Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Simple Spirit led Life on The Nunnehi Homestead

I have chosen the voluntary simplicity life-the simple spirituality of living on a New Earth Preppers Homestead.
I have answered the call of Spirit to be a Medicine Woman these past 7 years. I have taken the classes,earned the certifications,healed the people,taught the students-enough to know now.. I am a formidable force of nature.
I am ready
Ready to embrace the full force of what I have powerfully called in..
I am ready to walk the walk and talk the talk of the
Appalachian Folk Medicine Woman
I start my day in a Sacred manner by going to the Waters and offering up a Prayer-my arms flung open to the Sacred Direction of the East! I beg My Father and My Mother-The Great Spirit and the Mother Earth-to walk with me today.. to bless me.. to help me be a source of healing,love and light.
I ask my presence be a gift to all those I walk with on this Beauty Way.
I ask to heal,to bless with words of wisdom,to teach in an honorable and respectful way...
To be ever flowing in Sacred Service to the ONE that we are all part of and that IS what we are... One in energy!
I am YOU-YOU are me... energetically we are the same! We are the same as the Eagle,the snail,the Salmon,the Tree,the Stones... and each of these has consciousness we can connect to-EASILY .. very easily so..
When we know we can.... WE CAN!!!
I drum I sing to the Sacred Directions-to the Sacred Elements and to the Sacred Winds-the Archangels-I sing to the Spirits of Nature/ the Gentle People-the Nunnehi... my homestead is named for them.
They are a formidable presence in my energy.
We work hand in hand to heal, to inspire,to create-to awaken and ignite the Lightbearers and the Rainbow Medicine People
I have seen the repair broken engines and broken transmissions and supply power to a car radio unhooked to any seen power source,I have seen them heal a refrigerator- and a roller drum in a dryer... I have seen then brew up a hailstorm and windstorm when called into Sacred Space-and for that storm to leave as soon as they were released from the spacee. I DID ask-for them to PROVE they were real after all!! May I say the nice group of ladies that was visiting left in a hurry after that-lol....they were not ready for the prooof of the existence of powerful Nature Spirits...
alas these Nunnehi are NOT Disneylike at all... 
They will help my gardens grow miracle filled
They will infuse the tonics,potions,lotions,elixirs,salves, tinctures ,infused oils,vinegars and honeys with healing energy beyond what any human has seen before.This I KNOW-though I do not always know HOW I know.. I do!!
In time as we gain their trust they will how themselves to me-and I will paint them and tell their stories.. when THEY are ready!
It is a walk of faith-THOUGH- after seeing so many miracles of Angelic Healing and Manifestation and Fae miracles- I have seen enough to NOT have to walk by faith alone.
I have seen the proof- held it in my hand! Witnessed it and been there a part of it manifesting.My jaw drops and I Laugh out loud with the joy and KNOWING that THERE IS a Creator who loves us-there ARE Miracle producing and loving Spirit Beings -ALL AROUND US.. wing to wing-in protective energy... it is AMAZING!
I love this miracle filled life I have been blessed to live!
Alright it is time for bed now.. I just had to write this!!
Join me tomorrow 9 am Eastern for my radio show on blogtalk-link at the top loves!
Today I want to write about my upcoming new move to the Homestead and the schedule I have had given to me by Spirit leading- laid out through my radio show, Ether phone service,meetups and such...
So here is th new schedule for the New Year -though drop by for Healing starts Dec 12 th 3 to7 -see calendar!
2013... Mon to Fri
7 am meditation and prayer,spirit singing,dressing and bathing
9am-The New Earth Prophet Radio Show
10am -2pm  Phone readings,healing prayer and distance healing-  $25 through per 15 minutes on my phone service 1-888-693-8437 ext 04268117
Writing my books and art between calls and art sometimes DURING IT..
3 to 7 pm drop by for healing, a reading,intuitive counsel-sessions are $35.00 for non meetup folks - $20.00 for Meetup members! www.meetup.com/appalachian-folk-medicine
Writing and art between clients -if and when that happens!
Mon - Wed 7:30 Spirit Art Portraits-I see only 2 clients an evening for this- and you MUST rsvp through the Meetup!
These are my take on your energy body and what spirits I see around you-they are $40.00 and you would prepay through the meetup link when you rsvp!!
Thurs evening 7:30 intuitive and psychic development class- these are 11.00 each-you can take 1 or all! These begins to repeat at 12 weeks-but deepens for those that continue on!
Weekends are a variety of classes,workshops and other events through the Meetup! www.meetup.com/appalachian-folk-medicine
Alrighty then-off to bed for this sleepy Medicine Woman!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Living the Life of a Shaman/Homesteader/Prepper/Artist/Medium

I enjoy sharing out about my Homesteading/New Earth Prepper/Medicine Woman/Artist life-because it is SO full and exciting!
I wish everyone would live the life of their dreams and learn how to create from the Ethers as I have been blessed to do.. so I share! I teach and I encourage!

I love being a homesteader-growing my own foods and raising farm animals to feed me and mine.
I love living deep in the country amongst the forest,the mountains, the waterfalls and the creeks!
I love that the Nunnehi homestead has grapes and apple trees and a nice pasture and barn.
The water is pure with no chemical additives.
The air is clean as we live deep in the Appalachian Mtns away from industry!


WE live right amongst the Pisgah National Forest so there are 1000s of acres of woodlands and streams-paths to hike and ride horses!

I open my space for clients 3 to 7 pm Mon to Fri for healing and intuitive counsel-by appointment only!
I have meetups and classes on the weekends . www.meetup.com/appalachian-folk-medicine

My mornings are spent in prayer at the water like my Cherokee ancestors -waking up and facing the East in a prayer of thanksgiving!

I spend time drumming and singing to rise the vibration for spontaneous healing and manifestation of our dreams come true!
I burn sage to clear the space -I write out my prayer requests and send it into the Sacred Smoke to Great Spirit!

When it is not too cold and icey - I walk barefoot and connect to my Mother Earth all the times in prayer and gratitude!I connect to the Nunnehi/Faeries/Spirits of Nature.. they talk to me and share ancient knowledge !

My ancestors visit me and teach me and share the olde ways-both of Cherokee ancestresses and lately the ELDERS of my ancestors...are walking with me all the time and of my Irish ancestors teaching me old world sacred knowledge and healing ways! My family has been healers on both sides since time began...from Ireland they were Healers and Practitioners of Dana- the Cherokee side was Bear Clan-the Healers.


I then tend to my homestead -Homestead projects right now ....as we approach late Fall and Winter - we are building garden beds for next year and building chicken tractors,rabbit tractors, turkey tractors  building a nanny goat shed in the barn - we will get our farm animals come spring when we are all ready to receive them!
When the time is right we will be tending to the grapevines and fruit trees .

We are cutting up 3 big pines that fell using that wood for our outdoors campfires and folk medicine circles.
We are New Earth Preppers-in that we believe this old world is unsustainable and is decaying and failing- we see a time of difficulty as society shifts -

We are NOW in the Great Earth Shifts and the next 5 to 7 years are gonna be QUITE intense and at times difficult...  but that something is coming behind that that is AMAZING! A New Earth-an age of peace-the Return of the Rainbow People!  I suggest you GOOGLE this- Look up White Buffalo Calf Woman and Prophecies about the Coming of the Rainbow People/ Rainbow Warriors -it is fascinating- AND I BELIEVE IT IS UPON US! 

Living simply, self sufficiently, raising our own fruits,vegetables and meat animals  as well as hunting and gathering from Nature, building New Earth Tribes, living sustainably,honorably, being good Earthkeepers and tending to the HONEY BEES is vital for our survival!

I believe forming community and getting close to a likeminded group of people is important to us all right now-more so than ever!
We are working to learn old time life skills and to live more and more close to the Earth-making more and more of our own medicines and because we move and work and connect-BECOMING more and more healthy and with thriving life force energy!

Getting ourself ready for winter storms and any power outtages by having  oil lamps candles and flashlights , water reserves , easily heated foods and getting a backup kerosene heater and extra fuel. We have propane for cooking and for our hot water and the furnace -but if power goes out we lose our water pump and the furnace blower... SO- we have to have backups-backups on backups too... that is the way of a homesteading prepper!

Since we are homesteading preppers-we believe in protecting our place!! Nice thing about being on the forest is we can practice w crossbow,axe throwing  and air rifle for quiet- and practice walking and navigating quietly in the woods- and can also set up a firing range to practice our shooting skills.

After that I write my e-books, my blogs, do the radio show

Radio shows Mon to Sat 9 am restarting in the New Year(on a moving and holiday break just doing shows here and there-you can listen to archived shows anytime!) 

The time creating my magick manifesting poetry  and doing  my shamanic spirit  folk art work - I paint folk art angels and Nunnehi/Faeries and Faerie filled landscapes....
I also spend time making my herbal concoctions, healing energy infused soups and teas- as well as healing balms,infused honey,infused oils and herb infused vinegars and herbal tonics for health and healing!

If you are interested in viewing art for purchase please feel free to contact me to set up a good time to visit my home healing and art space!

ALSO if you want to schedule a group folk medicine healing circle w a private group of your friends!

OR you need space clearing,mediumship readings ,spirit communication ceremony /seance or
protection and home blessings-please contact me for these!!

It is a full and good life!

I love it-and I love you.. those that have walked into my circle of influence and once we work together in person will be under my powerful protective energy!

I look forward to seeing you ALL at the Nunnehi Homestead in the upcoming dayes,weeks and years ahead!
To supprt the homestead I have to work right.. and my work is as a healer,medium,artist,shaman

As a side note- Mon to Fri 3 to 7 ones can make an appointment for private sessions-1/2 hour is $35.00 full hour is $60.00

Text me at 412-728-3008 to setup a day and time!

OR for distance healing and psychic readings call 1-888-693-8437 ext 04268117 Mon to Sat 10 am to 10 pm-no appointment needed!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Manifestation Technique I used to create the Nunnehi Homestead and life of my dreams!

I was gifted this ceremony by the Angels after my Near Death Experience.

I used to do the ceremony quite often in person but this e-book is 1)much less expensive 2)available world wide!

I am Midas Spinning Energy Into Gold: Wealth Manifestation Ceremony of Abundance for Lightworkers!
King Midas was not the greedy King of parables-but a Master of Spiritual Alchemy!
Not only to manifest funds so your own life is easier(that is part of it too of course )
Prosperity manifested is to be used as well in a "New Earth" paradigm of unselfish service to the Greater Good!

Friday, November 16, 2012

How in the heck do you find a Folk Medicine Woman?


 SO be warned- read this and you WILL be coming to see me!! Muahahahahahahahahaha




Note-I live pretty much off grid on a homestead so don't answer e-mails-SORRY! No net access! I just go out to the library every now and then to schedule events on Meetup !

I generally don't even know how many people are coming!!

So sorry-you just gotta find me babies!!



Beginning Dec 11th 2012 - I open my Sacred Space for drop in for healing or counsel
Mon to Sat 3pm to 8 pm
Love offering-pay what feels fair!
Free healing cuppa herbal tea,free energy infused vegan vegge soup!

3009 Diamond Creek Rd Lake Toxaway NC 28747

Please DO NOT come before Dec 11th  as I am MOVING IN from PA right this very moment! I want the space to be ready for visitors!


Folk Medicine Healing,Shamanic Divination,Manifestation Ceremony

Mon to Sat 3 to 8 pm

See calendar!


Lots of cool things upcoming this Year!!

Your support allows me to function on the Nunnehi homestead- a very SACRED space you get to experience!

What things you say???

Folk Medicine Shamanic Practitioner Certification Course

Workshops on Working ,Healing,Playing with the Nunnehi/Faerie Kingdom

Deeply Esoteric Intuitive Development Classes

Herbalism Workshops

Wildcrafting Nature Walks

Shamanic Journeys

Energy Healing Certification Classes

Making tinctures,tonics,elixirs,salves and balms

Beginning Dec 11th Monday to Saturday 3 pm to 8 pm - (closed Christmas Eve,Christmas Day ,New Years Eve and New Years Day) ones are invited to come by my Nunnehi The Gentle Homestead for folk medicine healing,shamanic divination and manifestation ceremony. Please see the calendar to rsvp!

3009 Diamond Creek Rd Lake Toxaway NC 28747

OK-this is how this works! We are doing things the old way but of course with an internet presence! Works just fine!

I don't take appointments or charge a set fee!

Ones find me-find out when they can come by and they do- they see me and I work on them and they pay me whatever they can and what feels fair! It is traditional and that is how I roll !! You need to look at the calendar for times to come and for days I am available!

There are SUGGESTED fees on events-look come on if you can't afford it! I understand!

Hey there love lights-This is Mama Bear/Sandra Bear Davis . I am an Appalachian Medicine Woman.You know A Granny Woman- My family is Cherokee and Celtic /Irish. Hundreds of years ago the Mystical,Magickal Medicine Ways of those 2 great cultures blended in our Appalachian Mountains.

Folks have come to the women in my family when they were ill,sad or troubles. Young women came when they wanted to get pregnant and were having troubles.Folks of all ages came when they were having trouble with prosperity or attracting love.

We are end of life midwives-tending the dying and aiding them in crossing over.

We are also Spirit Mediums and work with blessing and clearing space, clearing land and at times banishing dark energy spirits from homes and land .We communicate with the dead and help wandering spirits into the light.Sometimes we battle evil spirits and free ones from their clutches through exorcism.We receive messages from the departed that help ones to heal! I do occasional message circles and seances for spirit communication!

We hear and speak the words of the angels and faeries as well-I work with the Archangels and Angelic Faeries in my healing work all the time! I channel their words as a trance medium spirit channel- it is part of the Culture of the Appalachian Medicine Woman!

I make tea and soup to heal infusing it with love energy-herbs I have gathered and dried. The Medicine/Magick of these plants aids ones to heal!

We do laying on of the hands healing-similar to Reiki but it has many much more powerful and ancient tools of the trade! (I am by the way a Usui and Seichim Reiki Master / Teacher )

It is a powerful yet simple system-it is not commercialzed and overpriced as many systems are now- we work traditionally on LOVE offering/donation basis- ones pay what they can and what feels fair to their hearts! We also accept food ,herbs,crystals,firewood and such in exchange for our work... (traditionally when getting healing or through magickal ceremony and aid one brought a Medicine Person a weeks worth of groceries as an example )

I want to share these medicine Ways with folks now.. Healing that works with hands,voice,drums,crystals,herbs,tea,soup,tonics,tinctures,dance and Spirit!

We work with the Spirits of Nature,The Heavenly Angels, Faerie Kingdom (powerful-NOT the Disney version)

As I have worked with these systems all my life for me it is natural to speak with a tree or a stone-natural to telepathically communicate with higher dimensions, other people,animals and spirits!

In our Mountains -There is a type of traditional Appalachian Folk Medicine I want to share with folks. Many of us are of Cherokee and Celtic descent-are pretty much rugged individualists and love being self sufficient .Being from way back in the Hollers and out of necessity -we learned to take care of our own selves!

Now I do need to make a disclaimer - this is a "do no harm" type of Mtn Folk Medicine I am sharing and in no way interfers with your Drs care of you- I like to work in harmony and peace!

I believe a bit of that old time medicine and self sufficiency is needed nowadays too!

I also hope to meet ones interested in learning about herbs and old time healing-and to meet other Mtn healers and make friends w likeminded folks!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Updates, schedule and events for the Appalachian Folk Medicine Woman

If Michelangelo were a healer- well-he MIGHT be nearly as good as me- that may sound proud and vain- but I realized the other day-no doubt Michelangelo KNEW how good he was .. and SO DO I...
I cannot be powerful in your behalf  UNLESS... I KNOW I AM..and own my gifts and abilities fully!
Unlike most "healers" I am a Medical Intuitive and SEER- I see into many dimensional realities all at one time - including past and future life, I see any spirit attachments,cords of attachment and literally SEE the energy body.I see the MOMENT illness began to manifest and have the ability to BEND time in order to go back to when the water whithin the cells of the body were perfectly healthy-and help them REMEMBER that pure health!
My training has been over 51 years and began when I was born-but the past 7 years has been primarily shamanic and energy healing as well as honing my herbal tonics, infused oils and vinegars, tinctures and elixirs!

I am very blessed to come from an age old lineage of healers on both my Cherokee side and My Celtic/Irish side of the family.
I HEAR your body talking and it tells me where you are hurting and what it needs to heal-I then relay that information to both you and to the healing tonics I make. They are not only made up according to the herbs you need,but an elixir of life, various tinctures and crystals are used as well as Sacred Symbols and ringing of the crystal bowl for charging the waters!
I sing the notes of creation and healing energy as a living magick flute.
I look into the astral and other spirit dimensions to see if any disruptive spirit energies are a base cause of your illness - and  place protections in your life to make these psychic attachs cease. You are now under my protective energy.
Medical Intuitive, Psychic Surgeon, Healer extraordinare!

I have had too many miracles of healing happen to ever doubt the powerful healing energy passed down in my family coupled with lifelong training in the heaing arts has produced a Healing Master.
Bearer of the Goddess Aura , daughter of Dana . Oracular Healer, Dove Goddess Incarnate.. and so it is...
In the Higher Dimensions I am known as Madonna of the Doves. I work with the 8h Dimensional Crystal Palace as an Oracle to the Dove Goddesses and Ascended Masters. Running their powerful healing energy through my expanded chakra system - we bring in miracles of healing and prosperity manifestation .
Physical descendant of Alcyone and the Bear Clan Medicine People.

Monday to Saturday 9 am Eastern we invite you to join us for an informative and entertaining hour with Medical Intuitive and Folk Medicine Practitioner : Sandra Bear Davis / Mama Bear Information on herbal healing,tinctures,tonics,distance ... healing, folk medicine , homesteading, simplicity, good Earth Keeping and working from heart center!

Monday to Friday 10 am to Midinight Monday to Saturday 10 am to Midnight Eastern Time ones can call for a consultation -no appointment needed- with Appalachian Folk Medicine Woman Sandra Bear Davis / Mama Bear
Call  1-888-693-8437 ext. 04268117
The 1 hour phone consultation is $250.00 and from our conversation as a medical intuitive and picking up your energy signature with your permission I will continue working with your healing in the Astral Realm as well as begin making an herbal tonic and elixir of life especially designed for your healing needs...
I will send the tonic to you via UPS when ready-this takes approx 2 weeks to meld fully . A month of the herbal remedy is $120.00
I also recommend ones come for 1 to 2 weeks of my Appalachian Folk Medicine Group Healing Circles starting in the New Year .These will be from 4 to 6 pm Monday to Saturday and are $50.00 per person .
These involve laying on of the hands healing, a smudging ceremony, herbal tea and healing energy infused vegan vegge soup as well as crystal and vibrational healing .
The gatherings will be in Brevard NC near the Pisgah National Forest and in Mc Lean VA -just outside of Washington DC.
I will have the dates and times available
via this blog very soon!

Miracle Manifesting BBW Love Dove Goddess and Folk Medicine Healer bar none!
Too psychic for my own good!
YET SWEET and down to Earth!
I have a daily blogtalk radio show www.blogtalkradio.com/newearthprophet
I do my healing events and teach classes through a Meetup www.meetup.com/appalachian-folk-medicine
I write a daily blog www.shamanmom.blogspot.com
Ya know what- 1st I am a Mom of 3 great grown children
Then I am a wife to my beloved husband Charlie -we have been together for 7 years.After a 25 year marriage where I was at times physically abused-he is like an angel to me!
He understands and supports my nature and way of Being- he thinks I am an incarnated Goddess...

THEN I am an artist
I am a homesteader/prepper
To make my living I do energy healing and psychic readings.
I make herbal concoctions . I like simple living,cannot tolerate the city, dislike crowds.
I love the forrest- being out in nature .
I have alot of years of training as a Medicine Woman- but ya know what.. I no longer TRY to grow a business or TRY to DO anything-I spend all my time just BE-ing .
I play my flute,my drum,I sing,I dance,I laugh.. I cook- I love living and life!

Monday, October 22, 2012

BBW Diva Goddess

I sing the notes of creation and healing energy as a living magick flute.

I invite you to listen to my radio show LIVE weekdays 9am for an hour as I discuss Appalachian Folk Medicine,Shamanism,Homesteading, Sacred Sexuality,Manifestation, Pagan Polyamory, Being a Sexually Dominant Woman, Herbalism,Living Simply and Frugally .You an listen to archived shows ANYTIME!

Move update!!

Hey love lights!


Besides the traditional Appalachian Mountain Folk Medicine Healing ....which is as passed down in my family line-casting stones and reading face and palm to do a reading of what you need , low key trance medium healing, herbalism, laying on of the hands, healing with soup and tea ,spirit singing -psychic surgery/extractions and cutting cords

I do crystal and vibrational healing

Cherokee Medicine w sageing,drumming, spirit healing

I am a Usui and Seichim Reiki Master Teacher

Intuitive Reflexologist-especially face and scalp massage w foot and hand rub -intuitively guided .

Cherokee Accupressurist- this HURTS abit but is amazingly haling and effective - we intuitively find the spot that is in need of help and mash that for 30 seconds to release the muscle

Chakra healer and Aura balancer

I am going to have a  folk medicine shoppe set up when we have healing circles for those that want to take items home!

I wild harvested enough mugwort for the year for our healing circles -I use it in the healing tea-I smoke it to see the energy body and smudge with it as well... I may even have enough to sell little baggies of mugwort and healing tea  for $4 at events.

I will havy my Elixir of life made for healing circles too-I put a few drops in the healing tea and soups as well as jugs of spring water-it is infused with massive amounts of Healing Energy-

I will have little bottles of the elixir of life for sale for 20.00 at events as well.You just use a drop or 2 daily in your water for healing purposes.

I am also making blue sage healing balm, rose petal healing balm and calendula cream ,my special healing combination -w of course MUGWORT...in time I will have those as well as shamanically charged chakra healing stones sets at my gatherings!

I will have black walnut tincture for 12.00  this is great for a parasite cleanse and tonic  

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Faerie Communication Stinkbug invasion cure!!

I am an Appalachian Medicine Woman
A Shaman
Shamanic Practitioner
We communicate with the Spirits of Nature..
I have a special knack with the Faerie Realm-I love them-they love me...


As regards the war on stinkbugs

What we resist persists -
What we fight at times we give more energy to..
Right now people are doing battle against stinkbugs.. and it looks like the stinkbugs are winning!!

Here is a post I put on Facebook this morning
At one time we were inundated with the little fellas-but not any more!!
We came to a place of peace and understanding!

What is funny to me is even folks that are into mysticism resist just plain communicating with the Spirits of Nature.. just try it and see!!

From Facebook this morning...
I keep seeing postings about stinkbugs-Here is my remedy and it works-Ask your house faerie to talk to the stinkbugs-You can say it outloud or through telepathic communication-
Tell them they cannot live here-or you have to spray them and you do not want to kill them- tell them about an abandoned house nearby and they can winter over there.. IT WORKS-
Communicating with the Spirits of nature-espec...
ially one assigned to your home space is Natural and they WANT us to know they are REAL-it works overnight! You don't even have to believe in them AT FIRST- it has worked over and over again for people I tell about this method...
The image is my folk art -Strawberry Faerie-love her!! I saw her come out of the painting several times and fly around the room-a little pink faerie!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fun stuff,Sacred Dance,Psychic Development, Healing Elixir, Trance Medium Healing


Life is FUN and busy as we prepare to move this Fall!
For that reason-I don’t have any public events scheduled till the New Year 2013!
THEN the FUN starts!!

 I have a new Meetup in the Brevard NC area-outside of town in the Forrest!
We will have regular weekly events starting in the New Year !
Please look into your heart and see if any of these will fit into your calendar! The Meetup is free to join and allows you to participate in many FUN and deeply spiritual gatherings with likeminded, divine  love lights in the LOVELY Pisgah National Forrest area of WNC!

The Elixir of Life : Heal the Waters
·                                 Beginning weekly Sunday, January 6, 2013
Each Sunday at 3:00 PM
·                                 THE ELIXIR OF LIFE:HEALING THE WATERS
·                                 Charged water and crystals with crystal bowl and spirit songs with the angels -thus making an "Elixir of Life for healing the living waters of the body.
Our cells and DNA are under attack from GMO foods, radioactive particles and heavy metals .

In a healing attunement with the angelic council of light I was gifted the ability to make an "Elixir of Life" for healing these issues...it goes back to a healing modality I worked with in Atlantis.
Our healing time will include soup and herb tea infused with this healing water.. as well as simple glasses of the charged water.

I will offer laying on of the hands healing ,drumming and singing  a spirit song to ignite ever more so - the healing energy of the "Elixir of Life"
I will teach you a simple toning exercise to charge the Thyroid Chakra which is under such attack from psychic energies as well as environmental contaminates!

These gatherings will occur Sundays at 3 pm in a private address in the Brevard countryside -beginning in the New Year!! I will send the address 3 days in advance to ones who rsvp YES to the event!!
$11,$22 or $33  love offering suggested for the gathering

·                                 Thursday, January 10, 2013
7:00 PM
Intuitive n Psychic Development, chanting ,chakra healing , open 3rd eye

·                                 Beginning Thursday, January 10, 2013
Every Thursday thereafter 7:00 PM

I have been teaching psychic development using more esoteric means for 6 years.

Each week we do a sageing ceremony, chanting, toning exercises, meditation to open the 3rd eye as well as ceremony to open our psychic centers.

We then do some practical application of the intuitive gifts- we will start with basic psychic development exercises- learn to read Oracle cards, psychometry, remote viewing, astral projection
You are free to join in for 1 or many classes!

I like to make them fun and relaxing!

Love offering suggested $11,$22 or $33
We also barter for organic foods, firewood, herbs, oils, handcrafts ,gift cards,etc...

The Sensual Goddess: Dancing in the Energy of the Divine Feminine Arts
·                                 Weekly Series Beginning Saturday, January 12, 2013
7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
The Divine Sensuous Goddess can be of any age, any body size-can be lovely or plain.. it doesn't matter-because as you see your power grow.. you will be viewed in a different way.
Your auric field glows and expands! You become ever more creative and enriched...LIFE is exciting, depression slips away and becomes a long distant dream, health problems fade into nothingness...
We are the ones that get the job promotion, we are the ones that attract love, we are the ones brave enough to follow our divine path of power! We are the ones that have determined for OURSELVES what is best for us in our lives!
WE ARE the blessed and fortunate-because we KNOW how to attract and magnetize te energies needed to MANIFEST what we desire!
Weekly Sacred Dance, Energy Gathering , Guided Meditation, Chanting and Toning.
How to charge the Divine Feminine Womb energy to manifest YOUR dreams come true!
Love offering of $11, $22 or $33
or a barter for organic foods, firewood, herbs, handcrafted candles
Suggestion- Dress in a loose flowing skirt or wear a dress (pants are OK too) and bring a scarf - if ya can-get yourself a bellydance jingling hip scarf.. wear a shirt that allows you to move...we will generally dance barefoot -if not too cold we may be outside around the campfire - and then of course you might like some comfy shoes...

I will also be letting ones come by without an appointment for Trance Medium Healing or Intuitive Counsel weekdays 3pm to 8 pm
Like everything it is a LOVE OFFERING basis!!

Weekday radio show

Sacred Sexuality, The lost art of sensuality and the importance of enjoying our body!

Today on my blogtalk radio show I am going to be talking about Sacred Sexuality, sharing some of the lost Divine Feminine Arts of Sensuality  and Magnetism. Sharing the importance of Sacred Dance and the importance of PLEASURE as a Spiritual Gateway.

Having a partner that gives them selves over to BE-ing the giver of pleasure for the one abeing worshipped as  The  Goddess . Allowing HER to experience deeper and deeper levels of pleasure as a means of powerful manifestation...

There is a dimension to be attained I call the Garden of Delight- and also the Pleasure Palace.

Herein magick manifests easily and swiftly -when the power of the energy of the waves of many orgasms is consciously applied to a set goal determined PRIOR to the time of love making!

Sex Magick is most often thought of being used by ones of a lower energy or dark energy signature-but that could not be further from the truth! Shame around Divine Sexuality lingers all through Western Society -even amongst those who have consciously let go of traditional Western Spirituality... we can STILL walk in shame about our Divine Sexual Be-ing!

My intention is to aid ones to RELEASE on many levels any shame and learn to embrace their divine rights as a Sexual Goddess!!

Please join me LIVE  1 -3 PM Eastern Time-you can listen to the archived show anytime!!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Kick ass Shaman Teachers! My bio- as it were!

I want to share some of my great teachers with you!! Several of them are Facebook friends and WONDERFUL teachers !!
I feel it is important for you to check me out- I am a SUPER open book!!

I am a Bear - I  claim Crow Medicine,Mugwort Medicine and White Oleander Medicine

Certified Haumana Shaman Certification with Claudette Knox -retired .She was taught directly by Serge Kahili King writer of The Urban Shaman.

Usui  Reiki Master/Teacher Certification with Kathy South of the Greater Alexandria Center for Reiki

Seichim Reiki Master/Teacher Certification with Mary Phelan and R Neville Johnston of Telepathic TV
From them I also took psychic development courses,took crystal healing and Tarot Classes

Munay Ki 9 Rites with Dale Schoonover

Lakota Sioux Medicine with Cinnamon Moon author of A Medicine Woman Speaks( my good friend and mentor yet)

Jewish Shamanic Healing with Rabbi Gershon Winkler and Ravi Miriam Maron (just took the healing Workshop not the 2 year certification)

Everyday Quabala Certified ( as related to the Major Arcana of the Tarot) The Order of the Doves-Sedona AZ

Appalachian Folk Medicine-Aunts, GrandMother and Grandfather

Shaman Manin- Panamanian Shaman  took Crystal Classes,San Pedro Ceremony  and some Multicultural Shamanism Workshops

Miguel Sague -Taino Shaman - love his Taino Sweatlodges and teachings on Maya Prophecy!

Bit of Cherokee Medicine from my Papaw James and the Celtic Dana Healing -Druidism from my Pa Short

Herbalism from my Mammy Short and My sister Leah  (before I was all about energy, faeries and trees-not much into herbal healing till 3 or 4 years ago!!)

Shamanic Trance Dance... Sacred Dance Classes-I forgot my teachers name-sighs-LONG time ago-took some Sacred Dance from many cultures  from pretty much all the teachers !! We always dance the Elements and Sacred Directions!!
Direct Spirit teaching from the Angelic Council of Light -Archangels.
Spirits of Nature and the Council of Dove Goddesses
She Bear Sees- a Medicine Woman in Spirit

Spirit Gifts from my Near Death experience- 1)Akashic records access as relates to your higher calling and healing! 2)Prosperity Manifestation Ceremony of Abundance ( I have an e-book about it on Kindle"I am Midas Spinning Energy Into Gold ") 3 ) Enhanced healing ability-gifts of Angel Love Light Healing,Elixir of Life: Heal the Waters, Trance Medium Healing channeling the Higher Dimensions

I have a daily blogtalk radio show www.blogtalkradio.com/newearthprophet
 Nearly daily blog www.shamanmom.blogspot.com

Author of E-Book on Kindle " I am Midas Spinning Energy Into Gold:Prosperity Manifestation Ceremony of Abundance for Lightworkers" I do the ceremony in person now and again-pretty powerful stuff!!

 Had a few art showings in the DC area- was doing pretty good with sales till the economic boom.. sighs.. BUT wanna get Back to painting again after a LOOOONNNGGG hiatus!

In Pittsburgh I started,organized and managed 3 Psychic Fairs/Oneness Spirit Fairs. Hard work- someone else runs them now -I got tired of working 100 hours for IF I WAS LUCKY a 100 bucks-lol....really really hard work!! Sadly lost some friends through that process- probably mostly my fault-I am not a great organizer OR I am stressed out and anal about it ... NEVER do business with friends !!

I did paranormal research as a psychic  with Oakmont Paranormal Research for a awhile- good at it but it makes me VERY tired working with Earthbounds and low vibrational entities! Made some cool friends though-hope they get famous someday!

I have been running meetups since 2007 - in DC -LOVED it- in Pittsburgh-sighs.. some times pretty good- mostly kinda sucked!! lol..BUT I have met some LOVELY folk and made some lifelong friends along the way!

I just never could get myself really settled into Pittsburgh-not them-Me- just didn't resonate with the energy... No good-no bad just energy!...and you see my health was not as great -had to slow down and get healed myself!!

Maybe my health was part of the problem-no energy -SO fatigued and achey all the time! Found out I have  thyroid problems and diabetes.. all good now!

I know I was probably a total pain in the arse before I found out what was wrong-I was always having to cancel things-it was sad...


Some things I want to do in Asheville...hopefully from my homestead in time!![:D]

Open a metaphysical tea shoppe-The Enchanted Tea Room! I will likely salve that by hosting quarterly Mystic Tea Thyme gatherings!

Teach people about homesteading,herbalism, olde ways!

Do healing circles, womens circles , charged Heal the Waters gatherings-drumming,singing,dancing the energy of Healing and the Elixir of LIFE!!

Getting back to my art!!
Write and illustrate some more e-books-they are FUN!!

Start a TV show-really really wanna do that-life of Modern Mystics ya know...
Alright.. gotta run! Have a GREAT day!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sandra Bear Davis: 2013 a year of POWER!!

I look forward to 2013 being the best year ever for YOU and for Me! 12-21-2012 is NOT the end of the World!

 It is an AWAKENING!!

My prophecy for now thru 2017...

As people remove their FEARS and learn to understand- TRUE Magickal Manifestation, Intuitive and Healing Gift are used in SERVICE to and for the GREATER GOOD!!

I do foresee a very destructive and potentially EARTHWIDE  War likely beginning this Winter 2012 ,increasingly destrucive and powerful  storms, tsunamis and Earthquakes,food shortages from now till at least 2017 , global depression as an economic collapse is impending by April 2013 ..

I KNOW it looks scary.. but the funny thing is-one walking in Spirit and embracing simplicity and living close to the Earth and in harmony with nature..

WE will be LITTLE ( if any)  affected by it on a personal level...

BE building HEART CONNECTED community
enjoying increasing

Science will be catching up to what metaphysicians have always known.. how to create from the Etheric Realms,how to communicate with the world of Spirit and how to
 HEAR the VOICE of Nature!!

My Spirit Council shared with me that my gifts as a Medicine Woman  will be much needed in 2013...that I need a time of spirit connection and healing myself till then...  so prepare to be BUSY in 2013 - as people embrace the OLDE WAYS ever more.. as energy and herbal healing ome back into the forefront and as Nature Based Spirituality surges onward and upward... back into a place of POWER!!

I want to take a few minutes to share some amazing things I have going on in 2013!!

Drumming,Singing,Healing,Teaching,Conducting Ceremony,doing Art and writing!
I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE being a Medicine Woman and sharing my spirit gifts with loving Lightbearers!!

For an example of teachings..you can listen to archived shows anytime!  LIVE- Weekdays 1 to 3 pm Eastern
Internet Radio show www.blogtalkradio.com/newearthprophet

Please feel free to friend me on Facebook! Sandra Bear Davis (of course right now I am leaving for a retreat so won't be ONLINE till November!!)

The upcoming schedule of events for 2013
Sandra Bear Davis: Appalachian Medicine Woman.

Please note: As a Medicine Person must 1st keep themselves grounded and centered and deeply connected to the world of Spirit- I am on a spiritual ,writing and art retreat , off grid with little cell reception for the month of October 2012 ,then I am moving to the Asheville NC countryside. So doing very little in a public way until 2013,but that will be here before you know it!!

You may rsvp for any and all events at  www.meetup.com/appalachian-folk-medicine
 I will have the new schedule up and finished this week!
 Please note: Most events will be limited in size ,so please reserve your space early! I have folks come from all over the world for events!! Love it!!


Starting Jan.2013 -Weekdays 3 to 9 pm-ones can come by without an appointment for approx 20 to 30 minute  sessions for trance medium healing , fire ceremony for prosperity and love manifestation and if one prefers face and paalm reading,psychic reading,intuitive counsel  -love offering basis -pay what your heart tells you is fair!! Barter for organic foods, eggs, honey ,deer meat, handcrafted candles, firewood, herbs ,tea and such is welcomed!! I will have my new address posted well in advance!!

HOURLY APPOINTMENTS Starting in 2013 as well- Weekdays 10 am to 2 pm -Ones may have a private hour appointment for Shamanic Trance Medium Healing, Reiki, Vibrational and Crystal Healing,Cherokee Accupressure,Reflexology,Soul Retrieval,Past Life Regression, Channeled and Recorded Akashic Records Reading -please e-mail me at sandlesart@yahoo.com to set up a time for your appointment
Hourly appointments are $75.00

Weekdays early on I will be seeing private clients,meditating,praying, doing art and writing!

 So please no drop by till 3 pm!


Usui and Seichim Reiki Classes
Classes in Divination,Psychic Development,Tarot

On Saturdays and Sundays -I will be offering an ongoing series of classes in Shamanism, Intuitive and Psychic Development ,Herbal Healing,How to Manifest Miracles.
We will also have Saturday evening Appalachian Folk Medicine Healing Circles and on Sundays Channeled Message Circles with the Angelic Council of Light!

6 week Certification Classes nd Intensive Workshops  on Celtic Shamanism, Working with the Faerie Kingdom , Working in Sacred Space: How to tap ito the Sacred Elements and Sacred Directions, Energy Healing,Crystal and Vibrational Healing.

Vision Quests , Classes in the Forrest ,Faerie Finding Walkabouts to connect to the Spirits of Nature!

Spirit Art Classes and Sacred Dance Classes!


Celebrations of the Solstices and Equinoxes
Full and New Moon Ceremony

I will offer monthly prosperity manifestation ceremony of abundance

In order to aid Lightbearers in manifestation of financial prosperity during these difficult economic times. I share my ceremony of Abundance .Generally done in person once a month the angels shared with me a means to share this out all over the world!
My e-book available on Kindle!
I am Midas Spinning Energy Into Gold : Prosperity Manifestation Ceremony of Abundance for Lightworkers

Monday, September 24, 2012

Harvest,move to Mtn. homestead,manifesting,links to events!!

Been busy with the harvest,making tinctures and cough syrup, canning,drying ...gathering acorns for bannock bread.

I have been off the blog for abit- I want to share a few things I have going on right now..

I am moving back home to the Mountains of Western NC! I will be building an off grid-no electric at all -homestead and 1 room cabin.Going back to the land so I have time to write, to paint my spirit art,to teach and to do healing!

I was getting pretty sick in Pittsburgh w the city energy - and need to live off grid and detox from electromagnetic energies. As a sensitive I find myself needing to live in the woods and very close to nature to do my work powerfully as a Medicine Woman. I have always thrived when living in a quiet place deep in nature-city life almost killed me!

I need the peace and quiet of the forrest and the Mtn streams and springs to create- and to gather energy!!

A nice young couple is taking over the community garden here in Penn Hills-my husband will stay up North for abit to finish a work project and to save to build our off grid cabin! We will build 2 cabins actually- 1 is a 1 room cabin for my work as a healer,teacher, artist and author. We will build a 4 room cabin as our residence and are looking for approx 24 acres in order to do self sufficient homesteading!

We will have some camp spaces available for my full time apprentices. More info upcoming on the in residence training!

I already started a Meetup there in Chimney Rock NC to teach the  Ways of traditional Appalachian Folk Medicine .It is growing miraculously quickly- we already have 64 members and our 1st gathering we had about 20 participants! Some VERY  powerful angelic healing came!

I am Cherokee and Celtic mixed and over the years in the far back country we formed a type of healing and manifestation ability unique to the Mtn folks!
www.meetup.com/appalachian-folk-medicine It is free to join- and allows you to rsvp for upcoming events!

We work with indigenous plants,herbs, the waters and springs, power animals -especially for me the Bear-the honeybee, Crow, Rainbow Trout.I work with the Oak Tree ,with Faerie Kingdom,with the archangels.
I drum and sing, sitting around the campfire with a group powerful energy comes in- we dance the energy!
 We bathe in the cold Mountain streams and we commune with the trees and the stones-the spirits of nature!

I make healing herb tea and soups infused with healing energy.
My gatherings are on LOVE offering basis-in other words pay what feels fair to YOUR heart!

As a traditional Mtn Medicine Woman -some call a Granny Woman- having died and return to life I walk between the worlds of spirit and the mundane as a Shaman and some would say a Spirit Medium. I have found these words to be somewhat interchangeable.I go into a trance state and access the spirit realm for knowledge to help the people that come to me.

Our healing gatherings are ecumenical-spiritual but not religious and we honor ALL faiths that do no harm! We ask anyone coming to be nice or go home!! Leave behind religious and political or racial divisions and simply be in the love and healing energy together!!

If you would -like my facebook page!!

Also feel free to friend me on facebook-I am Sandra Bear Davis of Chimney Rock NC!!

 I have a weekday 1 to 3 pm internet radio show with my husband who is a holistically healthy home builder and a Christian Mystic. We share updates on the homestead and on any healing or teaching events. I share recipes and herbal knowledge as well as work with distance healing and do some drumming and singing! You can listen to archived shows anytime!www.blogtalkradio.com/newearthprophet

My next healing event is Oct 13th-I will be camping and have invited Meetup members to come by 1 to 8 pm for healing around the campfire! If interested please join the meetup and rsvp! As always pay what feels fair to your heart! http://www.meetup.com/Appalachian-Folk-Medicine/events/77390102/  This is the event link!!

Looks like I MAY be teaching some continuing education classes at a local Mtn College-more info upcoming there and have found and am working with a prepper community .This move has been incrediibly easy- everything about it has fallen into place! I am so grateful to the Universe for the blessings!

I wish you a lovely day!! I had a vision yesterday I am sharing on the radio show today- as well as sharing info on making bannock- acorn bread and how to make black walnut tincture for parasite cleanse!

Love n Light!!