Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Messages of the Ascended Masters with Oracle Madonna of the Doves

Working as Oracle to the 8th Dimension Shaman Sandra Bear Davis takes on the persona of her higher self-Madonna of the Doves .
Come for inspiring messages of love and light and miracle filled Healing energy from the Higher Dimensions .
A portal will be opeened to the 8th dimension which aligns with the ancient re-opening Crystal Healing Vortex here in Penn Hills on the ridgeline above Allegheny River.
In a past life I worked here as an ancient Medicine Woman-She Bear Sees. I incarnate only rarely when humankind is in a shift and a time of struggle.The Earth is in danger at this time-as humanity has reached the capability of destroying their Mother Mum Gaia.
A message from the 8th Dimension
We of the Order of the Dove Goddesses dwelling in 8th dimension will see that this DOES NOT happen! Working with many Ascended Masters  and aligning with ones that call your name- allows Lighworkers to do their important work much more powerfully and quickly!
Our goal is to align Lightworkers to their Higher Calling- to get them back on the path they incarnated to do- to heal what needs healing and to support what needs supporting.Whether it be healing mental,emotional,physical or spiritual illness-or whether it be aiding ones to manifest funds for their work - whatever is needed will be brought into the space for YOUR HEALING...

We ask that ones wear white to our channeling
We ask you not speak out unless asked if there are any questions
We ask someone to take the role of recorder of these messages and share them out too video and audio recording and dictation .. we will send out these messages!

It is the time of the Lightbearer to shine-many of you have succumbed to the dense energy of 3rd dimension and have forgotten your divine life mission!You are magnetized here to heal, to remember and to connect to your souls family!

These events will take place Wednesdays and Sundays 7 pm .We ask a minimum 10.00 love offering/tax deductible donation to support our work and to help us build a Gaia Oneness: Centre for Holistic Living

On the 2nd Sunday we will have Spirit Communication Circle to speak with your beloved departed ones- many times with a wonderful guest-psychic Dane Tarbi. These sessions are 20.00 PP -space is very limited to please rsvp through the meetup below!

1845 Lincoln Rd Pittsburgh PA 15235

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