Friday, March 30, 2012

My role as a Medicine Woman - for I am Shaman ....

My name is SandraBear Davis.
I am an Appalachian Medicine Woman of Cherokee and Celtic background.I am a descendant of the Bear Clan and a member of the Bear Clan Medicine Lodge . I honor my ancestors and work with them as Spirit Guides aiding me in my Earth Walk.

I do healing, give intuitive counsel, teach , lead ceremony, write, have a blogtalk radio show and occasionally do a You Tube show, run a forming community garden" Gaia's Garden" and of course-do a weekday blog

Many years ago I had a Near Death Experience and The Archangels came to me.. then- I had the chance to go into the Light-or to come back and serve during the Great Earth Shifts-to help people to heal,be at peace and to connect with the Higher Dimensions of Love and Light!

I chose to come and be of service- Great Spirit and Mother Earth led me to Pittsburgh to serve as a Medicine Woman NOW!

I do my work here in Penn Hills PA- just outside of the Pittsburgh City Limits -on an ancient energy healing vortex-The Crystal Healing Vortex. This was purposefully sealed 15 K years ago by the Medicine Woman : She Bear Sees..It is re-opening powerfully now a Medicine Woman works here daily..right now it is 40% open and Spirit tells me it will be fully open and energized by June 11,2012..

My Pittsburgh calling-it began nearly 3 years ago!

I did not want to come to Pittsburgh when called by Spirit. It took me a year to follow through.I am from the Asheville NC area-clean and pristine.. metaphysical haven and near the Cherokee reservation . Then as I remarried and moved near DC-We lived in a lovely section of NOVA -in a nice condo - and THEN Spirit asked me to move to a ghetto area..

At 1st sigh...I had a terrible time adjusting to a cold hard my softer senses -it was dirty, no sunshine and people were pretty difficult- there is alot of in fighting and competition energy  in the metaphysical community ... people that are just not as polished or mannerly as I am used to working with .. you gotta admit Pittsburgh people are very high tempered and easy to offend-these folks are fighters!

BUT NOW LISTEN... ONCE YOU GET BEYOND THAT HARD EXTERIOR... ONCE THEY LET YOU INTO THEIR HEARTS...You have never met more loyal, kind and loving folks... the tough edge is hard to penetrate.. but SO worth it once you do... and I finally have..

and SOOO  many Lightbearers are being called here NOW as this will be a New Earth Spiritual Center...and a spiritual healing Mecca!

I work with She Bear Sees as beloved My Spirit Guide NOW!

For a shaman knows how to bend time and works in the past,present and future as well as the Higher Dimensions and at times to heal ones - we must battle the lower dimensions! No worries- to me the love and light of the Archangels is millions of times more powerful than any lower /dark energy being!

Every Shaman has a Spirit Council they work with - and mine are powerful,loving and simply amazing to work with ... all the time-everyday a Shaman walks between the World of Spirit and the World of the Mundane.

I love working,playing and healing with the Faeries /Earth Angels .I am honored to have in the presence of this Sacred Space the healing energy and messages  of the heavenly Archangels.

I work constantly with the Guidance of the Council of Dove Goddesses-Mother Mary,Mary Magdalene,Qwan Yin ,Alcyone ,Isis.

Most powerfully aligned to my calling is -I am a representative of ,healer with and Oracle for  The Divine Feminine / Holy Spirit energy of The Shakhina /Divine Mother.

I work with the Celtic Mother Earth Goddess-Dana and Her Great Shining Ones

I work with Abundantia who pours out her cornucopia of Gold to ones she finds pure of heart!

One of my most powerful Guides is The White Buffalo Calf Woman.

I believe we are in a time of great Earth Shifts and need to work together to bring a Healing to the Waters- and the Air  of Mother Earth! We need to learn to walk gently upon this beautiful Blue Jewel Earth and to preserve resources and protect Earth Mother for the 7 generations coming! to see my full calendar of events!

A lovely testimonial and open invitation!

Sweet review of the healing-

"OK all, this is a review on the healing sessions and of Miss Sandy: I am sort of shy and a whole lot awkward, so I was very unsure of going to group session all alone and was a bit skeptical.....but, finally did and was extremly surprised by it-it wasn't what I thought at all, it was light, loving, and happy. I say go once for the experience (cause it is pretty darn cool)....and just kind of sit b.........ack and take it all in, then come again to really let the healing begin. The first time I didn't speak much and kept my eyes closed for most of it, the second time I kept my eyes open and watched the hands on healing on someone else and saw that instead of hands, Sandy had white light in place of them......a healing white light transfering energy into the patient/person she was working on.........and no, I was not drinking or on drugs (that is NOT allowed at all).......I really could not believe my eyes cause it was pretty darn crazy. I have always heard about the healing white light, but never ever thought I would actually see it. Everyone that came to the group healings was very nice and open to new people coming in, no one judges anyone. Personally, I feel that the healings have helped me with all my health problems, and put me in a better mind set all around.....and Sandy knew things (personal feelings) that no one would ever know. So, come and try it out, I promise it is worth your time."
Thank-you Renee

Thank you for that lovely review!! Great reviews like that are so helpful as many people feel abit reserved trying a type of healing they have never experienced! Angel Love Light:Shamanic Trance Medium Energy Healing is SO very loving! It involves using vibrational and crystal healing with the use of drums,rattles,singing bowls ... spirit singing and a sageing/smudging ceremony.There is some light touch healing . I channel the healing energy of the Archangels.

My hands literally feel like they are on fire when around anyone in need of healing! Spirit rushes in to heal! It is WHY I am here.. to be a source or a vessel for this incredible healing energy!

I make NO claim to BE the healer- the healing comes from the Heavenly Realms of Love and Light! I am a simple channel and vessel for Spirit!

I am doing the Angel Love Light Shamanic Trance Medium Healing on a drop by w no appointment needed Mondays thru Thursdays 3 to 7 pm
Love offering basis- with a suggested 20.00 minimum.
If you would like to gather a group of up to a 20 I can do these in a group energy healing circle !

These willl be at my home healing space the Enchanted Cottage in Penn Hills PA just 2 doors outside of Pittsburgh City Limits and weather permitting often outside in nature!

The space here is ecumenical- we honor all Sacred Paths that do no harm!
In order to guard the sacred energy of peace we ask no political or religious debating or even political/religious conversation take place!

Please see the calendar at to rsvp-


I also teach psychic development on Thursdays at 7 pm and have avariety of events going on the weekends!
Shamanic Journeys,Spirit Communication Circles ,Drumming Circles,Merkoba Activations,Sacred Dance and MORE!

In a week or 2 I will be doing angel card readings in Natrona Heights PA Fri to Sun 10 am to 4 pm! I will keep you updated on that new assignment from Spirit!

Love n Light!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sandra Bear Davis : Appalachian Medicine Woman

I wanted to share some links and my phone reading service number along with my daily schedule of events!



1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 04268117
Phone readings and distance healing 24/7
Past and Future Life Readings, Akashic Records Readings

Appalachian Medicine Woman: Radio Show

Angel Love Light Healing  Meetup

Rainbow Medicine Spirit Lodge

New Earth Prepper
Daily Blog

I have an e-book-“ I Am Midas: Spinning Energy Into Gold” available on Kindle!

Currently writing the book” Appalachian Medicine Woman”

Original Shamanic Spirit  Art
 acrylic on wood board available
 Generally $600.00 to $2200.00 per piece!
Payment plan available! 

Here is my regular weekly schedule

Monday and Friday  : Available for private appointment for shamanic healing or intuitive counsel-by appointment only- call 412-728-3008 to book your appointment
General Public $90.00 per hour- My  Meetup members $60.00!

Shaman Art Class 1 to 3 pm
$15.00 per person

Wednesday and Thursday
4 to 6 pm Shamanic Trance Medium Energy Healing Circle
$20.00 per person

7 pm  Channeled Spirit Message Circle
$20.00 per person

7 pm-Psychic and Intuitive Development Class
$15.00 per person

Sat  12pm-2 pm
Shamanic Trance Medium Energy  Healing Circle
$20.00 per person

2pm-Shamanic Healers Training Class
$20.00 per person

4 pm Shamanic Manifestation Class
$20.00 per person

Sunday Noon
Merkoba Activation and Earth Healing Drumming Circle
Potluck lunch –bring a dish to share!
$10.00 per person


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Channeled Message Circles: Waking up and healing Lightbearers

Every Wednesday at 7 PM I have a Trance Medium Spirit Channeled Message Circle to rsvp you may join the Meetup-just click the link above and sign on-you can then see the calendar and rsvp-or you may let me know through Facebook-I am Sandra Bear Davis from Pittsburgh -feel free to friend and e-mail me there!

Please note if you want to e-mail me through Facebook is best! I rarely look at the e-mail attached to the Meetup!

I work from a simple home healing space in Penn Hills Pa. I call the Enchanted Cottage .I have chosen a life of simplicity and service! We are working towards manifesting the funds to build a proper healing center in our Enchanted Garden space!!

Now let me share information about the channeled message circle!

I always ask the Archangels to surround the space in love,light and protective energy. I am an unconscious trance medium channeler- and so I always want to make sure whatever spirit I am channeling is of love,light and the highest of intentions!

I work with a Spirit Council of Dove and Mother Earth Goddesses- Mother Mary,Qwan Yin,Mary Magdalene,Alcyone,Abundantia,The White Buffalo Calf Woman,Dana ,Isis..I work with other Ascended Masters as well- Yeshua,Buddha, Krishna.I also work with the Archangels-

We open a portal between this dimension and the 8th dimensional Crystal Healing Palaces where the Order of the Council of Dove Goddesses convene. Working as an Oracle in this Sacred Space I begin to flow with energy and in a self induced trance state begin to share their messages.

The Goddesses , Ascended Masters and Angels that speak through me are for the ones in the audience -not for me-they have messages of spirit for YOU... you may ask questions and receive spiritual answers.

They are most interested in seeing you connected fully to your path as a Lightbearer-so many have forgotten who they are in this dense,fear based 3rd dimensional energy.

Many need healing energy to awaken to their fullest potential - their bodies and minds are not used to the heaviness of 3rd dimension and they suffer pain, illness, depression ,scattered thinking.

Many long to leave this dimension and go home but they have not completed their assignments.It is not time to walk out of this space but to enlighten our gifts and shine as Lightbearers for humankinds ascension is upon them!

We are here as wayshowers,healers, Lightbearers-we are here to teach a more ascended way of being... yet many Lightbearers have their gifts still locked inside as they are in a state of amnesia.

The channeled message circles are a great aid in waking you up to your divine calling- they are also guideposts to open the path even more fully to those aligned with their divine life mission.

All is done in love and light and for the greater good!

A great deal of healing happens in this Sacred Space!!

Before the channeled message circle at 4 I have a healing circle(healing circles are Wed and Thurs 4 to 6 pm and Sat Noon)-feel free to attend both-they are both on love offering/donation basis- $20.00 recommended for each event-but just pay what feels right to your heart!!

Here is my regular schedule

Monday- available Noon to 10 pm for private energy healing or psychic readings
Sessions are $60.00

Tues Shaman Art Class 1 to 3 pm
Class 20.00

Wed Trance Medium Healing Circle 4 to 6 pm, Channeled Message Circle 7 pm
Love offering-pay what feels fair $20.00 recommended

Thurs Trance Medium Healing Circle 4 to 6 , Psychic Development Class 7 pm
Healing is love offering, class is $15.00

Friday-available Noon to 10 pm  for private energy healing or psychic reading
Sessions $60.00

Sat Noon- Trance Medium Healing Circle, 2 pm Shamanic Healing Arts Class,
4 pm Shamanic Manifestation Class
Healing love offering/donation 20.00 suggested -Shaman classes $20.00

Sunday Noon-Crystal Bowl Peace Meditation,Conscious Conversation and Potluck Brunch
Love offering basis/donation to support our work .Bring a dish to share!

This Sunday at 7 my friend psychic Dane Tarbi will be joining me as we do a " Through the Veil" Mediumship Gallery Readings. This is 20.00 per person- we have space for 3 or 4 more people is all!!

Once a month on the weekends I have prosperity manifestation ceremony of abundance, shamanic journey and drumming circle and other events including once a month "Through the Veil" w Psychics Dane Tarbi and Sandy Davis ! !

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Earth Paradigm: Society will no longer tolerate business as usual!

We are moving quickly into a New Age- a New Earth- the same Earth but a different WAY of walking upon this Planet.. a different way of interacting in business!

The New Earth paradigm of Service ,Right livelihood, self and group sufficiency- working towards letting go of old paradigms and becoming comfortable with simplicity - a walking away from greedily hoarding GOLD and other resources.Remembering that is OUR job to protect the Earths resources for the next 7 generations!

When we overconsume- we take from the mouths and the quality of life of our Great,Great,Great,Great,Great Grandchildren. Will we be an ancestor they can honor- or will they look at US with disgust as they slowly die of malnutrition and toxic air,water and ingest biologically enhanced and modified -chemically laden foods..

The shift of the ages-starts right now-here and NOW!

SO LOOK AT YOUR WORK, YOUR EATING AND PURCHASING HABITS... and think- where can I improve? Am I in an industry that is rapeing the resources of the Earth? Am I working in a job that causes or enhances criminal behavior- ie the gambling industry,illegal drugs... anymore in banking or on Wall Street are the greatest crooks ever seen!Am I pushing people to buy things beyond their means to meet a quota?

Are you in an industry that pollutes the air and water-The Gas Industry- or that genetically modifies seeds-Monsanto .. really look hard at how you make your money-is it in absolute integrity???

Am I enhancing or taking away from the quality of life of the ones coming to me??

For the Earth rapers and despoilers of animals, people and the environment-Kharma is a bitch- and what you do comes around!!

If however you are doing your best to work at Earth Enhancing,Healing, protecting the environment-being of service.. well suddenly Kharma is your friend- and what you put out comes back to you in many many blessings!

So I encourage you- truly look at your life- unflinchingly from the aspect of being a guardian of this beautiful blue jewel planet..If you would see through the eyes of Mother Earth herself-how would SHE grade you??

Go to work that is heart centered

Simple Abundance -that allows you time to pray,to meditate, to be carefree,to garden.. to walk-to raise your children-

Be open to bartering for what you need-this keeps energy of abundance moving-being stuck in the old energy will get you more and more behind in every way- it just doesn't work anymore!!

 I encourage a life of Volunteer simplicity- having what you need -then a bit more to aid others and to support you during times of illness or injury.. but let go of the need to be a big shot- to see yourself through the eyes of purity-instead of the greedy-never ending rampant consumerism of Western Societies model of success... the New Earth paradigm is-unselfish service,simplicity,heart centered! 

Friday, March 9, 2012

When you are a healer-how come we feel guilty when we get sick?

I have a cold. Came on yesterday- well for 2 days everyone has said-you look really tired.
I haven't wanted to get out of bed. Just SO tired ... and this morning I woke up with a for real head and chest cold.


Like just because I am a healer I should never get sick.. like as a manifestor I created it..kind of a lot of weight to put on one isn't it? A simple cold brought on a guilt trip!!

Now that is just plain silly..

Sometimes we get sick. We live in 3rd dimension with its pollution,with it's negativity and with it's many germs,molds, mildews and viruses Sandy-get over it already!

I have a cold- my body is saying.. can we rest for a few days-let me fight these viruses- just rest,sleep,drink hot tea and veggout.. no guilt needed!

Guilt is such a useless emothion- well not really-it does keep us from doing harm to self or others.. but it can easily get out of hand!

So today I have a cold-simple.

Even Lightworkers get the sniffles, we have our back go out, we get fender benders,we have misunderstandings and fusses w others and sometimes we are broke and bounce checks -sometimes Lightworkers get more serious illnesses or have accidents!

It is simply the "what is so" of 3rd dimension!

We don't have perfect lives-because we are in a soup pot loaded with toxins- events outside our control.

And so we do the best we can with what we have- and we rest and we heal!

Continuing to drive ourselves ragged just because we have a path of service is not self loving- and love needs to be the very basis of our lives and our work!

So today I will love my virus overcome body- I will sleep, eat hot soup watch movies ,pet kitties and my doggie Puffer and stay in me jammies all day long- betcha I feel better by Saturday latest!

Love and Light to you!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why the Hunting of Sacred White Buffaloes is a big deal to many of US!

I am an Appalachian Medicine Woman of Cherokee and Celtic Descent.

I am not full blooded Native American- sometimes mixed bloods like me are looked at as bastards by both Whites and Native Americans. I find my mixed blood a blessing as it let's me see both sides of any issue.
Right now my RED blood is boiling and I must speak out...

I am also a big believer in the Return of the Rainbow Warriors-peacekeepers of ever race,color and faith-coming together to usher in a time of Peace!

The White Buffalo Calf Woman  is rather like a Mother Earth Goddess to the Lakota Sioux People .It is said she brought them many of their Sacred Ceremony. When she left the People she said she would return and a sign would come soon before her return-the Birth of White Buffalo Calves.

I love the White Buffalo Calf Woman and would be honored to be counted as one of HER Rainbow Warriors.She comes to me and we dance together with Crow Feather Fans around a Sacred Fire- she bleeds and she cries for her children. I talk with the Spirit of the White Buffalo Calf Woman-have painted her image and was given a spirit song to connect with her. Many times she is weeping for her children of the First Nation- at their poverty, at their sickness and at the disrespect they are treated with by American Society.

This is an article about the game trophy hunting of White Buffaloes in Texas
Be warned it is heart breaking .

This is as insulting to First Nation People and ones who support them in energy- as the burning of a Koran or of spitting on a Bible.It included not only the taking of a beautiful and rare animal for trophy -but was a slap in the face to the Faith and Belief of many who are looking for the return of the White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Here is the legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman
very beautifully told-
please read it so you may understand the affront to the People..
at the murder of their most Sacred White Buffalo Calf!!

Brings The First Pipe
As told by: Joseph Chasing Horse

I have hope that somehow this death will bring us together. That we forget our differences and come together as a Rainbow Does- a rainbow is beautiful BECAUSE of the varieties of color!
A rainbow is an image of peace and hope!
And so now may you and I understand-
This Sacred White Buffalo - died to wake us up.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Genetically Modified Foods do NOT have the life force of Mother Earth

Genetically Modified Foods do not have the life force of Mother Earth- I first heard these words from Mayan Grandmother Flor Di Mayo of the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers .

She said- " Gather together and plant your real seeds of the Mother Earth. Even if you are in a city or apartment you can plant a garden in your window or in a community garden "

She was so passionate about it- at the time I did not know about genetically modifies seeds and the foods we are eating. The poor of this country are eating it because it is cheaper food- wealthy ones or at least more economically stable ones are flocking to organic grocery stores...but what about the poor-ones with larger families and ones who are simply unaware that what they  eating is unnatural...

I have a friend that comes for healing-she works for a drug company as a cancer drug rep- she said she is seeing what she has never seen before.In her work she visits all the cancer clinics.She said it used to be only old folks-now the cancer clinics are bursting with people- and she said it is primarily-YOUNG PEOPLE-EVEN LITTLE CHILDREN!

We are poisoning our children in so many ways. One of the ways is through food- we are what we eat. Cells mutate to form cancer- we are feeding our children consciously genetically mutated genes-through the seeds.

The company Monsanto is to me one of the most evil entities ever concieved. If ever there was a monster that needed defeating that is it...

Who would take naturally occuring seeds and genetically alter them? Big business would- in order to patent the unpatentable.. in order to gain control of the countries food sources and in order to control the farmers.

Many other countries have banned genetically altered seeds. I believe we should do that in America. I believe these should not be allowed. I believe the American citizens should uprise and not allow this.We should take those seeds and burn them in the streets.I believe we should be allowed to vote on whether we will allow these to be legal in OUR country!

I believe given a choice people would shout out-

Oh Hell NO- to GMO!!!

Until that happens you will find me and the members of the Three Rivers Tribe gathering our seeds- planting our gardens and searching out farmers who will grow only organic and only  with Non GMO seeds ..these local farmers we will support IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE!

I am beginning to shop only organically and preferrably local to cut back on the resources used to feed my family.
Working on self sufficiency. Learning to wildcraft foods.

Yesterday something ancient awakened in my Spirit. The drops of Native American Blood flowing in me ignited and said... it is time to


I am a peaceful person by nature. I am also a Mother- potential Grandmother... and as a middle aged lady- AWAKE to the dangers around my children -ALL children.

There is a predator circling around the weak and defenseless... this demon has fangs to kill- it seeks to silence us with fright. It seeks to attack us from within and without... do you not feel fear to speak out-I do a little bit.. I see flashes of being taken in the night to a Fema camp or disappearing all together- we are SO in a police state in many ways.


When good people become afraid to speak out for fear of their government -it is time to open our eyes and see..when big business dictates to us the very foods we ingest-it is time to take action...

It is the time of prophecy for the return of the Rainbow Warriors.Peaceful Warriors... we will do no harm! BUT- we will raise our voices in a mighty war whoop- and we will bring this monster crashing to its knees!

We do it for the 7 generations to follow- I want OUR  grandchildrens grandchildren to eat REAL food!I want them to breathe free and to speak their truth!.. I do NOT want them pale,sick and dying before they ever had a chance to LIVE!!

And so this peaceful warrior rises up fists in the Air- barefeet planted in Mother Earth - HELL NO TO GMO!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

ALL LOVE : My intention as a healer


Love can heal anything
The application of love can heal any wound,remove any illness, take away all pain and suffering.
Love is a pure energy unmatched.
If we love from a pure heart and call in the Holy Archangels to aid us.. miracles unfold.

That does not mean every person touched with healing energy  lives on in this dimension.
Some Souls are finished with their lessons here
Ready to go home to their Heavenly Father.
For these minimizing pain and removing fears is all the healing they need.

For others they need miracles of healing to see that the higher dimensions are REAL!
They need to see the Angels, to smell the heavenly perfume
To hear the heavenly choir singing
To feel the coolness of snowy day-clean and pure when the high vibration of angels comes into a room... their wings fanning the AIR to bring healing!

In this Sacred Space we ask to be surrounded wing to wing by the Holy Archangels-in an energetic golden egg of protections.
We ask that within this golden egg of energy-every breathe we take in is infused with miraculous healing energy
Every exhalation of breather we ask for illness and sickness of mind,body,soul or spirit to be removed...


Our hearts are first opened
Our eyes begin to shine with love light!
We feel the gentle whisper of the consoling words of the angels-THEY SPEAK IN WHISPERS YOU KNOW.. SO IT IS THE SILENCE WE HEAR THEM MOST POWERFULLY!.. yet our modern society blocks out silence-crowds out ALONE time ...people fear being alone with their own thoughts.... YES THIS IS THE SPACE WE FIND PEACE... In the silence we hear the whispers of spirit divine!

In love all things shall be healed.
Nothing is beyond the power of the most glorious Great Spirit/Divine Father!
Mother Earth brings in her healing balm as well- pulling us into her warmth and healing embrace!
The Shakhina/Divine Mother /Holy Spirit-Creatrix...comes into the space and speaks-consoling words whose energy can heal anything-can calm any fear.. can console any broken spaces.. in the heart.. the mind.. the soul.. the spirit.

We forget there is a Mothering side to the ONE who has a thousand names ..who does not BELONG to any religion -who is neither male nor female.. but in whom  all things are..THE  HEAVENLY FATHER, THE HEAVENLY MOTHER AND THE SON ENERGY.. God in mans/womans form.. WHICH IS YOU CHILD-YOU ARE THAT... AS AM I!!!

We tend to forget we are Spirits having a human experience.The healing here starts with that KNOWING.. it happens on the Spirit level.. moving to the Soul level.. then to the mental level... then to the Body-the Divine Temple housing your Spirit!!

I love my life and love the Gifts Great Spirit has given me!
I love working with people and seeing them go from a state of DIS-ease to a state of joy,peace and wellness.
I love seeing the faces of ones who have seen or experienced the presence of the angels for the 1st time!

I will love meeting you soon in this Sacred Space!!

Our healing work takes place
at the Enchanted Cottage in Penn Hills-my humble home/healing space.
Mon to Fri 4 to 6 pm-


No need to rsvp for the healing in group energy -come when spirit calls you!
Ones gift love offering/donations of whatever feels fair to your heart as an exchange of energy!
to read more ,to rsvp and to see other events please join My event page-this FREE to join meetup!

I do not claim to DO the healing-to me it is Creator/Great Spirit ,Mother Earth,The Shakhina and the Archangels!

I am an Appalachian Medicine Woman of Cherokee and Celtic background.I am a descendant of the Bear Clan and a member of the Bear Clan Medicine Lodge .My healing has a very Native American Flair but also an Appalachian Folk Medicine edge as well... it is all about LOVE and LIGHT!

I had healers all around me in my family- from each of my 4 grandparents there came lineage of healers..who midwived babies, aided the dying to cross over painlessly, to ones that kept people well with their herbal teas and soups, to ones that could draw out disease and heal sickness. 

In particular-My paternal grandmother was a miracle healer with the Pentecostal Holiness Church-she healed in a prayer induced trance state as do I . I seem to have inherited her gift

I am spiritual NOT religious and this is open to ones of any and all faiths and backgrounds!

You do not have to rsvp for this to come-when the Angels call-I will see you here at the healing! Please feel free to tell others about this powerful and loving healing from the Archangels! Generally ones have to travel very far to find a trance medium healer.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Puffer: The Heart Healer

Ya'll know I usually write about things of a deeper metaphysical nature,healing,Lightworkers encouragement and so forth.

Today I want to tell you about my dog Puffer.

If you ever come here for healing circle you will get to meet one of the worlds best healers-and it ain't me!!

Puffer is our heart healer here at the Enchanted Cottage in Penn Hills. He knows just who to cuddle up with during our healing circles. He goes right for the ones that need heart healing and comfort!

He lifts peoples spirits with his simple loving ways! An angel in doggy form!

If people need to laugh he performs little tricks like his butt bump- to get ones to scratch his back he will remind them with a bump on the leg with his hip- it is really funny! Though if he gets too persistant then I have to tell him -not now Puffer nd he walks off with a sad slouch and goes to sit with his healing client for the day . Even the most depressed person will be laughing when he does his thing!

He is an absolute love muffin and King of Cuddle!

Puffer is a Schnauzzer and Shitzu mix -he is almost 10 years old and usually as spry and active as a puppy! Oh my when it is time to go outside he twirls around- 3 twirls means an  extra happy dog!

One of Puffers best friends is Kitty Kat/Rocky. They spoon on the couch most evenings when my husband and I are watching TV. I have 2 cats and he gets along fine with Rambo/Phatt Boy but his special buddy is Kitty Kat.

Both Puffer and Kitty Kat are always present at healing circles-Kitty Katt is a big ole energy HO! He loves the energy. Puffer is there to do healing-he has an assignment from Spirit . He is serious about doing his work!

I am a big believer that pure love and enough laughter can heal most anything! I have seen way to many miracles to deny the existance of them ... EVER!

An everyday miracle in my life is the devoted love of one mighty little heart healer!

Well I am going to get on with my day now-but I really wanted to introduce you to the primary healer here- when you have him and the angels all around -you don't even need me.. except to open the door!! lol...

I hope you have a really blessed day!
I want  to invite you over to our Angel Love Light: Shamanic Trance Medium Group Energy Healing
We do these from my Enchanted Cottage in Penn Hills PA just outside of Pittsburgh City Limits
Mon to Fri
4 to 6 pm!
No appointment needed
Love offering/donation basis!

Puffer and I are waiting to bring healing into your life!!

Love and Light!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spinning Energy Into Gold: Prosperity Manifestation Ceremony for Lightbearers

Saturday, March 3, 2012, 7:00 PM


 Many years ago I had a Near Death Experience.

One of the spirit gifts that came from my NDE was a ceremony of abundance.The ability to use spiritual alchemy-the spinning of energy for manifestation of YOUR dreams come true .

So many of you have big things to do with your lives and to fulfill your calling yet are seemingly always blocked by financial difficulties-let's together clear that out and call in miracles of manifestation for the greater and higher good we serve!!

Once a month I will offer this ceremony of abundance in person in Penn Hills PA-just 2 doors outside of Pittsburgh City Limits - I recommend coming in person as it is indeed very powerful energetically! The group energy is electrifying and the Spiritual Alchemy when performed by a Master Spiritual Alchemist is unforgettable.

If you feel you are too far away to attend in person-you can find it as an e-book on Kindle-I am Midas Spinning Energy Into Gold: Wealth Manifestation for Lightworkers
My goal is to aid Lightworkers in their abundance and money manifestation ability!! 

1845 Lincoln Ave, Pittsburgh, PA (edit map)
Please park roadside-not in bus turnaround lot! You can get a ticket and towed!!

I have been conducting this ceremony of abundance for many years for groups large and small-in DC I was paid 111.11 per participant-here in Pittsburgh as directed by Spirit I offer it on a donation/pay what feels fair to you basis!!

A short account of my NDE and Angel Connection Experience!!
During that time I had a choice to walk into the Light or to come back and serve mankind during the Great Earth Shifts.I chose to do this work and before coming back into my body I spent Eons of time learning in the Akashic Records Library.
After my awakening from the NDE I was gifted 3 spirit gifts-one of which was this abundance manifestation ceremony!
The others were healing ability and akashic records access
7 years ago I had a re awakening and a calling from the Angels.I had 4 visits from the Archangels and a Vision of what I was to do and what I was to learn.This took several years as I was to learn the 5 touch healings gifted to mankind and became a Usui and Seichim Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Haumana Shaman, learned Jewish Shamanic Healing,North and South Native American Healing- along with my family healing energy as a Celtic Dana Healer .
After finishing my education once again the Archangels visited and gifted me a form of Healing Energy called Angel Love Light! This powerful transmission of energy brings a healing of the Chakra system, clears the Pranic Tube,clears energetic attachments,charges and sets the chakra system spinning correctly and aligned.
This allows the body to self heal much more quickly and powerfully! How it will work for you I do not know-I do know a shift will occur and whatever is for your greater good and whatever miracles you are ready for... can and will happen for you..
The things I have seen healed are cancer, arthritis,depression,financial difficulties,fibromyalgia,weight issues,spiritual difficulty.. and much ,much more!
I make no claim to BE the healer-the Archangels are the healers as messengers of the Divine! I am a simple vessel for Spirit! !