Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Simple Spirit led Life on The Nunnehi Homestead

I have chosen the voluntary simplicity life-the simple spirituality of living on a New Earth Preppers Homestead.
I have answered the call of Spirit to be a Medicine Woman these past 7 years. I have taken the classes,earned the certifications,healed the people,taught the students-enough to know now.. I am a formidable force of nature.
I am ready
Ready to embrace the full force of what I have powerfully called in..
I am ready to walk the walk and talk the talk of the
Appalachian Folk Medicine Woman
I start my day in a Sacred manner by going to the Waters and offering up a Prayer-my arms flung open to the Sacred Direction of the East! I beg My Father and My Mother-The Great Spirit and the Mother Earth-to walk with me today.. to bless me.. to help me be a source of healing,love and light.
I ask my presence be a gift to all those I walk with on this Beauty Way.
I ask to heal,to bless with words of wisdom,to teach in an honorable and respectful way...
To be ever flowing in Sacred Service to the ONE that we are all part of and that IS what we are... One in energy!
I am YOU-YOU are me... energetically we are the same! We are the same as the Eagle,the snail,the Salmon,the Tree,the Stones... and each of these has consciousness we can connect to-EASILY .. very easily so..
When we know we can.... WE CAN!!!
I drum I sing to the Sacred Directions-to the Sacred Elements and to the Sacred Winds-the Archangels-I sing to the Spirits of Nature/ the Gentle People-the Nunnehi... my homestead is named for them.
They are a formidable presence in my energy.
We work hand in hand to heal, to inspire,to create-to awaken and ignite the Lightbearers and the Rainbow Medicine People
I have seen the repair broken engines and broken transmissions and supply power to a car radio unhooked to any seen power source,I have seen them heal a refrigerator- and a roller drum in a dryer... I have seen then brew up a hailstorm and windstorm when called into Sacred Space-and for that storm to leave as soon as they were released from the spacee. I DID ask-for them to PROVE they were real after all!! May I say the nice group of ladies that was visiting left in a hurry after that-lol....they were not ready for the prooof of the existence of powerful Nature Spirits...
alas these Nunnehi are NOT Disneylike at all... 
They will help my gardens grow miracle filled
They will infuse the tonics,potions,lotions,elixirs,salves, tinctures ,infused oils,vinegars and honeys with healing energy beyond what any human has seen before.This I KNOW-though I do not always know HOW I know.. I do!!
In time as we gain their trust they will how themselves to me-and I will paint them and tell their stories.. when THEY are ready!
It is a walk of faith-THOUGH- after seeing so many miracles of Angelic Healing and Manifestation and Fae miracles- I have seen enough to NOT have to walk by faith alone.
I have seen the proof- held it in my hand! Witnessed it and been there a part of it manifesting.My jaw drops and I Laugh out loud with the joy and KNOWING that THERE IS a Creator who loves us-there ARE Miracle producing and loving Spirit Beings -ALL AROUND US.. wing to wing-in protective energy... it is AMAZING!
I love this miracle filled life I have been blessed to live!
Alright it is time for bed now.. I just had to write this!!
Join me tomorrow 9 am Eastern for my radio show on blogtalk-link at the top loves!
Today I want to write about my upcoming new move to the Homestead and the schedule I have had given to me by Spirit leading- laid out through my radio show, Ether phone service,meetups and such...
So here is th new schedule for the New Year -though drop by for Healing starts Dec 12 th 3 to7 -see calendar!
2013... Mon to Fri
7 am meditation and prayer,spirit singing,dressing and bathing
9am-The New Earth Prophet Radio Show
10am -2pm  Phone readings,healing prayer and distance healing-  $25 through per 15 minutes on my phone service 1-888-693-8437 ext 04268117
Writing my books and art between calls and art sometimes DURING IT..
3 to 7 pm drop by for healing, a reading,intuitive counsel-sessions are $35.00 for non meetup folks - $20.00 for Meetup members! www.meetup.com/appalachian-folk-medicine
Writing and art between clients -if and when that happens!
Mon - Wed 7:30 Spirit Art Portraits-I see only 2 clients an evening for this- and you MUST rsvp through the Meetup!
These are my take on your energy body and what spirits I see around you-they are $40.00 and you would prepay through the meetup link when you rsvp!!
Thurs evening 7:30 intuitive and psychic development class- these are 11.00 each-you can take 1 or all! These begins to repeat at 12 weeks-but deepens for those that continue on!
Weekends are a variety of classes,workshops and other events through the Meetup! www.meetup.com/appalachian-folk-medicine
Alrighty then-off to bed for this sleepy Medicine Woman!

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