Monday, May 14, 2012

The time of no trying

I have reached a season in life when I have tired of trying. I have tired of self promotion.I have tired of doing things in a 3rd dimensional way.
I retire from the worlds's striving and being and doing..

Ove rhe next-however long it takes-I am on garden and meditation and singing w the Fae duty..

I am on going to sleep when I am sleepy and waking up when I am ready.
I am on eat when hungry and what the body craves.

I refuse to be in the energy of the" Net" anymore.
It tires me
It drains me
It bores me to NO end

I am called as a Medicine Woman FT-
it is who I am and what I do
but I refuse to promote or to be another spammer in the loop.
I will not sell my self and dangle my gifts out there like a fishermans worm.

I am going to the olde ways fully.

This world is vomitous and evil
it is consuming itself
it will fade into nothingness soon

The death thrashes are not mine to behold

My eye is on the New Earth coming- I see it
I will work in its energy NOW

I will NOT be in the energy of the NET
I am free
free birds are free to fly

Have you ever wondered who is sucking up all the energy drains of those on the Net?

How the lonely post their thoughts randomly
I ate a sandwich, I bought a dress
My dog vomited on the carpet

Thes sayings have become pitiable to me

I want my life to mean more than a fart in the wind.

We are each responsible for the energy we bring in to any situation.

I am taking responsibility for removing mine from the cosmic spider web.

If you seek me I will be dancing the TRUE web of life..
tending my flowers
tending the vegetables and the fruit
Harvesting the yeild.

When my true tribe comes
We will look each other in the eye and say..
Yes I see you.

I allow the universe to tend to my simple needs
I sing the shamans song and beat the shamans drum and shake the spirit rattle-no longer for silver or for gold...

but to honor the Great Spirit and Mother Earth.In that honoring myself-for I am a child of the Light.

entering a time of no trying.. and so it is-and so it shall be-for th Greater and higher GOOD - we serve!

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