Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How to get what you want -Convincing the Universe

This is a very brief entry today- I wanted to share a manifestation technique that works amazingly for me...
NOW-you gotta KNOW what you want... and you gotta BELIEVE it is possible!

Feeling intensely is KEY.. no room for lackluster colorless words-you must move and have some DRAMA and FLAIR for this to happen!

Go to a place where you can really wave your arms-where you can bend and move and arch and get as into the energy as possible! Outside under a big Moon is best-or in an open field at mid lways works better and quicker in a nature place!

In flowing natural material clothes...

Breathe in the golden light of the Universe pull it into your Sacred Womb Center- growing glowing the forgotten power source. Sink those Sacred barefeet in the Earth-open that crown to the sky-suck in that dantien... center and balance-run that energy... hut hut- NOW-create those dreams... fling out those hands and let the Universe KNOW you means biznezzz....Sing this to each of the Sacred Directo...ns-flowing arms and movement to ignitethe chakras..."Grounded in the Earth -attached to the Sky-a Free flowing reed of energy am I"...announce...I AM A MASTER OF THE ENERGY .. WHAT I SAY- IT SHALL BE..... In the presence of a Sacred Lady- who is aware of her power..the Winds blow-nature wakes up-the Universe sings back HER answer...ZING POW BAM... it is so....

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