Monday, June 4, 2012

How to manifest-foo shooo...

Have you ever been a force of nature and announced to the Universe-THIS IS IT... and the Universe listened and bowed and aid- yes maam just as you wish...??
This blog is Answering a question- How does one manifest powerfully?
Alright-this is my specialty -
1) You must reject whatever is not working and you neither NEED nor LOVE - repudiate the situation i.e.It is NOT acceptable that a Lightworker be struggling financially OR- I reject this illness outright-I have no time for foolishness and I have things I want to do...-rejecting it with some flair and anger-stomp that foot- for real!!
2) From that -what do you WISH to manifest- NOT-what you will be ready to measily settle for -no crumbs for us honey! Give this some real thought- do not create in someone elses dream-what do YOU want??!! If you don't KNOW- well you will never get there..
3) Form this in your mind- write about it- tell everyone about it- make it IN THE PRESENT!! Be like that kid that wants a bike- really really wants it and is quite literally annoying talking about it- drawing it- drooling at store front displays of bikes.. dragging his parents through Walmart to see bikes. You know the kid that gets the bike at his very next Birthday or Christmas. No other choice-the kid gets the bike. You get what you insist on getting and won't take NO for an answer!
4)Expect it- work as if it is here NOW-if you asked for a lover-honey buy that sexy lingerie and clean out a space in the toothbrush holder- put clean sheets on and visualize that 1st hot kiss -I painted an art piece I call my "magickal getting a man picture"-lol-my husbands body type is EXACTLY like it -really simple art piece but I sold it for a loada bucks- and she DID get her fella soon thereafter!!
5) KNOW you are powerful- weakly wishing or "trying" is gonna fizzle or create really wishy washy manifestation- be easily deviated! If you don't KNOW you are powerful- you aren't. I am not talking being an egomaniac because it is POSSIBLE for everyone!
A Shaman -Standing in Power
THEY are the vortex-
THEY are the magick-
 BE it-
be the power..
the Universe listens to US
We are ever SO MUCH more powerful than we ever knew..

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