Friday, May 11, 2012

Mum Gaia Song

I got a new spirit song today-I will share the words-if you want to hear me sing it come to the medicine Circle tomorrow night 7 pm-over in Gaia's Garden!! RSVP through the Meetup please!
This all came as I was just toning and singing th words Mum Gaia-the birds began to sing out and I began toel the presence of the Mother Earth.. then these words came -all at once...
Here are the words

Remember Mum Gaia
by Shaman Sandra Bear Davis( well really Mum Gaia)

Mum Gaia -Mum Gaia yaahaa
Mum Gaia -Mum Gaia Yaahaa

When your chldren
Cannot breathe
will you remember
remember Me

When you have killed the very last bee
and your seeds-no longer seed

will you remember
remember Me

When the whale and the dolphin
no longer swim the Sea
Would you remember
remember Me?

When the waters
taste like oil
and black poison fills the soil
when the sky is brown with soot
will you know then
all it took

was remember-remember me

Mum Gaia
Mum Gaia yaahaaa
Mum Gaia
Mum Gaiaahhaaaaahaahaahaha

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