Friday, May 11, 2012

A Message from Spirit - are you prepared?

This morning in meditation I was taken to a time in the very near future.

Solar Storms were raging - from these Giant Wormwood Solar Flairs arose - 3 shot off into space hurling towards Earth silently like an arrow...

It was an ordinary morning with folks going about the business of the day- shaving and showering,cooking and cleaning, watching the news and checking their e-mail.

When -woosh... the power goes.. OFF... and the power STAYS off-for 1 year ,2 year, 3 year.. and more.

The 1st 3 days ones will manage somehow. The Water and the Gas will be on for a time - as the Water company has back up generators... city dwellers -you have time to fill up the tub and the washer- fill up buckets -those with well pumps.. well.. sorry.

It remains to be seen if the gas lines will till flow-that is doubtful after several weeks. I do not know why-or how.. but I do not see these running on for long...

When this hits-and it will hit.. are you prepared? You do know grocery stores and gas pumps rely on the grid -everything is computerized. Is your tank full NOW?  Do you have at least 20 gallons of reserve fuel?

What about water? Do you have enough water on hand easily to get you through 6 weeks -minimum? Cases of bottled water,5 gallon containers of pure water- rain barrels to collect from your roof?? Is there a local surce of water you can get and purify? Seek these out NOW ...also get yourself iodine tablets and bleach to purify water you collect.

Do you have 3 to 6 months minimum of food stores (I actually suggest 2 years reserve-but that is the norm in my family ) Can you take in a few people you love and help them? Some will never listen OR do not have the means to prep thoroughly. I cannot be hard hearted about this and let ones I love starve.. though YES-they need to wake up and help instead of being a drain later!

Do you have non electric lighting available? Lanterns,candles -do you have batteries and plenty of lamp oil?

What about heat this Winter- do you have an off grid source of healing? Time to get that wood cook stove and firewood- and /or a kerosene heater with extra kerosene. I suggest extra warm blankets and also tarps to block sections of the house off to warm just a convenient area-

Do you have the means to protect your family and home? In times of stress you will have those happy to take what you have worked so hard to put by- People in a fear state can become quite animalistic. I suggest laying low and keeping silent and protected for at least 6 weeks to 3 months-but then ones need to come out and learn to work together to reform this decayed society. One thing-I know everyone has guns-that is cool and needed-but think too about silence - not making noise- a crossbow is a mighty fina and powerful thing in that case!! ..if you are hunting do you want everyone in 2 miles to know you have taken down a buck??

After laying low for 3 to 6 months and letting things just happen as they will-I don't pan to be at the center off any drama happening as this decadent and Earth dishonoring society finally crumbles -again- in 6 months or so- for ones that survive all that chaos-I plan at that time to have a sort of soup kitchen- but I also plan to have armed guards around to make sure no one is harmed by ones who are happy to bully and take from others.

I plan to raise an even bigger garden and to wild forage with my New Tribe-Three Rivers Tribe.I know I need to prep more canning jars and storage containers for dried foods. I expect the Tribe members to be prepping too! No one can do this alone.

Bathroom needs? We are putting a toilet seat on a 5 gallon bucket and have several bales of pine horse bedding - just gonna use that and put a little pine on the poo and keep getting it-lol- dig a hole out in the yard and dump it in- be turned back to the Earth in a few months. Hey don't forget the TP!! Do you need special medicated wipes- get some of those stored back!

Also simple things like-chap stick,vasoline, body butter -a pedicure kit for do it yourself ( I get an ingrown toenail without regular pedicues)

I learned how to take a very thorough sponge bath when I was a young woman and can even wash my hair in 1/2 gallon of water- we are getting a solar camping shower works with a few gallons of water..but that is once society stabilizes- at 1st I imagine sponge baths- also get yourself 5 to 10 boxs of baby wipes for emergency cleaning and keeping hygienic

 What about medical needs? Do you have over the counter meds  and 1st aid items stocked up? I truly believe mucinex,fever reducers and such can save a life! Some folks are prepping pet antibiotics or fish antibiotics- we are looking into that.

I also work with natural medicine and herbs. That is what we use 90% of the time anyway- except on that rare occasion we just need antibiotics or - heaven forbid - if we ever needed surgery..

I do believe Drs. have relied on prescriptions for meds so long it might take them awhile to get back to the old timey Dr with his black bag visiting about... but when folks have limited transportation to get to a DR-that might be the way of the future.. or else each New Earth Colony will hopefully have healers and Drs..likely ones trained in 1st aid and nursing too- Three Rivers Tribe is loaded with healers and nurses- we will be solid in that arena for sure!!

Think too about pets- they will need food, flea supplies, perhaps some meds put back for them..I do not intend to discard my pets at all- they may have to get used to eating our scraps but we will find a way! Dogs will be important as warning and guarding-cats will be important for rodent control.

I know seeing this in vision this morning has made me think- how are we doing? What area need improvement?
We need to do better in-
2)water storage
3)canning jars,extra canning lids  and other food storage equipment

.. and several other areas are needed to improve -

So I hope this simple discussion of preparedness is of aid to you- it is time to really put the finishing touchs on this and if you are JUST starting-go out TODAY and get yourself 5 lbs of dried beans ,5 lbs of rice, a box of salt - 5 cans of tomatoes and 5 cans of peachs in heavy syrup- and 2 cases of bottled water...about $30.00 is all- that will help you get started in prepping!

Crazy times are ahead-but I tell you what-it needs to happen. The slave nation and even planet we are in will fall. It is unsustainable ,has done as much harm as it ever needs to do to Mother Earth- has practically killed the Bees- has soiled the Earth and the Waters.. it is time for a great fall.

I am glad it will fall-but I know to those caught unaware -they will pass out of this realm. All souls are safe- but it is a fearsome time coming for them..for those that are in line for the vengeance of Gaia-no amount of preparedness will save them-they will be buried in the mountains where they hide.. their bones will be scattered for the birds to pick.

The Crows and the Crones will laugh - the time of reckoning has finally come. .. and honey-it is gonna be a doozie!!

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