Thursday, February 9, 2012

Angel Love Light at the Crystal Healing Vortex

I wanted to share abit about my Meetup here in Pittsburgh PA -
"Angel Love Light at the Crystal Healing Vortex"

It is a free to join ,wonderful love and light filled place to make amazing ,deep and lovingly connected friendships! A place to learn,to grow and to GLOW!!

How in the World did a Shaman/Medicine Woman come to work w the Angels??
 How can learning about and working w the Archangels enhance your life? Bring healing,comfort and knowledge??
At the very core of our group is LOVE- that is the motivation for everything we do here! We are quickly evolving into a fully functioning  Oneness,Love and Light Ecumenical Spiritualist Group! We are here to connect to one another and to train Pittsburghs next generation of powerful New Earth healers,mediums,shamanic practitioners,mystics, psychic readers, metaphysical teachers -In love and light we serve the Greater Good !!!
To hear a sample of the Sacred teachings and love filled healing energy of this space- please listen to my radio show-you can listen to archived programs anytime


We work in this Sacred Space on a reawakened ancient healing vortex called the Crystal Healing Vortex. THIS HAS BEEN PROVEN BY ECO-SCIENTISTS!

Many of us have a belief and an knowing that the Earth is Shifting in 2012 and beyond and that a New Earth based on Oneness,Peace,Enlightenment,Good Earthkeeping ,New Tribal Self Sufficiency,Holistic Living,Deep Connections to friends,family and the Spirit Realm and the Power within Gentleess are this New Earth Energy!
I have worked hard to keep the classes and events very affordable.I am a FT Medicine Woman and have learned over the years to ask for an exchange of energy (either through cash exchange or Trade / barter- WE love crystals,incense,herbs,plants, hand crafts ,organic goodies and tea!) and not to simply give away the knowledge I worked many years and at great personal and financial expense to learn...when giving it away I found ones drawn were not serious about learning , just dabbling, tended to be energy drainers and that is NOT the energy I expect or even will work with at all... I am here to teach, train and heal those of very high personal integrity!
A brief message from the Healing Angels of this Sacred Space...
"This is a love and light filled space- we hold a space of LOVE!!
We ask you to leave the cares and worries of the world behind whilst in this Sacred Space!
We intend you take home a spark of your own divinity and a connection to others of like mind who are here to aid in mankinds ascension!
I want to say that for the WED 7 PM  healing circles-feel free to come even if you don't rsvp- and bring others! Each CIRCLE has a special healing energy- but also general Angel Love Light Healing Energy permeates each and every event we have here! In love and light we serve the greater good!
Your generous love offerings allows me to keep doing my work as a joyful and abundant servant of Great Spirit and Mother Earth and allows you to enjoy the Highest levels of Angelic Love Light healing energy available on this dimension at this time!!Suggested love offering posted on events-but this is SUGGESTED- we never turn ones away based on ability to pay!!
Remember...bartering is fine- we love, candles and other handcrafts,organic foods,crystals,herbs,gift cards,etc


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