Sunday, June 3, 2012

I am so incredibly lucky

Once upon a time I put myself out there in a very public way
I said-come to me for healing energy
come to me for a reading

and they did not come and I said why...

then I said-ok I am done-no more healing and no more readings and they said
can I book next week?
and I said -no not outloud
I am too southern for that...
Fuck you-No!

I walked away with middle fingers up and flaring
I said- angels and fae and goddesses-
 we are gonna use our manifestation to create for ourselves
the others that took me for granted  can rot-...

They said now now-don't let your feelings be hurt-let them be-don't think ill- each makes his or her own choices..-but actually NOW - we can do something.. keep the energy for YOUR own manifestation

Let each on seek their own answers and let each one heal themselves

You paint
That is who you are
that is the best use of your gifts

and I did- and then the Universe said
Hey let us rain down blssings
So you can buy a special space we have made for you

A poem of thanks to the Universal Father and Moter-to Mum Gaia and the Great Shining Ones of Dana ..all the healing,manifestation,abundance,wealth and miracle making angels and fae that have guided my feet-
leading me to the special space on this earth I will spend the next 50 years

Painting scenes in every season-faerie infested -infested for it is Fae haven- ,talking , smiling tree spirits and water nymphs dance...I am one with the crow and with the mullosk and with the cattails.

I will hold art shows and healing circles and drumming circles.
I will grow a fantastic garden and draw true hearted and loving community to my ample busom

For I am the Mother Walking
In this knowing
The Universe can never deny .
The She I am....

The stars shine down and say- yes it is for you
he rain pours and the water says-drink I did this for you and you alone
The sun shines down creating a rainbow and she says- you are the One we bless his day
The birds sing for me-Mother you are here-bless me-bless me!

The Moon pours upon me a blessing for I am the Goddess walking.
The Universe cannot deny nd would not think of ever holding back-when one remembers
Their own true and divine nature
 We are the magick
I am the magick

Do not hold back
or fear my words of power now...
I just remembered fully 1st...
So I may show you the starlite path-of the miracle manifestor

I am....
I am so very lucky
Outrageousy blessed
Remembered all my gifts
and called them home

I walk into the space the heavens and the earth created
 a special sanctuary
to honor the ones
that are so very lucky

so outrageously blessed
and I know the  key
to being blessed

Is to know it is mine
Before I ever asked

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