Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Garden time- and time to take some time from the E-World!


I am on a break from Internet energy... at LEAST thru the garden season

My Meetups are automated and I have just enough-but not TOO much going on..my meetups give me gas money, pocket money and sometimes grocery money-I need to do more to bring in 1/2 of the household expenses .. this is my calling and I cannot do any other work and feel complete.
Being a shaman does not pay much monetarily -but it pays amazingly ... in Spirit and the connection with people! All I ask Spirit for is the means to keep doing my work ....

So-about the E-World,cyber world..I am taking a break- as an empath-the energies of the Net are hard for me-I feel all the fears out there.. I feel the very sticky energy.

I am following the old was now-I am a Shaman/Medicine Woman.. if you want me-seek me out!

I have these events going on but I ask you rsvp- www.meetup.com/gaiaoneness -look at the calendar and rsvp for events...

Thurs and Sat 7 pm I have Shamanic Trance Medium Healing Circle-these are just 10.00 and are very powerful!In Sacred Space my hands feel like they are on fire and ones coming say they turn into hands of Light! know powerful Spirit Healing Happens-psychic surgery.. and miracles occur as needed..

Starting May 14th I have meditations in the garden Mon to Fri at 11 am-you can come at 10:30 to visit prior to the meditations! More than just clearing the mind and relaxing these are to connect to the Nature Spirits and Angesl of the garden! I will show you how to ground and center- how to run energy and heal the chakras- then you will find a space to meditate and connect tot the Garden Spirits! You may drum quietly or play flute or rattle if you like- but ratherquietly as others may like more silent meditation.. there is plenty of room to spread out and let your auric field expand! These are just $5.00

After the meditations I will be in the garden either working or doing my shaman art-so if ones want energy healing or a reading/intuitive counsel-just ask.. I ask for $20.00 additional ,love offering for this...

I am saving up to buy the land here.. so instead of just suggested love offerings I am charging a modest fee .. so many times I have worked for hours healing and end up with 10.00 in the love offering bowl for healing a dozen people.. that is not fair or respectful of my hard work and years of training.

I will never get rch doing this- and I don't want to be.. but a fair yet modest  exchange of energy ..enables me to do my work joyfully and abundantly. 

I am so thankful to have time to meditate and pray, to do my work as a healer and also to paint,write and garden!!

Lfe is good here in my enchanted cottage. Simple and good..

Love lights -have a beautiful week and months.. I amy wrie to you occasionally.. we shall see-I will follow the leadings of Spirit on this as a good  and ever evolving Medicine Woman !

Be blessed and a Blessings.. and remember..


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