Monday, April 30, 2012

Simplicity and frugality as Spiritual Practice

I want to broach the subject today of living a simple,frugal life as spiritual practice.
A way to embrace silence- and to break free from the overlord/power overship / Matrix
When we have only what we truely need and or LOVE in our lives- we find there is less and less that fits that bill!
How much do you have in your home that you just LOVE or truly NEED- ?? I will betcha there is a TON of items that do not fit that model.
I know because I was once on the consumership bandwagon.I got off that hamster wheel- and so can you.

If you REALLY want  it that is .. most people SAY they want a simpler life.. but they really don't.
They LIKE seeming important by saying-they don't have time to read,or their job is killing them- or they are to busyfor this or that..

When ones ask me about simplicity and frugality I usually don't share much till they ask several times... you know why-because most folks are simply curious- only the ones that are serious will come back for more -so a wise shaman sits back and waits to be asked several times. WE don't have time or patience with dabblers.

I practice a frugal,simple life because it allows me TIME- time to pray,meditate, dream,journey,garden, sit in nature,-it allows me to barter for my healing services at times. It allows me not to have to over charge people.

I don't like clutter so simple living suits we well-I prefer to wake up when my body says wake up- to go to sleep when I feel sleepy and to eat when I feel hungry.I don't want ever again any one over me telling me what I have to do and when I have to do it..

Instead of thinking of things advertised on TV a desirable-I think- who needs that.. all those poor sheeples-thinking buying that latest gadget is gonna make them happy.It never does-stuff never makes you happy. After all it is just stuff..stuff turns to junk very soon!

Simpler eating frees up alot of time as well- the rawer the food - the easier it is to prepare for meals! Plus it is actual FOOD for the cells of the body- we put alot of STUFF into our body -most things sold as FOOD are actually stuff turned to does nothing helpful for the body system. It just clutters up your tummy with stuff-which turns to junk in your cells- and stinks to high heaven when it passes through.. yes just garbage in -garbage out...

The less stuff you have the less time you have to clean it - cause dusty stuff  looks junky too- simple clean lines-items made to last through the ages!

All that plastic stuff, stuff made with loads of chemicals -carpet -dry wall-houses that can't breathe ...seals in all the poisons well and  then people use poison stuff to clean all their toxic stuff and wonder why they feel like Hell all the time..

I shake my head.

Let it go-come back into silence and simplicity. Eat real food  and live in natural simple environments.Clean with natural non toxic cleansers(which are cheaper anyway)

Jumping off the hamster wheel takes courage.

But in my mind - dying a little everyday on the hamster wheel takes stupidity .

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