Monday, April 30, 2012

Simplicity and frugality as Spiritual Practice

I want to broach the subject today of living a simple,frugal life as spiritual practice.
A way to embrace silence- and to break free from the overlord/power overship / Matrix
When we have only what we truely need and or LOVE in our lives- we find there is less and less that fits that bill!
How much do you have in your home that you just LOVE or truly NEED- ?? I will betcha there is a TON of items that do not fit that model.
I know because I was once on the consumership bandwagon.I got off that hamster wheel- and so can you.

If you REALLY want  it that is .. most people SAY they want a simpler life.. but they really don't.
They LIKE seeming important by saying-they don't have time to read,or their job is killing them- or they are to busyfor this or that..

When ones ask me about simplicity and frugality I usually don't share much till they ask several times... you know why-because most folks are simply curious- only the ones that are serious will come back for more -so a wise shaman sits back and waits to be asked several times. WE don't have time or patience with dabblers.

I practice a frugal,simple life because it allows me TIME- time to pray,meditate, dream,journey,garden, sit in nature,-it allows me to barter for my healing services at times. It allows me not to have to over charge people.

I don't like clutter so simple living suits we well-I prefer to wake up when my body says wake up- to go to sleep when I feel sleepy and to eat when I feel hungry.I don't want ever again any one over me telling me what I have to do and when I have to do it..

Instead of thinking of things advertised on TV a desirable-I think- who needs that.. all those poor sheeples-thinking buying that latest gadget is gonna make them happy.It never does-stuff never makes you happy. After all it is just stuff..stuff turns to junk very soon!

Simpler eating frees up alot of time as well- the rawer the food - the easier it is to prepare for meals! Plus it is actual FOOD for the cells of the body- we put alot of STUFF into our body -most things sold as FOOD are actually stuff turned to does nothing helpful for the body system. It just clutters up your tummy with stuff-which turns to junk in your cells- and stinks to high heaven when it passes through.. yes just garbage in -garbage out...

The less stuff you have the less time you have to clean it - cause dusty stuff  looks junky too- simple clean lines-items made to last through the ages!

All that plastic stuff, stuff made with loads of chemicals -carpet -dry wall-houses that can't breathe ...seals in all the poisons well and  then people use poison stuff to clean all their toxic stuff and wonder why they feel like Hell all the time..

I shake my head.

Let it go-come back into silence and simplicity. Eat real food  and live in natural simple environments.Clean with natural non toxic cleansers(which are cheaper anyway)

Jumping off the hamster wheel takes courage.

But in my mind - dying a little everyday on the hamster wheel takes stupidity .

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sandra Bear Davis: Appalachian Medicine Woman: Fundraising for our Gaia Oneness : Centre for Holistic Living!

Sandra Bear Davis: Appalachian Medicine Woman: Fundraising for our Gaia Oneness : Centre for Holistic Living!

Fundraising for our Gaia Oneness : Centre for Holistic Living!

Three Rivers Tribe Conscious Community.
I am the Medicine Woman, Founder and CEO of Gaia Oneness : Centre for Holistic Living and the Gaia Garden : Community Garden and Urban Homestead /CSA

Members of the Three Rivers Tribe(you can find us on Facebook) will be working here as healers, gardeners,lecturers teachers, artists and crafters!..also s Admin and Support Staff of our centre in time!
We are raising funds for our GaiaOneness : Centre for Holistic Living !
1st we have to purchase the land, then out up a healing and teaching off grid yurt and solar porta potties-then as we gather more funds we will build a holistically healthy and life affirming wellness and resource center! We will be building a wonderful website and putting together an educational and healing calendar of events!
Our hope is to provide a space of love,light and health and to supply the Three Rivers Tribe Members a decent living doing our work!We have many artists,musicians, craftspeople,healers, intuitives and such in our group!
We are located on the Crysal Healing Vortex in Penn Hills PA
Please invite others to these events each Thurs and Sat 7 pm out in Gaia's Garden!  
Look at bottom of blog for map to our  location in Penn Hills PA !
We are also happy to receive tax deductible donations via mail or paypal!!
Send to Sandra J Davis -for Gaia Oneness: Centre for Holistic Living
1845 Lincoln Rd Pittsburgh PA 15235

Appalachian Medicine : Shamanic Healing Circle with Shamanic Journeying
Singing,drumming,dancing,journeying, manifestation ceremony!
$10.00 minimum tax deductible donation!
$4.00 of each 10 will go directly into our savings for the Centre - $4 will go to maintenance of the Enchanted Cottage for my work- this is how I make my very humble living as a Shamanic Practitioner, $ 2 will go to our management team for their efforts!

I work with Appalachian Medicine and also the Angel Love Light Healing Energy I was gifted by the Archangels in 2007.

Appalachian Medicine was formed several hundred years ago when Celtic men who still practiced the Olde Ways of Celtic Shamanism married women of the Cherokee Nation- my Ancestress was Bear Clan .
Bear Clan is the healer clan. The healing knowledge passed down through the generations. I have not 1 but several Native American ancestresses-one was traded by her Father to my Great Great Grandfather for a milk cow .

We lost much of the traditional Cherokee  ceremony and ritual-but maintained the healing ability and ways.I call God-Great Spirit and work with Mother Earth as Gaia

Because of the Celtic influence we work heavily with Faerie Kingdom and the Celtic Mother Earth Goddess Dana- The Faeries are often called the Great Shining Ones of Dana.

We also work with the Archangels in healing as over the years many members of my family became Pentecostal Christians and the healing I do has somewhat of a Christian Mystic edge(thougfh completely ecumenical)My Fathers Mother was a Pentecostal Miracle Healer .

We work with herbal teas, soups infused with love,our gardens are magickal places and we have the gift of enchantment.

We sing songs for healing -even one for asking the angel of death to leave-if the person who is very ill has more work to do -He is cooperative and they are healed !


Sageing ceremony
aura and chakra healing
manifestation fire cermony
vibrational healing w drums,rattles,singing bowls, voice
energy healing

Journeying to build our Shamanic Garden and see symbols of what is blocking us-healing that to bring healing into your life!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gaia's Garden and Wellness Center Project

Hello love lights!! I wanted to post a FYI-about our garden and upcoming Wellness Center project.We are now a Non Profit connected to the Global Alliance for Peace - so donations are tax deductible!

If you would like to donate to the project - we are happy to accept these!!-I will donate 1/2 the proceeds of my art and private healing sessions to build Gaia's Wellness Center .

We are working hard/hardly working on Gaia's Garden- a community garden in Penn Hills-a few doors outside of Pittsburgh City Limits on Lincoln Rd. You may have a free space for organic gardening w heirloom seeds- NO NO GMO!!

ON the same lot we intend to build Gaia's Wellness and Holistic Living Center - my part of the center will be large group daily trance medium healing w/ no charge (tax deductible love offering /donations based) I do healing very similar to John of God from Brazil.

In order to save for the building-I am now doing 1 hour private appointments for shamanic energy healing,shamanic manifestation or intuitive counsel -these sessions are 120.00 per hour minumum donation.

I am also doing my shaman art again to raise funds for the center = my interdimensional art of Angels,Faeiries, Spirit Guides and Sacred Geometry starts at $2200.00 per piece and is used for meditation,healing and spiritual connection.Feel free to visit me in the garden as I produce these spirit channeled,blessed pieces of divine shamanic artwork!!

I will be speaking about these projects Monday on my blogtalk radio sow

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Enchanted Cottage -What trance medium healing is like here..

I do my work from a super humble little cottage in Penn Hills PA. In a mixed race , working class -yet really quiet little neighborhood.Just outside Pitsburgh City Limits on Lincoln Rd- folks here are kinda scared of Lincoln Lemmington Neighborhood but we are abit away from that and getting more into the country here...

I think sometimes I can come across online sort of heavy. Ya know-ones get the impression that this is a super serious-no laughing allowed. Tighty controlled and fairly uncomfortable healing experience.

I want to let you know -that is really NOT the way it is.. the only really controlling thing I do is ask-please be nice- we have people of EVERY religion and background here- so I like to keep the energy very loving and friendly.

Making fun of anothers faith or talking about politics- totally rapes the energy and THAT I won't stand for..Sigh-I have had to ask a person or 2 not to come back for making fun of the faith of others and it is my JOB to guard the GROUP energy..OK_ now THAT is out of the way...So we don't talk about religion, politics or stuff on the news ...or TV at all..

We DO alot of taking here about angels, faeries, spirit guides, totem animals, direct spirit communication- auras,healing...what we intend to manifest-what we are letting go of..we talk about spirit guidance-messages we get from animals- from our meditations- what we feel we are here to do.. ones ask me about my Near Death Experience- Angel and Faerie Encounters..there is alot of very positive and spiritual conversation going on!

Also - we do a sageing ceremony usually- to clear the energy -remove any lower energies...and to clear the auric field  I use sageing,feathers and a spirit rattle.. also at times I sage w Mugwort to easier see the auric field.

I have people write down on 1 side of paper-what they want to let go of... and on the other side- what they want to call in.. NOT THAT THEY ARE WILLING TO SETTLE FOR.. what the REALLYwant!.. I never see what ones write-so this is between your higher power and you.. I then put it in the fire - and the smoke goes up as a prayer to Great Sprit. Sometimes I have ones pull this into their chakras(or in Cherokee tradition these are called stars) and bathe in the smoke..I watch th fire and get messages about how things will  most likely manifest  for YOU..

I do an extensive healing prayer and open Sacred Space with the intention we are surrounded wing to wing by the Holy Archangels- they powerfully remove lower energies
..never allowing them to return in any way,shape or form-in any time,space or dimension!

People often wonder why a Medicine Woman works with the Archangels-well THEY are the Spiris that came to me when I had my Near Death Expereince- and also I had many archangel and faerie encounters through the years.. so that is why.. I see them-they communicate w me-they are NOT owned by any religious system! They are powerful messengers from Great Spirit.

We call in your personal guides, ancestors,healing faeries, power animals and at that time many times I sing and drum  the White Buffalo Calf Calling Song... I would say most of the time she is the Spirit of the Space doing the healing- as a trance medium I allow Spirits of Healing,Love and Light to come into my energy to do healing.. I remember VERY little if anything after the healing prayer is said...

The Archangel Gabrielle is the primary archangel of the space along with Metatron-but the healing angels come in for the ones present-so if you are more powerfully aligned with Michael,Raphael,Metatron, Urielle,Zadkiel or Chemuel .. these come in.. Powerful Faeirie energies come in to heal... don't you DARE think Disney or some silly being.. these are powerful angels of the Divine Earth Mother..they work with the heavenly angels but are even more interested in your LIFE.. your body healing, your romantic life-your work-your garden-your pets-your home.. they are amazing fixers...

Archangels tend to be more interested in your HIGHER calling-getting you on your path of service.Yes they heal too- but they are MUCH more interested in making sure you are aligned to your personal path of power and higher calling than about your romances, problems in your job- family issues.. and such.. the FAE- are interested in your day to day JOY!

We do a TON of vibrational healing here- with drums, used to be flutes by my nephew broke my medidicne flute little bugger- we use rattles, crystal and metal singing bowls, voice -I sing quite alot of Spirit songs.. tell you more about what that means later...

Lots of times spirit healers orancestors come that are individual to the person being healed- they give me messages.. and let me know what needs realigning in your life and body system!

Oh and also I have the gift of Chakra Healing and Balacing with a heart to heart hug and a look in the left eye.. so healing can be quite fast!

I make tea and soup for ones healing-this is totally free and if you like you are MOST welcome to simply stop by for a bowl of soup and some hot tea and a hug!

I do my healing as directed by spirit on a love offering/donation basis... so ones pay what feels fair to THEIR hearts! We have a love offering bowl on the front table and indeed appreciate your generosity!If yu got no cash honey-no worries-I love as well organic supplies for making my tea and veggie soup! I love getting white sage, organic tobacco, mugwort, firewood .. so we are really easy around here!

Just come in love and light- be sweet to the other attendees...if you like a quiet visit I suggest Mondays -they tend to be quieter- by Thurs we have a full blown medicine circle with alot of folks attending!

Healing is NOT just energy healing or vibrational healing.. it can be a channeled message,psychic surgery, sometimes an exorcism is needed( actually easy easy easy.. just let the archangels do it).... I may also have to do transport mediumship and remove attachments - no problem..I KNOW love energy is a million times more potent than anything and I am honored to work with an ALL LOVE energy from the higher dimensions!

So I could go on for days.. but I hope you get the gist... Mon to Thurs 3 to 7 ish- drop by no appt needed or taken-1st come 1st served...please check out the meetup for more information and to rsvp if you wish!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

You gotta honor the Energy

Please excuse typos-I am in an ubber rush to get out the door for an appointment this morning...

I have been guilty of something.. sigh.. hate to admit it but it is SO

I have been guilty of a lack of good judgement at times... and a misreading of energy.

I am a healer- a shaman.. I was called to Pittsburgh by Spirit.
I failed to look at the energy of THIS place and work with it as IT is... I wanted it to be what I was used to- and to do things I knew how to do them...

Let me explain- Most of my life I lived in Asheville NC- now this is an area of extreme individualistic personalities.You have loads of Lightworkers, Native Ameerican Spiritual Practitioners- which the Cherokee Rezz is there and loads of us from there are part Cherokee -and usually Celtic.You have move ins- ones coming from California and Florida and also loads of"snow birds" Yankees that spend the Winter down South. You have lots of peace activists- hippy types, rostifarians, eclectic pagans,New Agers, artists, musicians,green activists and so on... ya know-quirky folks!

Then I moved to the DC area and these folks there are very into education and learning-if they are metaphysical they come to classes and if called by spirit they pay whatever the ones teaching asks. If they RSVP to come to events -they show up-on time and are very polite. They follow rules and order- as you can imagine in the governement center- the energy of that space is very orderly and rule based. It is funny to imagine I know-but there are really lots of folks that are highly spiritual and into psychic development, shamanism and just learning about the cosmos..being there for 4 years it was great because after my vision quest .. I was to learn so many things and in DC Metro area I found- Usui and Seichim Reiki Teachers and became a Master Teacher-I found a Hawaiian Huna Practitioner and became a certified Haumana-Non Native Huna Practitioner- I found the Munay Ki Rites from Andean Shamans and learned about Crystals from both a New Ager couple -Mary and Neville of Telepathic TV and a lovely and powerful Panamanian Shaman -Manin-, I found out how to learn about and get trained in Jewish Shamanic Healing and got certified in Everyday Kaballa( basically Tree of Life as to how it relates to the Major Arcana of the Tarot,) I learned how to hone my psychic ability and how to focus my channeling,I learned to work with crystal bowls and metal singing bowls-I met a high up in the trancendental meditation movement who became a guide for awhile-I met people into Faeries and art-people who moved me into being a professional artist and pushed me into having art showings and doing my shamanic music publicly...I learned GREAT business and personal networking skills- how to build websites-how to network on the internet for free- started a blogtalk radio show-.. worked in LOA and eventually taught it..was in an area where rent was SO expensive that you had to charge alot for your work- as a healer or teacher..

Then we moved to Pittsburgh. ..shoo...
I have NOW learned to navigate the energies much better -for a long time I was spinning and reeling-stopping and starting.. the energy was HARD for me..NOW I see not only the difficulties of working with the energies- but also the beauty within the hearts of the people here- they really are lovely once you figure out how to navigate the energy-once they figure out I am NOT trying to start some wierd religion.. that I am NOT trying to CON anyone-that I really am here just to love, to raise a garden, to do healing, to make an honest living doing what I am called to do as a healer - that I honor all sacred paths.. that I can finally say-I am here to stay until spirit shifts me away from here..which I anticipate being many many years if not permanently in the area..

I am going to tell what I experienced but with the understanding that it was ME that had to don't get mad!! Pittsburgh was SO different and it still has an odd energy  which was like  neither space I had lived- it took me 2 years - actually over 2 years to figure this place out.. everywhere I had lived before- 1st of all these folks hate travelling more than 5 miles to go to anything.. all my life-travelling and driving an hour to get to a class you were guided to go to was nothing-simply nothing -we just did it...In Pittsburgh no one wants to drive out of their own burrough- forget crossing a bridge to get somewhere... I have had people travel from across the globe to get healing-but in Pittsburgh people just outside the city won't drive in..they send me e-mails.. oh I wish you were closer..

Pittsburghers are thrifty- actually more" I am broke" energy there is a TON of lack mentality and fears over money - they really don't understand or have never worked with "love offering" - give what feels fair- to them it means it is free... uhm-no it is NOT free- you just pay what feels fair...come on this is my work and I am good at it-and I have to pay bills too!
I think in the past they were told what to do too much- people that were in any non traditional religion-were or became pagan or metaphysical were treated like Satan incarnate-they had a HARD time and were treated very poorly ...  many folks are super traditional -so sometimes thinking for themselves is a challenge and when they break free of all that they don't want ANYONE coming off as bossy or controlling.. they have a real hard time working with a group for that reason- hard to trust....the church and may times family was SO hard on them- the work place was hard on them-it is more traditional.. really family oriented.. and when ones seems independent minded- a hammer stroke came down on them.. so I GET THAT NOW.. poor babies- shoo.. man you were BRAVE!! .

So folks are afraid that this freebird hippy type lady is trying to form some wierd cult.

There is a ton of competition energy amongst the healers and psychics and various spiritual groups -which is SAD to me- instead of shutting ones out if they ONLY understood- competition is fear based.. it shuts off love energy and universal flow -it makes you not so good at your work.. If ones understood that to work together would make this much more a metaphysical center people from around the world would LOVE to come visit..once we get that- watch out!!

I do trance medium healing similar to John of God-there is a whole industry around his work- people open hotels- ones have restaurants, healers get private appointments- readers get private clients- metaphysical shops and artists /craftsment-get work based on his healing work.. if I can get ones to understand- it can be the same here... I can as easily heal 1 person as 5 K at a time with this Angellic Healing Energy.. they don't get that- it is sad.. someday maybe they will understand I am here to enhance the work they do- and to support them in their vision.. not as a competitior( because sorry you cannot compete with the angels healing ) but as one who is attractig people from all around the world for this healing!

One of the hardest things for me is the temper NOT everyone-there are the peacekeepers here too.. but generally speaking-lots of Pittsburghers are fighters and get angry easily- and if they get angry -they will cut you out of their life in a heartbeat! I have NEVER expereinced this level of interpersonal battling- now that part I really really dislike intensely- so have stopped working with several local groups over the constant battling and back stabbing.

I actually work more with move ins than locals at this point. I want to work with locals as well... if they'll have me! Loads of folks from Metro DC have moved to the area-they get me and I get them .. so do a few of the boomerangs-once that left the area and have moved back-I have some locals who are more shy and peaceful that come to my events- they never fit into the fighters mode...

I magnetize folks from all over the US ,Canada and from across the many waters..not alot- not yet.. but over time I have seen- many will come is time for the Divine Feminine ones to be brought back into the forefront- and do our healing!

So-there is my story of the energy . and how I had to change... and yes a few things I still see that need smoothing out.. but it is ALL good and in time we will have quite a wonderful space of love,light and healing!

I want to invite you to my trance medium healing-it is Mon to Thurs 3 to 7 pm- come for just a short time-or the whole time! Love offering basis-pay what feels fair to your heart!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The joys of NOT being normal !!

Shamans aren't born to be normal! We tend to sleep till we wake up... eat what we want when we want... we ride the Universal and Earth Energies like a surfer... alas sometimes we crash into it...but for the most part -we have learned to ride it and be ourselves.

And this world views that as totally skewed.. wierd-odd... and you know what??? Shamans could not care less about the opinions of others as to their lives!! lol- and it is a wonderful thing!

We live in times of Earth Shift and part of our job is to help keep balance- so the more "in the box" the general population IS-the more "out of the box" we must show the possibilities of what being free means!

I lived in an area of Western NC known for quirky people- you had rostas with their crocheted hats and fabulous brownies.. ahem-yeah.pagan friendly Asheville had-.loads of pagans,witchs, shamans, bellydancing goddesses, there was a guy with a staff and his followers-he looked like Moses and had a car he painted to look like a fish-shiny scales and all... there were street musicians. artists galore-loads of co-housing ,eco villages and green living.. organic gardens...

In that space and time was  one of my favorite people was a Medicine Man named Chief Two Trees!

He was a healer -like me...
He had this awesome compound /healing center...built to withstand an apocalype...he was mixed blood registered  Cherokee and a member of the Bear Clan Medicine Lodge-I am a member of that..I am registerable but not registered yet...

He let people come to his space w no appointments- they just sat in the gathering area and waited to see him.. he had no set fee-ones just paid  what they could. I follow his pattern now.

It is not quite catching on here yet-but in time I believe it will- after the Great Earth Shifts- and also when I quit changing things around...

I was doing loads of classes and events but spirit kept after me to do nothing public but the healing-I resisted. Partially because it was my mani income streeam-the psychic dev classes and other public events... and here I am being asked to stop that and ONLY do the after many months I am following through... I am what one would call- semi retired!!

So-the times ones can come by are-Monday to Thursday 3 to 7ish..not before and not after.. you see before I write my blog- am starting a channeled book .. I sometimes do art-I garden and I meditate .. also do my wash and other household chores... besides that I am generally not awake till- 10ish-sometimes comes from being up to all hours of the night in communication w other dimensions!

In garden season a few days a week I am getting up early to tend the garden before the hot of the day- say working 9 to 11 a few days a week as I am doing no till-little work gardening(which is NOT true-when you 1st start by building beds it is a TON of work-but the hot of the year when the mulch keeps the weeds down and the beds moist it is SOOOOO worth it)!Other than that-I am NO early bird! .. and that is fine!  My kids are grown-my early rising hubby gets his own breakfast and enjoys some quiet time before I get up-he loves the early morning quiet times...which works A-OK with me ...

When I get up on my own clock I then love to lie in bed and pray /meditate for awhile...

I am a person who is a sort of a gypsy or a will of the wisp... I cannot be anythuing but what I am- I was born w a veil over my face/ I am a caulbearer... born with a calling/cauling ( google that it is interesting to say the least) gifted psychically and w healing abilities,unpredictable-generally gentle as a spring shower- occasionally I rage like a tornado and rip things down(now that is rare and reserved for ones doing harm to ones I am protective of-Mama Bear comes out claws out and no retreating)

I laugh ALOT...this is manily for plain old fun-but also a protection to one who works with spirit energy- I see and visit so many interdimensional realities ..comparatively -this dimension is heavy and people are quite fear based ... but it is also full of joyful times and alot of beauty...really- so much beauty...and then the ugliness,the brutality-the lack of regard for Mother Earth and all the ones living on this beautiful Blue Jewel....this Earth Dimension is a paradox- it is not straight forward and logical like many other dimensions-which have gotten their shit together...

...that is what makes Earth Dimension both challenging and imminently interesting..

Kinda like a Shaman..

I am a middle aged -barefoot hippy type- healin -shaman- medicine -wild-woman... It is a joy NOT being normal!

And so it is.. gotta get out and build 2 more rows of my no till garden now... yeppers..

I wish you a blessed day- come see me sometime for healing, some counsel,to sit quietly and meditate or if I see you need it-... to help my work the garden...people need to be barefoot in the garden honey child...

Go through this meetup to rsvp so I know you are coming over - free to join...   ...when there are no rsvp's I will still be around but may be working in the garden or doing art work upstairs- so just knock loud -if no answer check the garden 2 doors over...I'll be around!  Remember please other than Monday to Thursday 3 to 7 my home is not open to unannounced is a writers studio- an art studio- a meditation sanctuary -for my husband and I- it is our love nest...Love n Light!!  .

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Role of an Incarnated Angellic Fae

There is a class of Fae/Faerie Folk that works between the Realms of the Heavens and Mother Earth.

We are not Archangels, we are NOT Goddesses- we are not Fully Fae. We are an inbetween otherkin.

The nice part about it is getting to see things from many perspectives. The hard part of it is never getting to take sides. Because ones want you too... but one who works between the Worlds is not able to be a judge. We are also not able to fit into tidy boxs. We don't conform to social norms.

Trying to shame an Angellic Fae with-everyone else is doing it- will get you no where!

We are also not here to settle down and be as the world thinks" stable" .. we flow with the messages and energies of both Mother Earth and Great Spirit/ Father aspect of the ONE-Creator.

Why are we here incarnated into physical form NOW?

To wake up Lightworkers and get their butts back into gear!

Personally I have aided many Lightworkers to get back on their path- and most of them are mad at me till this day. Because I would not stick to the plans they made for us... you see  I KNOW WHAT I AM HERE TO DO... trying to tell someone - we will walk together for a while but when it is time to take the training wheels off you are on your own...they don't want to hear that... and will try to shut you down if you bring it up..

I have access to the Akashic Records- I generally DO NOT WORK WITH THE AVERAGE PERSON... almost every one I work with is a Lightworker that is off track...some of them have burnout or are ill ,some of them have been distracted by something glittery.some are scared to get moving, some are in addictions and are clouded -these are the hardest... the booze,drugs,negative mindset  or sex they are addicted to clouds them horribly ( and a drunken Lightworker is a total mess and a trainwreck honey)

I aid them with energy healing, long talks and intuitive guidance - also I see into their path and work with them awhile to get them going... then when they are strong I leave.. yes I leave... they THINK they still need me and feel abandoned.. it is just that BY STAYING I WOULD DISEMPOWER THEM AND GET THEM ADDICTED TO ME!!

That happens ALOT- ones get addicted to me-then when it is time to shift-like a teenager that is aggravated with parent- it is because energetically they are preparing for independence.. so they stay angry at the parent.. what was once your hero now is a royal pain in your arse...

I say that is a good thing and a healthy sign!

Then that frees me up to walk with the next series of battle fatigued lightworkers... and when they are strong and able-I will let them go too...

So- if we have worked together- and you are now doing your work- perhaps someday you will remember me with fondness! Either way-if you are angry with me or if you look at me fondly.. to me personally it matters very little.
What matters to me is seeing a Lightworker powerfully doing their work again!

You are needed so very much! You are here to aid Mother Earth in her healing process and also here to aid mankind in their ascensin process...mankind is at a dangerous juncture... and your job is to be of service to that ascension process! Be it through your energy or other holistic healing,writing, taking ones to see John of God( as one of my former charges does now) doing readings that help heal , organizing groups or community gardens , ... or any number of things to being a great Mom that recycles or a fabulous organic chef..whatever your assignment is... my job as an incarnated angellic fae  is to get you realigned!

We are the ones that help get you steadied up and moving back on course.We are not here to hold your hand for long- we push you out there-to do your work..

Like those old TV shows-the Hulk comes to mind.. where a stranger wanders in-saves the day-the person now has personal power or has some danger removed want them to stay but they cannot... they have to keep moving...

Angellic Fae live by the words of spirit. We listen to that 1st and foremost. A fact that most cannot understand.We do our work on faith and guidance.We are not attached to ones personal opinions of us. It is not always easy- but it is always powerful. Even for ones that no longer speak to me-as I see them on their path-I am happy to have been of some small service to the Light! ... and so it is-and so it shall be-for the GREATER GOOD we serve!

Focusing on your calling- clearing away barnacles

One in several thousand humans is a Lightbearer. Someone who has incarnated from Higher Dimensions with a calling, a purpose, a destiny.

You know who you are- most folks are not like you at all.. the general population is geared toward just experiencing, living out their lives- getting an education,buying the house-having the dog,cat and 2 kids-hopefully finding the perfect mate to provide that.. then accumilating money and "stuff",taking vacations and eventually retiring and playing golf in Florida till they go to the nusrsing between times there is a ton of TV watching and sports or celebrity worship.

For a Lightbearer that whole scenario is boring and shallow beyond comprehension. A Lightbearer has a calling-knows they are diffferent and have a hard time at 1st putting things together-they may get labeled as ADD/ADHD- Bi Polar or any number of psychological issues ... they have unexplained gifts and can remember flashes of their past lives-they experience lots of deja vu moments- some people they know on a very deep level immediately and seem to speak the same language ..a Lightbearer is a voracious reader of metaphysical literature, they attend classes and remember what they are here to do- once they have enough education-they get the messsages from Spirit as to what they said they wanted to do when they incarnated into this realm.

Once a Lightbearer is aligned to his calling he is like a laser beam... EXCEPT.. when barnacles appear.
These can get ones off track faster than anything- as they drain energy and try to steer a Lightbearer in other directions for their own benefit.Many times they too are Lightbearers that are too afraid or immature energetically and need others to help them-or rather THINK they do...

For a Lightbearer  barnacle is a person or a group that attaches themselves to your energy. It is for their own benefit and advancement. The Lightbearer gets nothing but diverted from His or Her Path and drained of vital energies.

The way it happens is this.. someone recognizes your light. They seemingly have no gifts other than  recognizing light and attaching to it and at times putting ideas or images into the Lightbearers mind that have little to do with the Lightbearers mission - they can even seem like the worlds nicest person at 1st.. then they start trying to control the Lightbearer.They try to get the Lightbearer to work as a team.... they would prefer to put themselves in the forefront and incubus the energy of the Lightbearer to promote their own aganda.

 Being a Lightbearer can often times be lonely- and sometimes the Lightbearer likes the team work and falls for it -hook,line and sinker..-at 1st..until they start to realize they are being controlled for someone elses agenda - that the other ones is simply riding your energy.. you are GIVING- GIVING -GIVING.. and have gotten exhausted ....and will continue this  till they realize it is ANOTHER  barnacle and free themselves.The incubus/ barnacle will show their ego , get overly controlling,begin to bully and gain a sort of crowing overlordship over  the Lightbearer- this often wakes the Lightbearer up- the energy is too obvious,,,and the Lighbearer shakes off the barnacle ... sadly many times ones have lost weeks even months off of their true path!

So be wary Lightbearers of "teaming" up with some one who zeroes in on your energy- do your best to maintain focus on your true callling-your higher calling .

Especially ones who come in too hard and fast-(even if it seems sweet) watch- keep your focus -I recommend NEVER teaming up!

I have had to learn this the hard way...
I had a reading awhile back and the psychic told me right away-your light attracts barnacles- you have to do your work alone. You let them ride you-they have not talent other than taking your energy and promoting themselves with have to learn to say NO-

( The last paragraph is for ones who tend to barnacle off of other peoples energy-some advise to get you back on track-I am NOT saying you are evil-not at all- you are simply spiritually immature and unsure of yourself)

I have seen a personal need to refocus on my divine life mission as a healer. I have lots of different abilities as do all Lightbearers- teach psychic development and shamanism, energy healing has brought in the best money for me.. but it is NOT what I am here to do... conducting public ceremony and doing psychic readings.. bring in a good amount of income.. but it is NOT part of my divine calling.

I have had a total reawakening to my divine life mission. This will make some of my personal barnacles quite angry that I will no longer let them ride my energy.

I am here to heal with the Angel Love Light Energy- I wasn't just attuned to it- my family of angels - gave me back my gift.. I had forgotten my origins. I had begun to sink into the denser 3rd dimensional energies.

I am not suppposed to do all the things I have been doing- doing them simply to make a living!

NO NO NO ...

I am back on track!

Monday to Thursday as decreed by Spirit-I will be opening my home with no appointments- 3 to 7 pm... 1st come 1st served for healing. This will be on love offering/donation basis. The Angel Love Light healing itself takes just a few minutes-you can come back as often as needed for an energy infusuion and further deeper levels of healing .

I suppose I will make some folks angry-or disappointed.. frankly that means very little to me... all that matters to me is doing the Will of The ONE  that sent me- Creator! I serve Creator- both the Male and Female aspects of the ONE!

I have spent far more time in heavenly realms than on Earth- and it is my REAL home!

One thing about barnacles- they are NOT EVIL_ JUST IMMATURE,,they too have their own calling and have to stop trying to hijack other peoples energy to attain their goals. It is fear that makes you cling on to others. Be confident in your own calling and do not form teams- Lightbearers are soldiers - fighting the good fight- but we are LONE soldiers doing our work- yes it can get lonely- until you remember your true family is looking on and cheering you.. connect with the heavenly realms and REMEMBER your own divine origins!