Monday, June 4, 2012

Living Life Fully-My move to HOME!

I found my land
It is mine

I make the claim
and the Universe answers

I see the place for my horses
My cows and my goats

The garden
the orchard and the vineyard
Trails to ride my horse

a pond stocked with fish

to swim to fish
to laze away the day

Fresh water and strong trees

bee hives and herb beds
strolling around the lake

picking wild morel mushrooms
grilling steak on the porch

A cold watermelon
and a strickle of water running down a bottle of beer

Blue herons dive for fish

Red winged black birds sing the songs of the day

Threshing hay

Picnics and ticks and bonfires and

all I ever wanted


I am home

How to manifest-foo shooo...

Have you ever been a force of nature and announced to the Universe-THIS IS IT... and the Universe listened and bowed and aid- yes maam just as you wish...??
This blog is Answering a question- How does one manifest powerfully?
Alright-this is my specialty -
1) You must reject whatever is not working and you neither NEED nor LOVE - repudiate the situation i.e.It is NOT acceptable that a Lightworker be struggling financially OR- I reject this illness outright-I have no time for foolishness and I have things I want to do...-rejecting it with some flair and anger-stomp that foot- for real!!
2) From that -what do you WISH to manifest- NOT-what you will be ready to measily settle for -no crumbs for us honey! Give this some real thought- do not create in someone elses dream-what do YOU want??!! If you don't KNOW- well you will never get there..
3) Form this in your mind- write about it- tell everyone about it- make it IN THE PRESENT!! Be like that kid that wants a bike- really really wants it and is quite literally annoying talking about it- drawing it- drooling at store front displays of bikes.. dragging his parents through Walmart to see bikes. You know the kid that gets the bike at his very next Birthday or Christmas. No other choice-the kid gets the bike. You get what you insist on getting and won't take NO for an answer!
4)Expect it- work as if it is here NOW-if you asked for a lover-honey buy that sexy lingerie and clean out a space in the toothbrush holder- put clean sheets on and visualize that 1st hot kiss -I painted an art piece I call my "magickal getting a man picture"-lol-my husbands body type is EXACTLY like it -really simple art piece but I sold it for a loada bucks- and she DID get her fella soon thereafter!!
5) KNOW you are powerful- weakly wishing or "trying" is gonna fizzle or create really wishy washy manifestation- be easily deviated! If you don't KNOW you are powerful- you aren't. I am not talking being an egomaniac because it is POSSIBLE for everyone!
A Shaman -Standing in Power
THEY are the vortex-
THEY are the magick-
 BE it-
be the power..
the Universe listens to US
We are ever SO MUCH more powerful than we ever knew..

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I am so incredibly lucky

Once upon a time I put myself out there in a very public way
I said-come to me for healing energy
come to me for a reading

and they did not come and I said why...

then I said-ok I am done-no more healing and no more readings and they said
can I book next week?
and I said -no not outloud
I am too southern for that...
Fuck you-No!

I walked away with middle fingers up and flaring
I said- angels and fae and goddesses-
 we are gonna use our manifestation to create for ourselves
the others that took me for granted  can rot-...

They said now now-don't let your feelings be hurt-let them be-don't think ill- each makes his or her own choices..-but actually NOW - we can do something.. keep the energy for YOUR own manifestation

Let each on seek their own answers and let each one heal themselves

You paint
That is who you are
that is the best use of your gifts

and I did- and then the Universe said
Hey let us rain down blssings
So you can buy a special space we have made for you

A poem of thanks to the Universal Father and Moter-to Mum Gaia and the Great Shining Ones of Dana ..all the healing,manifestation,abundance,wealth and miracle making angels and fae that have guided my feet-
leading me to the special space on this earth I will spend the next 50 years

Painting scenes in every season-faerie infested -infested for it is Fae haven- ,talking , smiling tree spirits and water nymphs dance...I am one with the crow and with the mullosk and with the cattails.

I will hold art shows and healing circles and drumming circles.
I will grow a fantastic garden and draw true hearted and loving community to my ample busom

For I am the Mother Walking
In this knowing
The Universe can never deny .
The She I am....

The stars shine down and say- yes it is for you
he rain pours and the water says-drink I did this for you and you alone
The sun shines down creating a rainbow and she says- you are the One we bless his day
The birds sing for me-Mother you are here-bless me-bless me!

The Moon pours upon me a blessing for I am the Goddess walking.
The Universe cannot deny nd would not think of ever holding back-when one remembers
Their own true and divine nature
 We are the magick
I am the magick

Do not hold back
or fear my words of power now...
I just remembered fully 1st...
So I may show you the starlite path-of the miracle manifestor

I am....
I am so very lucky
Outrageousy blessed
Remembered all my gifts
and called them home

I walk into the space the heavens and the earth created
 a special sanctuary
to honor the ones
that are so very lucky

so outrageously blessed
and I know the  key
to being blessed

Is to know it is mine
Before I ever asked

Friday, June 1, 2012

Highest dimensional incarnated Beings On Planet

There are 2 of us awake in the western quadrant on planet at this time and more coming. Each of the 4 cardinal directions has a team of 2 higher dimensionals awake NOW..
Not being born-because these ones are in their 40's and 50's NOW-but awakening to their true divine nature!
Remember who you are and why you are here?

How many times you have wondered-NOW it is time to KNOW!!
Your playing small and insignificant is doing NO good to you or any other...


for you ARE power....

Waking up-time to wake up!

I write this today-NOT for the masses -but to awaken those of higher dimensions to your calling!

We are here...

Not to interfere with mankinds choice of ascension or of decension

We are here only to add energy to the Light.

To hold positive thought forms and to hold a space of love energy.

For if this planet does not choose to ascend soon.
It will go into free fall and burst into a lightwave of destruction

There are those Lightbearers that must then be removed to safety.

Others are here adding to the darkness - from lower dimensions- nearly as powerful in their manifestation energy they are free to work in ways we are not.

At this tme their darkness energy holds away.

They may coerce with mind control
We may not
They use this in mass media,entertainment on all fronts

They may force and use war as a tool to reinforce fear and hate energy
We would not...
War and rumor of war-causing seperations between peoples is their great tool!

This worlds economy is based upon feeding the war machine.

and so we have come to a time of saying goodbye to mankind.

We are only here now to harvest the Lightbearers.
To teach them the ways of peace,love and Oneness.

We no longer reach out an try to promote to attract ones.
 For we have been unheard and begin to look like ones of the world grasping for their bit of the dream...

and we did not incarnate to be part of this dying world.

We came to show the way to life,to green ness  to harvest,to children free from power lord overship- mind and body controls and harm.

Ours is the role of observers now
Ours is the role of holding love energy and magnetism for the Lighbearers.

We hold our space and allow them to seek us out now.

For only ones strong enough in their spirit to break free from matrix overlord controls will seek the way of life.

We live both in 8th dimension and in bodies of flesh walking this lovely Earth.

We seek out the power vortexes of the New Earth.

If the New Earth is to ever be birthed

We must protect the Vortexes and spin the energy positive.

Those few of us incarnated from the Highest Dimensions are not working to become famous or draw a large following..although this is bound to happen it is not to be in"trying" energy but "allowing" energy... magnetism .

Generally speaking those that do through relentless self-promotion are lower dimensionals exerting mind control energy.....Not always-sometimes it is a true Lightbearer caught up in the 3rd dimensional manifestation tools energy-they have forgotten higher dimensional manifestation tools a state of spinning energy and forgetfulness. The power overlords love to come to control such power beings!

This is perhaps the saddest loss of all...a Lightbearer caught in Ego Mind fed my Matrix energy -greed for money,postition and rule based manifestation poisons this once true Lightsource.

Higher dimensional beings always speak of peace,free will,do not impose many laborous rules,guard the energy for purity and remove ones who slither in to bring harm to the weak. Many of us have "green thumbs" we love to have our hands in the soil.We are multi gifted-in art,singing, cooking,creating a lovely environment,many are physically lovely -though usually in denser Earth energy they bear extra weight or are very tall.

Many times at this particular times tey incarnate and experience many shifts in their lives-as though living 10 lifetimes in 1 ! This is because living in Earth energy is an adventure and they seek out experiences. However after many years of this they tend to settle down to their assignments.

Generally the higher dimensionals were born from Mid 1950's to mid 1960's .As they have spent the 1st 40 to 50 years of their incarnation having many experiences-they are now moving into their assignments.

You will not find any very high dimensional beings (7th and 8th dimesnionals)amongst us in the 30 and 20 age bracket-these will many times be 5th or 6th dimensionals and so are VERY powerful healers and lighbearers- we are speaking of the manifested Kings and Queens-so please do not be offended if you are in the 20's and30's age bracket-you would be too young to be positioned for the Great Earth Shifts prior to the Shift.Your roles will become more important and dominant-AFTER the shifts of 2012-2017!!

The teens and little ones now will step into power within the boundaries of the New Earth energy-they will be the Earth rebuilders and for them working with higher dimensional thought forms will be as natural as breathing! For now we must love them and guide them through these challenging days!

 Soon more children will be born to Lighbearers that are indeed the pure Rainbow Children and way changers. They are not here to bring peace-but to do mortal battle with the darkness. They are ancient warriors incarnated.

Those older few are the Kings and Queens of old. Each time they incarnated into physical form in 3rd dimension it is in a history noteworthy manner. They are being distributed around the globe. Power couples are the most outstanding. He will be a leader-not afraid to lead.She many times is a healer and an Oracle.
Together they bring about great changes and develop community based on higher dimensional principles and laws of nature.

My love was a great king of old that taught people about the ONE true energy of Creator- I was his wife then- and ruled at his side as a confidant and counselor.

Ours is to build community NOW
Holistically healthy,teaching higher dimensional living skills.

The more humans that prepare to ascend-the higher the vibrational energy of this sweet Earth.

It is a lovely place- we wish to see it saved and its people ascend into a space of love and peace!