Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Earth Paradigm: Society will no longer tolerate business as usual!

We are moving quickly into a New Age- a New Earth- the same Earth but a different WAY of walking upon this Planet.. a different way of interacting in business!

The New Earth paradigm of Service ,Right livelihood, self and group sufficiency- working towards letting go of old paradigms and becoming comfortable with simplicity - a walking away from greedily hoarding GOLD and other resources.Remembering that is OUR job to protect the Earths resources for the next 7 generations!

When we overconsume- we take from the mouths and the quality of life of our Great,Great,Great,Great,Great Grandchildren. Will we be an ancestor they can honor- or will they look at US with disgust as they slowly die of malnutrition and toxic air,water and ingest biologically enhanced and modified -chemically laden foods..

The shift of the ages-starts right now-here and NOW!

SO LOOK AT YOUR WORK, YOUR EATING AND PURCHASING HABITS... and think- where can I improve? Am I in an industry that is rapeing the resources of the Earth? Am I working in a job that causes or enhances criminal behavior- ie the gambling industry,illegal drugs... anymore in banking or on Wall Street are the greatest crooks ever seen!Am I pushing people to buy things beyond their means to meet a quota?

Are you in an industry that pollutes the air and water-The Gas Industry- or that genetically modifies seeds-Monsanto .. really look hard at how you make your money-is it in absolute integrity???

Am I enhancing or taking away from the quality of life of the ones coming to me??

For the Earth rapers and despoilers of animals, people and the environment-Kharma is a bitch- and what you do comes around!!

If however you are doing your best to work at Earth Enhancing,Healing, protecting the environment-being of service.. well suddenly Kharma is your friend- and what you put out comes back to you in many many blessings!

So I encourage you- truly look at your life- unflinchingly from the aspect of being a guardian of this beautiful blue jewel planet..If you would see through the eyes of Mother Earth herself-how would SHE grade you??

Go to work that is heart centered

Simple Abundance -that allows you time to pray,to meditate, to be carefree,to garden.. to walk-to raise your children-

Be open to bartering for what you need-this keeps energy of abundance moving-being stuck in the old energy will get you more and more behind in every way- it just doesn't work anymore!!

 I encourage a life of Volunteer simplicity- having what you need -then a bit more to aid others and to support you during times of illness or injury.. but let go of the need to be a big shot- to see yourself through the eyes of purity-instead of the greedy-never ending rampant consumerism of Western Societies model of success... the New Earth paradigm is-unselfish service,simplicity,heart centered! 

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