Tuesday, May 29, 2012

GaiaOneness: Centre for Holistic Living -Part II Angels and lessons in humility

I had thought I would write today about my near death experice and how I came to work with the Archangels and the Akashic Records Library then- and about my calling out as a healer almost 7 years ago by the Archangels-the spiritual attunements and healing energy they gave me" Angel Breathe" and many things such as this having to do with the Archangels-but for now I have decided-most of that is very private and sacred to me..
In short let me say- I saw them when the portal of light opened at my death- I was given the opportunity to cross over or come back and serve mankind during the Great Earth Shift 2012 and beyond.. I chose to serve...
7 years ago I saw with my physical eyes angels, heard them -had a fantastic vision showing me the things I must learn-I spent the next 3 years getting my education -spent 15K and attained many certifications as a healer.
Once my education was finished I rceived many angelic visits and healing attunements.

Now when I heal my hands feel like a flame of fire and ones say they see them turn to white light- during healing I am in such a deep trance state and speak and heal as an Oracle for the 8th dimension in a space surrounded wing to wing by the mighty archangels-the 7 Angels of the 7 Sacred Directions!

In this space-miracles of healing unfold. The credit going to Creator-the ALL.
In whom I serve and am graced by the energy of healing.

so for now-I will hold those the details of those angelic experiences to my heart...

About 3 1/2 years ago I began to get messages in my meditations, in angel oracle cards and by spirit visits -to move to Pittsburgh.
My husbands father had built a little cottage in Penn Hills my husband used as a rental- we lived in Northern Virginia in the suburbs of DC.

2 1/2 years ago we did move- rather forcefully the energy shifted us -basically everything in DC shut down in my husbands work and as we were not acting swiftly enough the energy moved us on..

Remember when you pray-"let your will be done and not my own"... Creator hears that and things happen!

May I say I did not want to move here- I thought the area was rather gross and dirty.
At 1st I found the people to be unrefined and crude.
Lots of anger energy.

It broke me down at 1st- I was not received in a way I had become used to- in DC I ran a many thousands of people holistic business network-I charged $200 an hour to be seen in person and  made $5.00 a minute on phone readings-I had a blogtak radio show and after the show would get calls for readings. I really thought I was the bomb... my ego was huge-I was powerful but had lost my love ..I didn't even think about the people that could not afford to come to me..

I HAD to learn humility

When you are a good healer-no may I say a really GREAT healer.. at 1st as humans we tend to think- it is ME- and we forget.. NO I am a vessel for spirit-a human given gifts so I may serve! The energy comes from SOURCE-Great Spirit/Creator-not me.. I forgot...THEN

Lessons in humility helped me remember!

Certain physical conditions I deal with help me remember-I am a human of this Earth. Bound by its laws.. yes I am incarnated from higher dimensions-yes I am of the same soul family as Sai Baba and John of God.. but I am also simple flesh and blood. Fallable- many times I do things that are plain stupid-I can be lazy- can lose faith for a time...I have a temper on occasion.

And yet somehow in all that Creator said- she is flawed-but perfect within her imperfections-because when she falls- she gets up and shakes off and keeps trying-keeps moving. She does not succumb to bitterness or poor pitiful me / self pity and she does not use her limitations as an excuse... and so she is moldable for service..

I am grateful for the chance to serve.
I hope in ways large and small I can show ones the possibilities within the energy of service-
I hope the healing can show them there is a Creator that loves them
and He loves us all- in His eyes we are ALL beloved children- we are ALL perfect within our imperfection!

In my work-I am more connected with the Divine Feminine- with the Mother love of Holy Spirit/Shakhina the wife of Creator and the various Dove Goddesses- however-I never forget my heavenly Father -not for a second! I also never forget that part of Creator that takes on human form and walk the Earth teaching people about love and Oneness-Christ Consciousness .This one came not only to Israel-but to Tibet-to Africa and the Americas- to Europe and to the Orient..to the Islands of the Seas has come the energy of Christ Consciousness in many forms-to teach the people a better and kinder way of walking in brotherhood....

If this resonate with you I look forward to seeing you in person soon-I do my work from the Crystal Healing Vortex in Pittsburgh PA- in the space of the soon to be build Gaia Oneness: Centre for Holistic Living!

Love,light and blessings to you and you and you!!


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