Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dancing with The White Buffalo Calf Woman

I should have known something big was coming. For the last 3 days I have not felt well.I have eaten little, slept much and been very withdrawn from company.

If I were in a tribe my elders would have said- go into your space and do not come out until the vision arrives Spirit Weaver.

But alas I am a Medicine Woman with no true tribe-yes we are gathering together the Three Rivers Tribe-but it is not fully functioning and running as of yet.. a work in progress.

This morning as I was taking a bath...lying in the water is so often where I get my vision.

I began to see the White Buffalo Calf Woman and she was dancing- she had taken a shell and had cut her arms and had blood streaming down- as she twirled around the blood was splashing over and making the Red Rocks off Sedona redder..she was weeping as she danced. I felt no anger in her only Motherly Anguish.

She was mourning for the loss of her children,the People. She was mourning that the 4 colors of man were yet seperated and not coming together -she was crying for the ravages of the Earth and for the ones that must be swept away in the times of vengeance and the Wormwood Solar Flairs.

As she cried and swirled about I saw we were is a Sacred Circle. The interior circle was a fire-then around it were standing stones about 2 feet tall then a bare dirt area about 12 feet wide and surrounding all that were 12 carved totem poles made of carved cedar.

She stopped dancing and noticed me- looked into my eyes and held her bleeding arms out to me . I knelt to the ground and put my hands over her wounds so wanting to heal her pain. She is so beautiful with her long black hair, her pale buckskin dress , beaded with blue and red and yellow and white. She is a tiny slender lovely woman -with sad sad eyes like black pools .

As I was kneeling she lifted me up( and I am a large woman) had me to stand - she then turned around and backed into me energetically. I could feel both of us in my body.

We began to dance with a fan of crows wings in each hand- we danced around the fire in the Sacred Circle .

The animals started to come-1st a hawk flew right into me and disappeared, then a crow ,then a snake, then a bobcat,then a panther- and last of all a Great Black Bear . When the Bear entered I could suddenly see through it's eyes and I was the Bear.I knew I was forever THE BEAR.

The Bear is a healer, a nurturer, a fierce Mother, we are large but we are fast, we know how to make it through hard times.We work from caves if we can fnd them- I work from the Shamans Cave.

As I danced with the Bear and the White Buffalo Calf Woman and with the hawk,the owl, the snake,the bobcat and the panther... I saw all my ancient native american ancestors surrounding me in the circle.

They were smiling at me and welcoming me- you see most of my life I felt outside their circle- as a mixed blood-not quite white-not quite Indian. And yet here they were saying to me -come dance the ancient dances-come into the Circle as a Bear.

Do not be afraid the elders are coming to you! With words of wisdom and comfort they come. With prophecy and with stories they come.With songs and with dance they come.
Bring yourself into the Sacred Fire Circle and Be them- for they are you and in you their blood flows.

and so with this I feel a need to focus my work as a Bear- to dance the Sacred Dances - to be the Healer for the People. To sing the songs of spirit, to paint the art of spirit, to tell the stories of spirit and to be the Walker between worlds


For this I was born and came into this world to bear this energy
To heal the People
To honor the 7 generations
To warn the people to turn back to being good Earth keepers... and so it is!!

I continue my day and I would PRAY my life -blended in energy with the White Buffalo Calf Woman- where this will lead I do not know! Mine is not always to know-but to walk the path that Great Spirit and Mother Earth lay out for me as their servant!

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