Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Healers Tour and my calling as a healer 06/11 by New Earth Prophet | Blog Talk Radio

The Healers Tour and my calling as a healer 06/11 by New Earth Prophet | Blog Talk Radio


My calling as a healer and higher dimensional helpers

The Healers Tour Video

Have you ever had a moment when you walked past all your fears and doubts...all your self imposed limits ?
I am experiencing that this very week ! I have had the call to be a healer-healing millions of people with hands and voice and crystals.
The original vision given to me seemed TOO big! Long before I EVER heard of John of God the angels told me-heal many people all at once, wear white, make healing soup and tea for them...THEN I heard of John of God and how he heals this way and has for quite awhile. The angels said-He is getting tired now and you must step up to help him now...
Like him I am an unconscious trance medium healer-unlike him mine is more Mother Love/Divine Feminine as the spirits I channel in healing are the Dove Goddesses- Mother Mary, Qwan Yin, Alcyone, Isis, Mary Magdalene AND Mother Earth Goddesses-Dana, The White Buffalo Calf Woman,Gaia, Oshun . I also work with Abundantia and The spiritual alchemist King Midas to help people manifest finances in ceremony!

I was scared-it seemed TOO big and it felt like I would be seen as a mimic. I felt like maybe it was my ego WANTING to be something. I shoved the calling aside and tried to forge my own path.
I hit roadblock after roadblock. Trying to do things my own way-trying to run from the very reason I had incarnated anyway. I wanted to be ordinary
When at last I emptied myself and bowed my neck to Creators will..
Doors opened
I felt no longer afraid.
I followed Spirits leadings and it has led me to this very week in time.

I will never look back
I will never falter again.
I will walk towards this destiny with my head held high.
I am here now
and so it is!

I want to extend an invitation to come for healing -right now from my home healing space-but we are seeking to secure an old church in the area for our healing work!

Starting July 9th 4 to 6:30 I will be doing large group trance medium healing -this is on donation basis-ie pay what feels fair to your heart! My intention is to be moved into the church by Sept 2013! I KNOW this is a stretch for a poor non profit-but I BELIEVE in Miracles! 1845 Lincoln Rd Pittsburgh PA 15235

Having witnesses many at my hands as spirit flows into people and they are healed.

If you would like to make a donation to help us purchase the old church -it is 50 K - we have a donations page on the www.sandrabear.webs.com site that goes to the Non Profit Three Rivers Tribe Conscious Community " We build community by building community gardens!" I just draw a modest weekly salary... E have 3 goals right now
1) Purchase the church for large group healing, ecumenical spiritualist Sunday services,classes,workshops, events

Here is some iinformation on this project!

This is the link to the little chapel in Pittsburgh PA where I intend to set up an ecumenical healing temple, have offices for my non profit" Three Rivers Tribe Conscious Community" and have weekday large group healing w free soup and bread(it has a professional kitchen)
The non profits goal is to build community by building community gardens- we go into economically challenged inner city neighborhoods and work with local organizations asking them to mentor the garden! We just have 1 under our belt now but are gearing up for our New Hope Jazz Gardens project creating gardens with music and art ...
The church will be called " Our Lady of Divine Light" and will be ecumenical spiritualist-open and inclusive!
It is where you would come to get trance medium healing on a regular basis -open to about 300 people a day-the energy set is able to heal thousands at a time! SO- 300 is a breeze!
There is also space for several holistic healing practitioners to rent an office as well as a community room for thing like yoga,bellydance class, drum circles, concerts ,wedding receptions and such!
Please keep us in your prayers-this is what your love offerings for events goes to manifest-I draw a small weekly salary.
If you wish to be an angel of our healing casa- please free to do so! I am seeking a miracle and spirit has always shown me that if we walk by faith and follow our divine life calling- amazing events fall into place easily! [:D]