Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Living a Charmed Life

To experience the adventure of life we have to first let go of control.
Control is NOT love
It is NOT self or others
It is not positive self discipline
It is not forward  or joy  focused
It is NOT Emotionally or Physically healthy
NOT nourishing to you soul  or your creative self
It is NOT allowing of flexibility and leads to pure stagnation of vital energies!
It DOES NOT attract love-"the real thing" that accepts a persons flaws as well as cherishes unique character and encourages the fullest expression of their abilities!

Control is masked anger,fear of change-fear of experiencing life!

If we can just allow ourself to be perfect within our own imperfection and allow that in others!
If we can just walk out the door not knowing what is ahead of us for the day but trusting that it is all worth being brave and really  LIVING!

I wish for you today-joy ,peace,spontaneous moments  that make you laugh outloud at the MIRACLES of life!! That make your jaw drop and your eyes gleam at the absolute beauty in the moment- all you have is HERE .. right jump in feet 1st- shout with JOY AND YES A LITTLE FEAR  as you go down into the unknown adventure...- feel the life pulse in you-it IS you.. you are ALIVE! ALIVE!! ALIVE!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Living and Enchanted Life

I am going to start writing daily on "Living an Enchanted Life."
The purpose is first of all to remind myself of the Sacredness within the ordinary! It is as well to connect to persons seeking themselves to live an enchanted life- and of course to connect to ones that feel called to come to me or call for healing, a reading or Intuitive Counsel.

So often these days we look outside of ourself for the answers- we look at that other person over there that seems to hold the key to happiness that has eluded us- what is it that they have???

Sometimes what we see is just what others allow to be seen- they are perhaps struggling with the very same issues...

and then at times we come across that serene,content,happy soul that we see- it is REAL- this happiness/joy/bliss-it is not fleeting but a part of their very auric field and energy signature!

They that truly have the key to happiness- in that they have learned to look inwardly for all the answers to all the questions...they have accessed the Divine Mind within.

It is in the stillness that this may be found. The quiet place just behind the boredom- the being quiet-shh-quiet- to begin to hear the Voices of Angels!

And so- they sit quietly with a serene smile on their face - listening to the Divine Within.We are not seperated from Divinity-but a very part of it- we all are!
So-shhhh... listen?? Can you hear the beat of the Angels wings-can you hear their voices saying... SLOW DOWN- ENJOY THIS MOMENT-BE HERE RIGHT NOW - THIS MOMENT TOO IS SACRED-AS ARE ALL MOMENTS OF TIME!

AND SO IT IS- BE blessed and a blessing ,Spirit Weaver: Appalachian Medicine Woman