Tuesday, May 1, 2012

All my needs are met miraculously and adundantly EACH day!

This morning in Meditation I was saying to myself- well I do't make much money but I love what I do...

and I had a Faerie Spirit Guide/MayDay so it's Fae Day...pop in and say

"All my needs are met miraculously and abundantly EACH day!!"

I heard from "Her" it's a  lady Fae- " try this mantra for 30 days-it will change the way you see the Universe-you will open doors with this saying-it allows all the flow necessary to create your dreams come true."

I got the message-people have been using Law of Attraction ALL wrong.

We have been trying to show the Universe how to do it's work- and it DON'T work that way...we have to get OUT OF THE WAY!!

Humans have the tendency to use LOA ( Law of Attraction) in a greedy kid in the candy store mentality. It is a part of a series of  Universal manifestation laws- a series of 9 laws- we just picked a fun one out and started using it at whim... and we CRASHED .. we CRASHED .. the economy with our greed.

Millions upon millions of US-Me too... using LOA to get STUFF- we had NO knowledge of how out of balance we were with creating- we were not using the other 8 laws (I will write more about that tomorrow- I have to find my Huna practitioner paperwork )

SO- My NEEDS- are met miraculously and abundantly EACH day... kinda goes back to the words-"give us this day our daily bread".. it keeps us in the NOW.. looking for whatever miracles the Universal Sovereign is sending us today-NOW-here and NOW...we learn to focus on the joy of the moment and to be appreciative of the gifts each day brings .. we are not far out in the future always creating and never actually BEING.. in the body-in the moment- we lose today chasing after tomorrow!....see the Lily of the Valley-she toils not-but she is radiant in her splendor!

And so I am going to be working with this mantra daily- and writing about the miracles of abundance each day brings to me- would you like to join me in this adventure! ? I hope you do- being part of a team and working for mankinds ascension into joy and love and oneness is my calling...walk with me awhile on the Beauty Way!

I am JOY!!

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