Thursday, May 31, 2012

A shamanic poem: How we became the Zombie Apocalypse

Do you feel it?
The pulses all around you every day?

Invisible electronic signals zinging through you and through me...

Cell phone signals misdirecting animals in flight.
Sonar and radar signals


We bathe in poison,
we wash our home
and our children
and our pets in poison-
we eat poisoned food.
Not enough to kill us
all at once.
It happens in stages.

Artificial sweetener numbs my brain.
GMO corn does the same...

Making us lame-
 roving the land in search of our next fix of cloned meat
 and pink slime.

People are ill
People are nervous
People are tuned out
burned out
and starved for anything like love
so we turn to the net
and masturbate to the words of a stranger

Drink ourselves to sleep
pop a pill
wake up and do it again tomorrow

Their bodies ache and they don't know why
Their necks and shoulders ache from looking down at their hand as they addictively text.

We have forsaken living for vitrual living.

Once the ancient peoples connected their minds
They spent time in silence.
We now fear silence

They spent time learning about the rythms of nature
We fear nature- and dirt.
Once we walked barefoot in that same dirt and the Mother Earth could speak to us easily.

Now we cothe those feet in rubber soles and we no longer here our Mothers Voice.

Disconnecting from her
WE allow ones to drill for oil and she screams
we allow ones to frack and she shudders
we dump garbage in her waters and she chokes

and if we feel a little bad because we have no clean air-or clean water and the soil is black with poison.. we  take a magick pill to make all the worries go away.
and we become the zombie apocalypse.

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