Monday, April 2, 2012

Focusing on your calling- clearing away barnacles

One in several thousand humans is a Lightbearer. Someone who has incarnated from Higher Dimensions with a calling, a purpose, a destiny.

You know who you are- most folks are not like you at all.. the general population is geared toward just experiencing, living out their lives- getting an education,buying the house-having the dog,cat and 2 kids-hopefully finding the perfect mate to provide that.. then accumilating money and "stuff",taking vacations and eventually retiring and playing golf in Florida till they go to the nusrsing between times there is a ton of TV watching and sports or celebrity worship.

For a Lightbearer that whole scenario is boring and shallow beyond comprehension. A Lightbearer has a calling-knows they are diffferent and have a hard time at 1st putting things together-they may get labeled as ADD/ADHD- Bi Polar or any number of psychological issues ... they have unexplained gifts and can remember flashes of their past lives-they experience lots of deja vu moments- some people they know on a very deep level immediately and seem to speak the same language ..a Lightbearer is a voracious reader of metaphysical literature, they attend classes and remember what they are here to do- once they have enough education-they get the messsages from Spirit as to what they said they wanted to do when they incarnated into this realm.

Once a Lightbearer is aligned to his calling he is like a laser beam... EXCEPT.. when barnacles appear.
These can get ones off track faster than anything- as they drain energy and try to steer a Lightbearer in other directions for their own benefit.Many times they too are Lightbearers that are too afraid or immature energetically and need others to help them-or rather THINK they do...

For a Lightbearer  barnacle is a person or a group that attaches themselves to your energy. It is for their own benefit and advancement. The Lightbearer gets nothing but diverted from His or Her Path and drained of vital energies.

The way it happens is this.. someone recognizes your light. They seemingly have no gifts other than  recognizing light and attaching to it and at times putting ideas or images into the Lightbearers mind that have little to do with the Lightbearers mission - they can even seem like the worlds nicest person at 1st.. then they start trying to control the Lightbearer.They try to get the Lightbearer to work as a team.... they would prefer to put themselves in the forefront and incubus the energy of the Lightbearer to promote their own aganda.

 Being a Lightbearer can often times be lonely- and sometimes the Lightbearer likes the team work and falls for it -hook,line and sinker..-at 1st..until they start to realize they are being controlled for someone elses agenda - that the other ones is simply riding your energy.. you are GIVING- GIVING -GIVING.. and have gotten exhausted ....and will continue this  till they realize it is ANOTHER  barnacle and free themselves.The incubus/ barnacle will show their ego , get overly controlling,begin to bully and gain a sort of crowing overlordship over  the Lightbearer- this often wakes the Lightbearer up- the energy is too obvious,,,and the Lighbearer shakes off the barnacle ... sadly many times ones have lost weeks even months off of their true path!

So be wary Lightbearers of "teaming" up with some one who zeroes in on your energy- do your best to maintain focus on your true callling-your higher calling .

Especially ones who come in too hard and fast-(even if it seems sweet) watch- keep your focus -I recommend NEVER teaming up!

I have had to learn this the hard way...
I had a reading awhile back and the psychic told me right away-your light attracts barnacles- you have to do your work alone. You let them ride you-they have not talent other than taking your energy and promoting themselves with have to learn to say NO-

( The last paragraph is for ones who tend to barnacle off of other peoples energy-some advise to get you back on track-I am NOT saying you are evil-not at all- you are simply spiritually immature and unsure of yourself)

I have seen a personal need to refocus on my divine life mission as a healer. I have lots of different abilities as do all Lightbearers- teach psychic development and shamanism, energy healing has brought in the best money for me.. but it is NOT what I am here to do... conducting public ceremony and doing psychic readings.. bring in a good amount of income.. but it is NOT part of my divine calling.

I have had a total reawakening to my divine life mission. This will make some of my personal barnacles quite angry that I will no longer let them ride my energy.

I am here to heal with the Angel Love Light Energy- I wasn't just attuned to it- my family of angels - gave me back my gift.. I had forgotten my origins. I had begun to sink into the denser 3rd dimensional energies.

I am not suppposed to do all the things I have been doing- doing them simply to make a living!

NO NO NO ...

I am back on track!

Monday to Thursday as decreed by Spirit-I will be opening my home with no appointments- 3 to 7 pm... 1st come 1st served for healing. This will be on love offering/donation basis. The Angel Love Light healing itself takes just a few minutes-you can come back as often as needed for an energy infusuion and further deeper levels of healing .

I suppose I will make some folks angry-or disappointed.. frankly that means very little to me... all that matters to me is doing the Will of The ONE  that sent me- Creator! I serve Creator- both the Male and Female aspects of the ONE!

I have spent far more time in heavenly realms than on Earth- and it is my REAL home!

One thing about barnacles- they are NOT EVIL_ JUST IMMATURE,,they too have their own calling and have to stop trying to hijack other peoples energy to attain their goals. It is fear that makes you cling on to others. Be confident in your own calling and do not form teams- Lightbearers are soldiers - fighting the good fight- but we are LONE soldiers doing our work- yes it can get lonely- until you remember your true family is looking on and cheering you.. connect with the heavenly realms and REMEMBER your own divine origins!

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