Monday, March 5, 2012

ALL LOVE : My intention as a healer


Love can heal anything
The application of love can heal any wound,remove any illness, take away all pain and suffering.
Love is a pure energy unmatched.
If we love from a pure heart and call in the Holy Archangels to aid us.. miracles unfold.

That does not mean every person touched with healing energy  lives on in this dimension.
Some Souls are finished with their lessons here
Ready to go home to their Heavenly Father.
For these minimizing pain and removing fears is all the healing they need.

For others they need miracles of healing to see that the higher dimensions are REAL!
They need to see the Angels, to smell the heavenly perfume
To hear the heavenly choir singing
To feel the coolness of snowy day-clean and pure when the high vibration of angels comes into a room... their wings fanning the AIR to bring healing!

In this Sacred Space we ask to be surrounded wing to wing by the Holy Archangels-in an energetic golden egg of protections.
We ask that within this golden egg of energy-every breathe we take in is infused with miraculous healing energy
Every exhalation of breather we ask for illness and sickness of mind,body,soul or spirit to be removed...


Our hearts are first opened
Our eyes begin to shine with love light!
We feel the gentle whisper of the consoling words of the angels-THEY SPEAK IN WHISPERS YOU KNOW.. SO IT IS THE SILENCE WE HEAR THEM MOST POWERFULLY!.. yet our modern society blocks out silence-crowds out ALONE time ...people fear being alone with their own thoughts.... YES THIS IS THE SPACE WE FIND PEACE... In the silence we hear the whispers of spirit divine!

In love all things shall be healed.
Nothing is beyond the power of the most glorious Great Spirit/Divine Father!
Mother Earth brings in her healing balm as well- pulling us into her warmth and healing embrace!
The Shakhina/Divine Mother /Holy Spirit-Creatrix...comes into the space and speaks-consoling words whose energy can heal anything-can calm any fear.. can console any broken spaces.. in the heart.. the mind.. the soul.. the spirit.

We forget there is a Mothering side to the ONE who has a thousand names ..who does not BELONG to any religion -who is neither male nor female.. but in whom  all things are..THE  HEAVENLY FATHER, THE HEAVENLY MOTHER AND THE SON ENERGY.. God in mans/womans form.. WHICH IS YOU CHILD-YOU ARE THAT... AS AM I!!!

We tend to forget we are Spirits having a human experience.The healing here starts with that KNOWING.. it happens on the Spirit level.. moving to the Soul level.. then to the mental level... then to the Body-the Divine Temple housing your Spirit!!

I love my life and love the Gifts Great Spirit has given me!
I love working with people and seeing them go from a state of DIS-ease to a state of joy,peace and wellness.
I love seeing the faces of ones who have seen or experienced the presence of the angels for the 1st time!

I will love meeting you soon in this Sacred Space!!

Our healing work takes place
at the Enchanted Cottage in Penn Hills-my humble home/healing space.
Mon to Fri 4 to 6 pm-


No need to rsvp for the healing in group energy -come when spirit calls you!
Ones gift love offering/donations of whatever feels fair to your heart as an exchange of energy!
to read more ,to rsvp and to see other events please join My event page-this FREE to join meetup!

I do not claim to DO the healing-to me it is Creator/Great Spirit ,Mother Earth,The Shakhina and the Archangels!

I am an Appalachian Medicine Woman of Cherokee and Celtic background.I am a descendant of the Bear Clan and a member of the Bear Clan Medicine Lodge .My healing has a very Native American Flair but also an Appalachian Folk Medicine edge as well... it is all about LOVE and LIGHT!

I had healers all around me in my family- from each of my 4 grandparents there came lineage of healers..who midwived babies, aided the dying to cross over painlessly, to ones that kept people well with their herbal teas and soups, to ones that could draw out disease and heal sickness. 

In particular-My paternal grandmother was a miracle healer with the Pentecostal Holiness Church-she healed in a prayer induced trance state as do I . I seem to have inherited her gift

I am spiritual NOT religious and this is open to ones of any and all faiths and backgrounds!

You do not have to rsvp for this to come-when the Angels call-I will see you here at the healing! Please feel free to tell others about this powerful and loving healing from the Archangels! Generally ones have to travel very far to find a trance medium healer.

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