Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My radio blog talk show -Fridays at NOON

Back in '07 and '08 I had a daily radio show " Madonna of the Doves: Messages of the Ascended Masters." I am an Oracle or the 8th Dimensional Crystal Healing Palaces . During these sessions I am my higher self- Madonna of the Doves

I have had a calling from Spirit to start my show back up again -I will be doing them Fridays at Noon.. for now they are just 1/2 hour long- I my decide to do a several hour show with call ins ...time will tell on that of course!

In the show we open Sacred Space and call in healing energy-I also channel messages of the Ascended masters for healing,encouragement and prophecy.

People report feeling intense energy coming through and an opening of their minds and hearts!

I want to invite you to listen in on Fridays at Noon Easter Time- you can listen to archived shows anytime!

It is great for distance healing, and to be able to hear my style of teaching and spirit communication before coming overto see me in Pittsburgh for shamanic healing or an akashic records  reading!

My in person events are as follows-$4.00 of every  $10.00 goes to an account to raise funds for our wellness center to be built!!

We are open for all the miracles the Universe wants to send us NOW!

Thurs and Sat 7 pm-shamanic healing in group circle! We ask 10.00 minimum love offering/tax deductible donation to aid us in the building of Gaia Oneness: Centre for Holistic Living

You may rsvp through

Wed and Sun 7 pm starting next week- Messages of the Ascended Masters with Oracle Madonna of the Doves .This will be a channeled message circle w/ Q& A session at the end. Again we ask a minimum $10.00 tax deductible love offering

Love and Light to you and yours- Oh and I am also available for private healing sessions and akashic records readings-these are 120.00 per hour.. my meetup members may have sessions for 1/2 price!

Have a very blessed day! In love and light we serve the greater good!

A Mantra fr you to work with for 30 days to change your life-
ALL my needs are met miraculously and adundantly everyday!!

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