Friday, March 30, 2012

My role as a Medicine Woman - for I am Shaman ....

My name is SandraBear Davis.
I am an Appalachian Medicine Woman of Cherokee and Celtic background.I am a descendant of the Bear Clan and a member of the Bear Clan Medicine Lodge . I honor my ancestors and work with them as Spirit Guides aiding me in my Earth Walk.

I do healing, give intuitive counsel, teach , lead ceremony, write, have a blogtalk radio show and occasionally do a You Tube show, run a forming community garden" Gaia's Garden" and of course-do a weekday blog

Many years ago I had a Near Death Experience and The Archangels came to me.. then- I had the chance to go into the Light-or to come back and serve during the Great Earth Shifts-to help people to heal,be at peace and to connect with the Higher Dimensions of Love and Light!

I chose to come and be of service- Great Spirit and Mother Earth led me to Pittsburgh to serve as a Medicine Woman NOW!

I do my work here in Penn Hills PA- just outside of the Pittsburgh City Limits -on an ancient energy healing vortex-The Crystal Healing Vortex. This was purposefully sealed 15 K years ago by the Medicine Woman : She Bear Sees..It is re-opening powerfully now a Medicine Woman works here daily..right now it is 40% open and Spirit tells me it will be fully open and energized by June 11,2012..

My Pittsburgh calling-it began nearly 3 years ago!

I did not want to come to Pittsburgh when called by Spirit. It took me a year to follow through.I am from the Asheville NC area-clean and pristine.. metaphysical haven and near the Cherokee reservation . Then as I remarried and moved near DC-We lived in a lovely section of NOVA -in a nice condo - and THEN Spirit asked me to move to a ghetto area..

At 1st sigh...I had a terrible time adjusting to a cold hard my softer senses -it was dirty, no sunshine and people were pretty difficult- there is alot of in fighting and competition energy  in the metaphysical community ... people that are just not as polished or mannerly as I am used to working with .. you gotta admit Pittsburgh people are very high tempered and easy to offend-these folks are fighters!

BUT NOW LISTEN... ONCE YOU GET BEYOND THAT HARD EXTERIOR... ONCE THEY LET YOU INTO THEIR HEARTS...You have never met more loyal, kind and loving folks... the tough edge is hard to penetrate.. but SO worth it once you do... and I finally have..

and SOOO  many Lightbearers are being called here NOW as this will be a New Earth Spiritual Center...and a spiritual healing Mecca!

I work with She Bear Sees as beloved My Spirit Guide NOW!

For a shaman knows how to bend time and works in the past,present and future as well as the Higher Dimensions and at times to heal ones - we must battle the lower dimensions! No worries- to me the love and light of the Archangels is millions of times more powerful than any lower /dark energy being!

Every Shaman has a Spirit Council they work with - and mine are powerful,loving and simply amazing to work with ... all the time-everyday a Shaman walks between the World of Spirit and the World of the Mundane.

I love working,playing and healing with the Faeries /Earth Angels .I am honored to have in the presence of this Sacred Space the healing energy and messages  of the heavenly Archangels.

I work constantly with the Guidance of the Council of Dove Goddesses-Mother Mary,Mary Magdalene,Qwan Yin ,Alcyone ,Isis.

Most powerfully aligned to my calling is -I am a representative of ,healer with and Oracle for  The Divine Feminine / Holy Spirit energy of The Shakhina /Divine Mother.

I work with the Celtic Mother Earth Goddess-Dana and Her Great Shining Ones

I work with Abundantia who pours out her cornucopia of Gold to ones she finds pure of heart!

One of my most powerful Guides is The White Buffalo Calf Woman.

I believe we are in a time of great Earth Shifts and need to work together to bring a Healing to the Waters- and the Air  of Mother Earth! We need to learn to walk gently upon this beautiful Blue Jewel Earth and to preserve resources and protect Earth Mother for the 7 generations coming! to see my full calendar of events!


LaShaundra H said...

Are you still in Pittsburgh?

LaShaundra H said...

Are you still in Pittsburgh?