. alas .

We are working towards going mostly vegetarian for his health and well honestly my weight loss. I am a big gal -but healthy as a horse! We still eat fish and ground turkey.

I do my work from my little home /healing space I call the Enchanted Cottage.
It is a humble space-full of love and light!

In it my husband Charlie and I along with our 3 pets- 2 orange tabby kitties Rocky and Rambo and our little Schnauzzer Shitzu mix Doggie Puffer.. have chosen a simple life of service!
My husband is a Native Pittsburgher who spent most of his working life in DC -he was living there when we met and got married.
We moved to Pittsburgh 27 months ago.
I am a Southern as can be with the drawl to match! I was born in Ky-but spent most of my life in Asheville NC. I am Cherokee /Celtic Mixed  and come from a long line of healers.

I wanted to share some of the things we are doing in our New Earth prepper home and the events I am having with my Meetup Group.

Feel free to join  us for anything you like-all my work is done on love offering/donation basis. This is traditional for a Medicine Person -to let ones decide for themselves what feels fair to pay .

Today-Monday ... I have a radio show through blogtalk radio at Noon
I am going to speak some more about the events here-fill in more details. 

My eldest son turns 29 today!! Justin lives down in NC Mtns and is an amazing and handsome(of course being his Momma I say so-but he really is gorgeous) young man! I am SO proud to be his Mother!

I am going to work on an art piece this afternoon and do some housekeeping .
I really need to get in and organize my prepper closet today but most likely not... maybe 1 shelf -yeah that is not overwhelming!

Tuesday is art day again and I have a private healing client coming.

Wed to Fri 4 to 6 pm ones can come by for my trance medium healing .I do this in group energy .In this I do shamanic healing ,crystal and vibrational healing and as a trance medium I channel the energies of the Archangel Gabrielle to heal-I also work with The White Buffalo Calf Woman,Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene !We also call in Faeirie Folk to help in the healing! I sing quite alot of old healing songs and drum,do a sageing ceremony and such.

Thursday evening at 7 I teach psychic development -that is a good class of usually around 10 people! You can jump right in anytime!It is ongoing.

This Sat at 7 pm I am doing a prosperity manifestation ceremony of abundance called-I am Midas Spinning Energy into Gold! (my e-book available on Kindle for $9.99 is named that too)

During the days before the healing circles I will be doing my shaman art/channeled angel and faerie folk art.I also do a TON of  writing- besides this blog I write songs and poetry and am writing a book called-TA-DA- "The Appalachian Medicine Way"

So you see life is fun at our little Enchanted Cottage.There is always something going on -sometimes it is busy hands on work-lots of art and writing! My husband is on winter lay off so he is  cleaning out the storage in the basement and reorganizing everything so there is usally Oldies Music or Jazz going on in the basement.

There is usually a pot of beans and some home made herbal tea on- herbs mostly from my garden !

I hope you will free to join us for events here soon!

Love,Light and Warm Toasty Toes to you and ou and you!!

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