Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Slow Down

Since moving to Pittsburgh I have found something to be the case..

When it gets warm and sunny everyone bales on gatherings.They wanna be OUTSIDE playing!

Guess I am picking that up-huh???

As soon as it got warm and sunny I was like-f having my meetups!

I don't want any strangers hanging out at my house.

I have NEVER ever-had to deal with the level of rude folks and psychic vampires I have since moving here... have run gatherngs for 6 years-and NEVER had to ban anyone-but here... had to ban 3 people!

In Asheville people are just generally sweet and mellow-in DC manners are impeccable-if the rsvp "yes".. they show -on time and they pay.. no questions.

Pittsburgh-I have had 20 rsvp's and literally 0 attendance at events.
No calls to apologize
No changing the rsvp

Just no shows.

Honestly I have about had it with em..

Except-you KNOW-I have met some really great people here...ones that make is worth while!

Love lights-really great folks!

So I am just gonna take a needed break.

Enjoy the Summer! Raise my garden. Paint some art .
Eat lots of fresh veggies and fruit...
maybe sit down by the rivers and have a beer!

Drum to the Faeries ...
Drum for my own sake!

I am ready to be quiet-ya'll I am SO ready to be quiet..

Summer time slow down- just what this ole medicine woman needs..

Hugz to you and you and you!!

A shamanic poem: How we became the Zombie Apocalypse

Do you feel it?
The pulses all around you every day?

Invisible electronic signals zinging through you and through me...

Cell phone signals misdirecting animals in flight.
Sonar and radar signals


We bathe in poison,
we wash our home
and our children
and our pets in poison-
we eat poisoned food.
Not enough to kill us
all at once.
It happens in stages.

Artificial sweetener numbs my brain.
GMO corn does the same...

Making us lame-
 roving the land in search of our next fix of cloned meat
 and pink slime.

People are ill
People are nervous
People are tuned out
burned out
and starved for anything like love
so we turn to the net
and masturbate to the words of a stranger

Drink ourselves to sleep
pop a pill
wake up and do it again tomorrow

Their bodies ache and they don't know why
Their necks and shoulders ache from looking down at their hand as they addictively text.

We have forsaken living for vitrual living.

Once the ancient peoples connected their minds
They spent time in silence.
We now fear silence

They spent time learning about the rythms of nature
We fear nature- and dirt.
Once we walked barefoot in that same dirt and the Mother Earth could speak to us easily.

Now we cothe those feet in rubber soles and we no longer here our Mothers Voice.

Disconnecting from her
WE allow ones to drill for oil and she screams
we allow ones to frack and she shudders
we dump garbage in her waters and she chokes

and if we feel a little bad because we have no clean air-or clean water and the soil is black with poison.. we  take a magick pill to make all the worries go away.
and we become the zombie apocalypse.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How to get what you want -Convincing the Universe

This is a very brief entry today- I wanted to share a manifestation technique that works amazingly for me...
NOW-you gotta KNOW what you want... and you gotta BELIEVE it is possible!

Feeling intensely is KEY.. no room for lackluster colorless words-you must move and have some DRAMA and FLAIR for this to happen!

Go to a place where you can really wave your arms-where you can bend and move and arch and get as into the energy as possible! Outside under a big Moon is best-or in an open field at mid lways works better and quicker in a nature place!

In flowing natural material clothes...

Breathe in the golden light of the Universe pull it into your Sacred Womb Center- growing glowing the forgotten power source. Sink those Sacred barefeet in the Earth-open that crown to the sky-suck in that dantien... center and balance-run that energy... hut hut- NOW-create those dreams... fling out those hands and let the Universe KNOW you means biznezzz....Sing this to each of the Sacred Directo...ns-flowing arms and movement to ignitethe chakras..."Grounded in the Earth -attached to the Sky-a Free flowing reed of energy am I"...announce...I AM A MASTER OF THE ENERGY .. WHAT I SAY- IT SHALL BE..... In the presence of a Sacred Lady- who is aware of her power..the Winds blow-nature wakes up-the Universe sings back HER answer...ZING POW BAM... it is so....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

GaiaOneness: Centre for Holistic Living -Part II Angels and lessons in humility

I had thought I would write today about my near death experice and how I came to work with the Archangels and the Akashic Records Library then- and about my calling out as a healer almost 7 years ago by the Archangels-the spiritual attunements and healing energy they gave me" Angel Breathe" and many things such as this having to do with the Archangels-but for now I have decided-most of that is very private and sacred to me..
In short let me say- I saw them when the portal of light opened at my death- I was given the opportunity to cross over or come back and serve mankind during the Great Earth Shift 2012 and beyond.. I chose to serve...
7 years ago I saw with my physical eyes angels, heard them -had a fantastic vision showing me the things I must learn-I spent the next 3 years getting my education -spent 15K and attained many certifications as a healer.
Once my education was finished I rceived many angelic visits and healing attunements.

Now when I heal my hands feel like a flame of fire and ones say they see them turn to white light- during healing I am in such a deep trance state and speak and heal as an Oracle for the 8th dimension in a space surrounded wing to wing by the mighty archangels-the 7 Angels of the 7 Sacred Directions!

In this space-miracles of healing unfold. The credit going to Creator-the ALL.
In whom I serve and am graced by the energy of healing.

so for now-I will hold those the details of those angelic experiences to my heart...

About 3 1/2 years ago I began to get messages in my meditations, in angel oracle cards and by spirit visits -to move to Pittsburgh.
My husbands father had built a little cottage in Penn Hills my husband used as a rental- we lived in Northern Virginia in the suburbs of DC.

2 1/2 years ago we did move- rather forcefully the energy shifted us -basically everything in DC shut down in my husbands work and as we were not acting swiftly enough the energy moved us on..

Remember when you pray-"let your will be done and not my own"... Creator hears that and things happen!

May I say I did not want to move here- I thought the area was rather gross and dirty.
At 1st I found the people to be unrefined and crude.
Lots of anger energy.

It broke me down at 1st- I was not received in a way I had become used to- in DC I ran a many thousands of people holistic business network-I charged $200 an hour to be seen in person and  made $5.00 a minute on phone readings-I had a blogtak radio show and after the show would get calls for readings. I really thought I was the bomb... my ego was huge-I was powerful but had lost my love ..I didn't even think about the people that could not afford to come to me..

I HAD to learn humility

When you are a good healer-no may I say a really GREAT healer.. at 1st as humans we tend to think- it is ME- and we forget.. NO I am a vessel for spirit-a human given gifts so I may serve! The energy comes from SOURCE-Great Spirit/Creator-not me.. I forgot...THEN

Lessons in humility helped me remember!

Certain physical conditions I deal with help me remember-I am a human of this Earth. Bound by its laws.. yes I am incarnated from higher dimensions-yes I am of the same soul family as Sai Baba and John of God.. but I am also simple flesh and blood. Fallable- many times I do things that are plain stupid-I can be lazy- can lose faith for a time...I have a temper on occasion.

And yet somehow in all that Creator said- she is flawed-but perfect within her imperfections-because when she falls- she gets up and shakes off and keeps trying-keeps moving. She does not succumb to bitterness or poor pitiful me / self pity and she does not use her limitations as an excuse... and so she is moldable for service..

I am grateful for the chance to serve.
I hope in ways large and small I can show ones the possibilities within the energy of service-
I hope the healing can show them there is a Creator that loves them
and He loves us all- in His eyes we are ALL beloved children- we are ALL perfect within our imperfection!

In my work-I am more connected with the Divine Feminine- with the Mother love of Holy Spirit/Shakhina the wife of Creator and the various Dove Goddesses- however-I never forget my heavenly Father -not for a second! I also never forget that part of Creator that takes on human form and walk the Earth teaching people about love and Oneness-Christ Consciousness .This one came not only to Israel-but to Tibet-to Africa and the Americas- to Europe and to the the Islands of the Seas has come the energy of Christ Consciousness in many forms-to teach the people a better and kinder way of walking in brotherhood....

If this resonate with you I look forward to seeing you in person soon-I do my work from the Crystal Healing Vortex in Pittsburgh PA- in the space of the soon to be build Gaia Oneness: Centre for Holistic Living!

Love,light and blessings to you and you and you!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Gaia Oneness: Centre for Holistic Living -Part I ; the beginning

I am going to tell you some things my ancestors have died to protect..because it is time you see...
Each of us has 4 sides- our parents and their parents- today I want to share with you my family lineage from my maternal Grandfather- each of my 4 lines has mystcial roots- mostly in the light-but I do have some really powerful  relatives that fell into darkness and anger energy.. you will find me very careful to walk in the Light as a healer after seeing the energy of darkness is NOT pretty and it is NOT for the greater good!

My work is to be a healer and work in absolute love energy- I do not fear evil or death. I have faced both down ...and walked out victorious. I believe I was saved to be of service NOW- and so-though my tendedncy is to be silent -I must speak now... for the energy is opening swiftly now...

 I want to share with you a vision of a space I am meant to have built- it is what I incarnated to do.

Old Souls have gone by many names -as have I-I always come when called to aid in mankinds shifts. I have a special love for the sons of Men!

The plans are moving along well now - wanted to write about it- and share this vision out to others.
This is going to take several blogs to totally spell out-I have to go back to the beginning...
I know it sounds unreal and far fetched-I KNOW!
I have had people say when I lead a meditation or channel information about the Migration of the Ancient People-Did you get that from Drumvalo Melchizedek? I used to say -who is Drumvalo Melchizedek-then I read one of his books and I said-wow- the information is SO much like what my Grandfather taught me-starting 50 years ago..My Gradfather was a Druid of an ancient order-wearers of Brown-followers of Dana the Celtic Mother Earth Goddess - he was known as the King of the East. The most powerful Druidic Priest in his lifetime- you would have met him and said that farmer is a really sweet man!Those were not times to be open with ancient spiritual beliefs and sacred ceremony.

On this space in Penn Hills PA-just outside of Pittsburgh City Limits is an ancient healing vortex.

I am the Vortex Keeper of the Crystal Healing Vortex .
This Vortex was purposefully sealed by an ancient Medicine Woman-She Bear Sees.
She is the one that called me to this space- to set the energy for the opening of the Vortex.To guard it and to make sure it was kept for the original purpose of being a space of miracles unfolding,love,light and healing in the New Earth Energy-during this time of mankinds ascension.
The Crystal Healing Vortex is aligned with both the Himalayan Energy  Centres, the Serpent Mound Ley Line and the Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Ley Lines as well with the energy of Manchu Picchu.
The 3rd dimensional Crystal Healing Vortex is a Sacred Feminine energy Vortex ruled by Gaia- it aligns as well with the 8th dimensional Crystal Healing Palaces where the order of the Dove Goddesses convene and relay messages thru me as their Oracle and Healer to the 3rd dimension.
We work with both the Earth Mother and the Celestial Mother-Shakhina.
The Galactic Ley Lines are nearly perfectly aligned now to fully ignite and engage the Crystal Healing Vortex.It is the most powerful North American Vortex- and is connected on the Earthly Grid with 9 total Power Vortexes of the New Earth.Each Vortex has a female guardian who is a representative of BOTH Mother Gaia and one of the Dove Goddesses.
I represent the Dove Goddess-Alcyone of the Pleaides as a direct physical descendant of the ancient Pleaidean Priestess/ Scientist  who has since been diefied as the Principle Sister of the 7 Sisters of the Pleaides(my spelling is somewhat different from most but it is the accurate ancient spelling) Alcyone foresaw the destruction of her home planet by the burning out of a star and a Super Nova- she was able to take 11 crafts from her planet- several of these settled on Earth- her personal ship came to land upon the ancient green hills of Erin/ancient Ireland.These ones became known as the Great Shining Ones- they intermarried and intergrated into mankinds DNA .Alcyone became a follower of the ancient Celltic Mother Earth Goddess Dana and her direct descendants were known as Healers or Doves of Dana.The healing knowledge was passed from Mother to Daughter-
The rules of who would be primary energy carrier were very strict. She must be dark haired and blue eyes, she must be lovely of countenance and possessing of high levels of intelligence,she must be left handed and she must possess natural tact to hold the sacred secrets
There were times when a daughter of Dana would not be born in a generation and then the energy may be passed to a male of the sacred lineage -but he may not heal-only bear the energy until a daughter is born.
In my generation I was that one-trained from before my birth by my Maternal; Grandfather-bearer of the energy of Dana.
He taught me to astral travel from infancy.He taught me the ancient songs and manner of healing-from age 6 I went through yearly intitations and at times as I got older and more able to bear the energies-more often as I needed 9 initiations. I received my 9th initiation literally weeks before my Grandfathers heart burst in his sleep and he died in the night.I was 11 almost 12 ...
I remember the red history book of our lineage and the few gold coins,silver chain mail wedding dress and the blood pearls and a few other jewels that survived from times of olde-
I remember astral travel to the Druidic College of Avalon Arising.
After his death-I was silent for many years-living a seemingly normal life. In many ways forgetting my training and calling.It seemed like a far distant dream.
Until I was called by Spirit -I heard a voice outside of me say- 2012 is in 7 years-wake up!

A few days later the same voice said-you will be raised up a mighty healer for the time of Shift is upon us NOW...

Everything came back to me- my assignment ..all my Grandfathers teachings and songs...
He had told me 2011 would be a safe time to come out as a Healer of Dana / Physical Descedant and Primary Energy Carrier of Alcyone. The belief is that I bear her soul in mine as in each energy carrier is transmigration of the soul of the last energy bearer.
I want to relay some information from a giant red leather book I was taught from by my Grandfather all my life-
Back in 1157 the name Dove of Dana was changed to Madonna of the Doves to honor an ancient Knights Templar ,Catholic husband of the Dove at that time-he had been a hero saving King Richard and was granted lands - brilliantly he instantly married the local chieftain/Druids daughter (who happened to be the presiding Dove of Dana) it was seen to be good and thereafter the primary energy carrier hs been called Madonna of the Doves-or Mother of the Doves.. which were and ARE Healers and Oracles for the 8th dimensions..Order of the Dove Goddesses...and the Earth Mother.

There are times I know this and there are time it feels too big.
There have been times I thought-this is all too crazy-how can this be real?
I also know of miracles that wake me up and get me back on track !
2 Indian Mystics decreed I bear the Goddess energy.
I do know that my playing small and less than no longer serves.
I know that"looking" normal isn't helping.

Tomorrow I will tell you about my Near Death Experience at age 16 and about my calling out by the Arch Angels in a Vision in 2006.About what extra training I had to have and about how there have been times I put the energy out there and times I retreated and practically quit it all seemed TOO big!

In a few blogs I will be ready to tell you all about the space we are building here on the Crystal Healing Vortex in Pittsburgh.
If interested feel free to join my meetup-I have several gatherings a week
I will be doing more blog talk radio shows soon

PS-Interestingly my Cherokee side claims to be from the Pleaides too- and claim to be of the lost tribe of Isreal and the family Yeshua was descended from..I don't have any sense of "knowing" in this regard but i do view Yeshua as a family member and regularly converse with him when in the 8th dimensional energies as an Oracle! ... now this idea that the Cherokee are descendants of Ireal- is very closely guarded information in the Cherokee Nation as is the prophecy of Wormwood Solar Flares and the fact that many of " The People" have been preparing to live underground for 2 years..I will write about this at a later date!.

so we shall see what we shall see... the time of the Shift of Ages is here-the time my ancestresses prepared for-died for and in whom I bear the responsibility and HONOR of representing NOW..

Be blessed and a blessing!


Simply Enchanted Living

I have been Guided by Great Spirit and Mother Earth to create a group to teach ones how to develop a Simply Enchanted Life.

We live at a Great Time in mankinds ascension- and we need to build strong and healthy minds,bodies and spirits!

Our focus will be on simplicity,good Earthkeeping ,livining in  harmony with Natural Rythms, developing a holistically healthy lifestyle.. frugally, joyfully, simply abundantly!

I invite you to join us at these Sunday Gatherings starting June 10th! These will be in Pittsburgh PA
I will be teaching these principles as well through this blog and through blogtalkradio -right now my radio show is an occasional treat- soon though I will be doing a daily 1 hour spot on "Simply Enchanted Living" as well as doing a You Tube show on this!

I have had a blogtalk radio show since 2007 and very much enjoy sharing information with you!My old show was Madonna of the Doves: Messages of the Ascended Masters.Madonna of the Doves is my higher dimensional self very connected to the 8th Dimensional Crystal Heaing Palace where the Order of the Council of Dove Goddesses convene.I work as their Oracle and when called carry their message of peace,love,oneness and healing to the 3rd dimensions.

Back to simply enchanted living-I will have many details upcoming!

If you would like to join the Meetup or subscribe to this blog I invite you to-and please forward this information out! We live at times of great shifts-and the ones who learn to live in peace and harmony-to honor a simpler way of being are ones that will walk easily into the New Earth energies!

Sunday, June 10, 2012
3:00 PM to

I am a Medicine Woman-Shaman and Healer. I have learned to create the simply enchanted life of my dreams . I want to share with you what I have learned!
I want to see you thrive!
Being  joyfully abundant and radiantly manifesting all your dreams come true!

Sundays at 3 PM we will gather together regularly to offer support, to work on releasing what no longer serves us and to reinforce what is working well.
Instead of loathing our bodies or our lives -we will work from a space of loving and honoring our bodies and life force as a sacred vessel and temple! In time this respect and love will translate to creating the body and life of your dreams!
We will pass the talking stick and allow each person a time to express their feelings,hopes and dreams and to release any lower energies ,fears and doublts in space of love and support!
We will set goals for the week - such as journaling, meditating, focusing our intentions to create, facing and walking through the walls of our fears, walking or dancing regularly, avoiding conflict, reinforcing healthy eating and relaxation.
I want to show you how to do chakra clearing and charging to improve your health and ability to create your dreams come true-we do this through movment and as a dance!
We will finish with a guided meditation to allow you to create energetically. This is also valuable for stress relief and healing!
Please bring a notebook , any business cards and samples of products you make!

Monday, May 14, 2012

The time of no trying

I have reached a season in life when I have tired of trying. I have tired of self promotion.I have tired of doing things in a 3rd dimensional way.
I retire from the worlds's striving and being and doing..

Ove rhe next-however long it takes-I am on garden and meditation and singing w the Fae duty..

I am on going to sleep when I am sleepy and waking up when I am ready.
I am on eat when hungry and what the body craves.

I refuse to be in the energy of the" Net" anymore.
It tires me
It drains me
It bores me to NO end

I am called as a Medicine Woman FT-
it is who I am and what I do
but I refuse to promote or to be another spammer in the loop.
I will not sell my self and dangle my gifts out there like a fishermans worm.

I am going to the olde ways fully.

This world is vomitous and evil
it is consuming itself
it will fade into nothingness soon

The death thrashes are not mine to behold

My eye is on the New Earth coming- I see it
I will work in its energy NOW

I will NOT be in the energy of the NET
I am free
free birds are free to fly

Have you ever wondered who is sucking up all the energy drains of those on the Net?

How the lonely post their thoughts randomly
I ate a sandwich, I bought a dress
My dog vomited on the carpet

Thes sayings have become pitiable to me

I want my life to mean more than a fart in the wind.

We are each responsible for the energy we bring in to any situation.

I am taking responsibility for removing mine from the cosmic spider web.

If you seek me I will be dancing the TRUE web of life..
tending my flowers
tending the vegetables and the fruit
Harvesting the yeild.

When my true tribe comes
We will look each other in the eye and say..
Yes I see you.

I allow the universe to tend to my simple needs
I sing the shamans song and beat the shamans drum and shake the spirit rattle-no longer for silver or for gold...

but to honor the Great Spirit and Mother Earth.In that honoring myself-for I am a child of the Light.

entering a time of no trying.. and so it is-and so it shall be-for th Greater and higher GOOD - we serve!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mum Gaia Song

I got a new spirit song today-I will share the words-if you want to hear me sing it come to the medicine Circle tomorrow night 7 pm-over in Gaia's Garden!! RSVP through the Meetup please!
This all came as I was just toning and singing th words Mum Gaia-the birds began to sing out and I began toel the presence of the Mother Earth.. then these words came -all at once...
Here are the words

Remember Mum Gaia
by Shaman Sandra Bear Davis( well really Mum Gaia)

Mum Gaia -Mum Gaia yaahaa
Mum Gaia -Mum Gaia Yaahaa

When your chldren
Cannot breathe
will you remember
remember Me

When you have killed the very last bee
and your seeds-no longer seed

will you remember
remember Me

When the whale and the dolphin
no longer swim the Sea
Would you remember
remember Me?

When the waters
taste like oil
and black poison fills the soil
when the sky is brown with soot
will you know then
all it took

was remember-remember me

Mum Gaia
Mum Gaia yaahaaa
Mum Gaia
Mum Gaiaahhaaaaahaahaahaha

A Message from Spirit - are you prepared?

This morning in meditation I was taken to a time in the very near future.

Solar Storms were raging - from these Giant Wormwood Solar Flairs arose - 3 shot off into space hurling towards Earth silently like an arrow...

It was an ordinary morning with folks going about the business of the day- shaving and showering,cooking and cleaning, watching the news and checking their e-mail.

When -woosh... the power goes.. OFF... and the power STAYS off-for 1 year ,2 year, 3 year.. and more.

The 1st 3 days ones will manage somehow. The Water and the Gas will be on for a time - as the Water company has back up generators... city dwellers -you have time to fill up the tub and the washer- fill up buckets -those with well pumps.. well.. sorry.

It remains to be seen if the gas lines will till flow-that is doubtful after several weeks. I do not know why-or how.. but I do not see these running on for long...

When this hits-and it will hit.. are you prepared? You do know grocery stores and gas pumps rely on the grid -everything is computerized. Is your tank full NOW?  Do you have at least 20 gallons of reserve fuel?

What about water? Do you have enough water on hand easily to get you through 6 weeks -minimum? Cases of bottled water,5 gallon containers of pure water- rain barrels to collect from your roof?? Is there a local surce of water you can get and purify? Seek these out NOW ...also get yourself iodine tablets and bleach to purify water you collect.

Do you have 3 to 6 months minimum of food stores (I actually suggest 2 years reserve-but that is the norm in my family ) Can you take in a few people you love and help them? Some will never listen OR do not have the means to prep thoroughly. I cannot be hard hearted about this and let ones I love starve.. though YES-they need to wake up and help instead of being a drain later!

Do you have non electric lighting available? Lanterns,candles -do you have batteries and plenty of lamp oil?

What about heat this Winter- do you have an off grid source of healing? Time to get that wood cook stove and firewood- and /or a kerosene heater with extra kerosene. I suggest extra warm blankets and also tarps to block sections of the house off to warm just a convenient area-

Do you have the means to protect your family and home? In times of stress you will have those happy to take what you have worked so hard to put by- People in a fear state can become quite animalistic. I suggest laying low and keeping silent and protected for at least 6 weeks to 3 months-but then ones need to come out and learn to work together to reform this decayed society. One thing-I know everyone has guns-that is cool and needed-but think too about silence - not making noise- a crossbow is a mighty fina and powerful thing in that case!! ..if you are hunting do you want everyone in 2 miles to know you have taken down a buck??

After laying low for 3 to 6 months and letting things just happen as they will-I don't pan to be at the center off any drama happening as this decadent and Earth dishonoring society finally crumbles -again- in 6 months or so- for ones that survive all that chaos-I plan at that time to have a sort of soup kitchen- but I also plan to have armed guards around to make sure no one is harmed by ones who are happy to bully and take from others.

I plan to raise an even bigger garden and to wild forage with my New Tribe-Three Rivers Tribe.I know I need to prep more canning jars and storage containers for dried foods. I expect the Tribe members to be prepping too! No one can do this alone.

Bathroom needs? We are putting a toilet seat on a 5 gallon bucket and have several bales of pine horse bedding - just gonna use that and put a little pine on the poo and keep getting it-lol- dig a hole out in the yard and dump it in- be turned back to the Earth in a few months. Hey don't forget the TP!! Do you need special medicated wipes- get some of those stored back!

Also simple things like-chap stick,vasoline, body butter -a pedicure kit for do it yourself ( I get an ingrown toenail without regular pedicues)

I learned how to take a very thorough sponge bath when I was a young woman and can even wash my hair in 1/2 gallon of water- we are getting a solar camping shower works with a few gallons of water..but that is once society stabilizes- at 1st I imagine sponge baths- also get yourself 5 to 10 boxs of baby wipes for emergency cleaning and keeping hygienic

 What about medical needs? Do you have over the counter meds  and 1st aid items stocked up? I truly believe mucinex,fever reducers and such can save a life! Some folks are prepping pet antibiotics or fish antibiotics- we are looking into that.

I also work with natural medicine and herbs. That is what we use 90% of the time anyway- except on that rare occasion we just need antibiotics or - heaven forbid - if we ever needed surgery..

I do believe Drs. have relied on prescriptions for meds so long it might take them awhile to get back to the old timey Dr with his black bag visiting about... but when folks have limited transportation to get to a DR-that might be the way of the future.. or else each New Earth Colony will hopefully have healers and Drs..likely ones trained in 1st aid and nursing too- Three Rivers Tribe is loaded with healers and nurses- we will be solid in that arena for sure!!

Think too about pets- they will need food, flea supplies, perhaps some meds put back for them..I do not intend to discard my pets at all- they may have to get used to eating our scraps but we will find a way! Dogs will be important as warning and guarding-cats will be important for rodent control.

I know seeing this in vision this morning has made me think- how are we doing? What area need improvement?
We need to do better in-
2)water storage
3)canning jars,extra canning lids  and other food storage equipment

.. and several other areas are needed to improve -

So I hope this simple discussion of preparedness is of aid to you- it is time to really put the finishing touchs on this and if you are JUST starting-go out TODAY and get yourself 5 lbs of dried beans ,5 lbs of rice, a box of salt - 5 cans of tomatoes and 5 cans of peachs in heavy syrup- and 2 cases of bottled water...about $30.00 is all- that will help you get started in prepping!

Crazy times are ahead-but I tell you what-it needs to happen. The slave nation and even planet we are in will fall. It is unsustainable ,has done as much harm as it ever needs to do to Mother Earth- has practically killed the Bees- has soiled the Earth and the Waters.. it is time for a great fall.

I am glad it will fall-but I know to those caught unaware -they will pass out of this realm. All souls are safe- but it is a fearsome time coming for them..for those that are in line for the vengeance of Gaia-no amount of preparedness will save them-they will be buried in the mountains where they hide.. their bones will be scattered for the birds to pick.

The Crows and the Crones will laugh - the time of reckoning has finally come. .. and honey-it is gonna be a doozie!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Now that you have experienced my awesomeness-NOW what..

1st off let me start by saying-I am taking a break from the heavy energy of the E-world/net-so am not going online-this announcement is my last internet act for some time-SO- to contact me for an appointment Mon to Sat 1 to 6 pm -best to text 412-728-3008 -you can also leave a phone message and I will get back to you to book your appointments. I don't give readings away or chit chat on the phone-so it will be brief and to the point. (I have been doing this a LONG time and don't play games)

I am a shaman not a trained house pet- I am somewhat wild, totally unorthodox, do not apologize for my weight, garden dirt under my nails, my wardrobe or lack thereof , my dirty sense of humor, my polyamory or my incredible power and spiritual gifts.

That's what you came for wasn't it- to find someone powerful enough to knock you out of that boring as Hell rut you call a life...

If you are just wanting to know what I am like-listen to my radio show


Beginning Monday May 14th -generally in Gaia's Garden- 2 doors from the Enchanted Cottage-1845 Lincoln Rd Pittsburgh PA 15235

Note: Please pay in cash- I don't do banks-thanx!!

Mon to Fri gathering 10:30 am for meditations in the garden -these are to connect w the Fae,the Divas and the Angels of the Garden.We will open Sacred Space at 11 am- ground/center and run energy -build our merkoba field.. then each person will find a space that calls to them to meditate silently with nature!
$5.00 please

We will be finished with the meditation by Noon-thereafter if ones would like energy healing or a mini reading I am available for this- $20.00 for 20 minutes -

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY- 1 to 6 Mon to Sat ones may book an appointment for a spirit portrait, energy healing or reading- generally out in the garden. The hour appointments are $60.00 - call or text 412-728-3008 to make your appointment .

I also offer Shamanic Energy Healing Circles Thurs and Sat 7 pm-10.00
Radio show this Friday Noon-

The Worlds most powerful manifestation tool!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Garden time- and time to take some time from the E-World!

I am on a break from Internet energy... at LEAST thru the garden season

My Meetups are automated and I have just enough-but not TOO much going meetups give me gas money, pocket money and sometimes grocery money-I need to do more to bring in 1/2 of the household expenses .. this is my calling and I cannot do any other work and feel complete.
Being a shaman does not pay much monetarily -but it pays amazingly ... in Spirit and the connection with people! All I ask Spirit for is the means to keep doing my work ....

So-about the E-World,cyber world..I am taking a break- as an empath-the energies of the Net are hard for me-I feel all the fears out there.. I feel the very sticky energy.

I am following the old was now-I am a Shaman/Medicine Woman.. if you want me-seek me out!

I have these events going on but I ask you rsvp- -look at the calendar and rsvp for events...

Thurs and Sat 7 pm I have Shamanic Trance Medium Healing Circle-these are just 10.00 and are very powerful!In Sacred Space my hands feel like they are on fire and ones coming say they turn into hands of Light! know powerful Spirit Healing Happens-psychic surgery.. and miracles occur as needed..

Starting May 14th I have meditations in the garden Mon to Fri at 11 am-you can come at 10:30 to visit prior to the meditations! More than just clearing the mind and relaxing these are to connect to the Nature Spirits and Angesl of the garden! I will show you how to ground and center- how to run energy and heal the chakras- then you will find a space to meditate and connect tot the Garden Spirits! You may drum quietly or play flute or rattle if you like- but ratherquietly as others may like more silent meditation.. there is plenty of room to spread out and let your auric field expand! These are just $5.00

After the meditations I will be in the garden either working or doing my shaman art-so if ones want energy healing or a reading/intuitive counsel-just ask.. I ask for $20.00 additional ,love offering for this...

I am saving up to buy the land here.. so instead of just suggested love offerings I am charging a modest fee .. so many times I have worked for hours healing and end up with 10.00 in the love offering bowl for healing a dozen people.. that is not fair or respectful of my hard work and years of training.

I will never get rch doing this- and I don't want to be.. but a fair yet modest  exchange of energy ..enables me to do my work joyfully and abundantly. 

I am so thankful to have time to meditate and pray, to do my work as a healer and also to paint,write and garden!!

Lfe is good here in my enchanted cottage. Simple and good..

Love lights -have a beautiful week and months.. I amy wrie to you occasionally.. we shall see-I will follow the leadings of Spirit on this as a good  and ever evolving Medicine Woman !

Be blessed and a Blessings.. and remember..


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My radio blog talk show -Fridays at NOON

Back in '07 and '08 I had a daily radio show " Madonna of the Doves: Messages of the Ascended Masters." I am an Oracle or the 8th Dimensional Crystal Healing Palaces . During these sessions I am my higher self- Madonna of the Doves

I have had a calling from Spirit to start my show back up again -I will be doing them Fridays at Noon.. for now they are just 1/2 hour long- I my decide to do a several hour show with call ins ...time will tell on that of course!

In the show we open Sacred Space and call in healing energy-I also channel messages of the Ascended masters for healing,encouragement and prophecy.

People report feeling intense energy coming through and an opening of their minds and hearts!

I want to invite you to listen in on Fridays at Noon Easter Time- you can listen to archived shows anytime!

It is great for distance healing, and to be able to hear my style of teaching and spirit communication before coming overto see me in Pittsburgh for shamanic healing or an akashic records  reading!

My in person events are as follows-$4.00 of every  $10.00 goes to an account to raise funds for our wellness center to be built!!

We are open for all the miracles the Universe wants to send us NOW!

Thurs and Sat 7 pm-shamanic healing in group circle! We ask 10.00 minimum love offering/tax deductible donation to aid us in the building of Gaia Oneness: Centre for Holistic Living

You may rsvp through

Wed and Sun 7 pm starting next week- Messages of the Ascended Masters with Oracle Madonna of the Doves .This will be a channeled message circle w/ Q& A session at the end. Again we ask a minimum $10.00 tax deductible love offering

Love and Light to you and yours- Oh and I am also available for private healing sessions and akashic records readings-these are 120.00 per hour.. my meetup members may have sessions for 1/2 price!

Have a very blessed day! In love and light we serve the greater good!

A Mantra fr you to work with for 30 days to change your life-
ALL my needs are met miraculously and adundantly everyday!!

Messages of the Ascended Masters with Oracle Madonna of the Doves

Working as Oracle to the 8th Dimension Shaman Sandra Bear Davis takes on the persona of her higher self-Madonna of the Doves .
Come for inspiring messages of love and light and miracle filled Healing energy from the Higher Dimensions .
A portal will be opeened to the 8th dimension which aligns with the ancient re-opening Crystal Healing Vortex here in Penn Hills on the ridgeline above Allegheny River.
In a past life I worked here as an ancient Medicine Woman-She Bear Sees. I incarnate only rarely when humankind is in a shift and a time of struggle.The Earth is in danger at this time-as humanity has reached the capability of destroying their Mother Mum Gaia.
A message from the 8th Dimension
We of the Order of the Dove Goddesses dwelling in 8th dimension will see that this DOES NOT happen! Working with many Ascended Masters  and aligning with ones that call your name- allows Lighworkers to do their important work much more powerfully and quickly!
Our goal is to align Lightworkers to their Higher Calling- to get them back on the path they incarnated to do- to heal what needs healing and to support what needs supporting.Whether it be healing mental,emotional,physical or spiritual illness-or whether it be aiding ones to manifest funds for their work - whatever is needed will be brought into the space for YOUR HEALING...

We ask that ones wear white to our channeling
We ask you not speak out unless asked if there are any questions
We ask someone to take the role of recorder of these messages and share them out too video and audio recording and dictation .. we will send out these messages!

It is the time of the Lightbearer to shine-many of you have succumbed to the dense energy of 3rd dimension and have forgotten your divine life mission!You are magnetized here to heal, to remember and to connect to your souls family!

These events will take place Wednesdays and Sundays 7 pm .We ask a minimum 10.00 love offering/tax deductible donation to support our work and to help us build a Gaia Oneness: Centre for Holistic Living

On the 2nd Sunday we will have Spirit Communication Circle to speak with your beloved departed ones- many times with a wonderful guest-psychic Dane Tarbi. These sessions are 20.00 PP -space is very limited to please rsvp through the meetup below!

1845 Lincoln Rd Pittsburgh PA 15235

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

All my needs are met miraculously and adundantly EACH day!

This morning in Meditation I was saying to myself- well I do't make much money but I love what I do...

and I had a Faerie Spirit Guide/MayDay so it's Fae Day...pop in and say

"All my needs are met miraculously and abundantly EACH day!!"

I heard from "Her" it's a  lady Fae- " try this mantra for 30 days-it will change the way you see the Universe-you will open doors with this saying-it allows all the flow necessary to create your dreams come true."

I got the message-people have been using Law of Attraction ALL wrong.

We have been trying to show the Universe how to do it's work- and it DON'T work that way...we have to get OUT OF THE WAY!!

Humans have the tendency to use LOA ( Law of Attraction) in a greedy kid in the candy store mentality. It is a part of a series of  Universal manifestation laws- a series of 9 laws- we just picked a fun one out and started using it at whim... and we CRASHED .. we CRASHED .. the economy with our greed.

Millions upon millions of US-Me too... using LOA to get STUFF- we had NO knowledge of how out of balance we were with creating- we were not using the other 8 laws (I will write more about that tomorrow- I have to find my Huna practitioner paperwork )

SO- My NEEDS- are met miraculously and abundantly EACH day... kinda goes back to the words-"give us this day our daily bread".. it keeps us in the NOW.. looking for whatever miracles the Universal Sovereign is sending us today-NOW-here and NOW...we learn to focus on the joy of the moment and to be appreciative of the gifts each day brings .. we are not far out in the future always creating and never actually BEING.. in the body-in the moment- we lose today chasing after tomorrow!....see the Lily of the Valley-she toils not-but she is radiant in her splendor!

And so I am going to be working with this mantra daily- and writing about the miracles of abundance each day brings to me- would you like to join me in this adventure! ? I hope you do- being part of a team and working for mankinds ascension into joy and love and oneness is my calling...walk with me awhile on the Beauty Way!

I am JOY!!

Reminder: Trance Medium Healing Circles Thurs and Say 7 pm 10.00 minimum love offering as a fundraiser for our Gaia Oneness: Centre for Holistic Living ...become a part of my free to join meetup-see the calendar and rsvp-through the link below -thank you!! Love n Light!

You may also donate to our non profit -by sending your love offering to Gaia Oneness / Care of Sandra Davis 1845 Lincoln Rd Pittsburgh PA 15235