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Gaia Oneness: Centre for Holistic Living -Part I ; the beginning

I am going to tell you some things my ancestors have died to protect..because it is time you see...
Each of us has 4 sides- our parents and their parents- today I want to share with you my family lineage from my maternal Grandfather- each of my 4 lines has mystcial roots- mostly in the light-but I do have some really powerful  relatives that fell into darkness and anger energy.. you will find me very careful to walk in the Light as a healer after seeing the energy of darkness is NOT pretty and it is NOT for the greater good!

My work is to be a healer and work in absolute love energy- I do not fear evil or death. I have faced both down ...and walked out victorious. I believe I was saved to be of service NOW- and so-though my tendedncy is to be silent -I must speak now... for the energy is opening swiftly now...

 I want to share with you a vision of a space I am meant to have built- it is what I incarnated to do.

Old Souls have gone by many names -as have I-I always come when called to aid in mankinds shifts. I have a special love for the sons of Men!

The plans are moving along well now - wanted to write about it- and share this vision out to others.
This is going to take several blogs to totally spell out-I have to go back to the beginning...
I know it sounds unreal and far fetched-I KNOW!
I have had people say when I lead a meditation or channel information about the Migration of the Ancient People-Did you get that from Drumvalo Melchizedek? I used to say -who is Drumvalo Melchizedek-then I read one of his books and I said-wow- the information is SO much like what my Grandfather taught me-starting 50 years ago..My Gradfather was a Druid of an ancient order-wearers of Brown-followers of Dana the Celtic Mother Earth Goddess - he was known as the King of the East. The most powerful Druidic Priest in his lifetime- you would have met him and said that farmer is a really sweet man!Those were not times to be open with ancient spiritual beliefs and sacred ceremony.

On this space in Penn Hills PA-just outside of Pittsburgh City Limits is an ancient healing vortex.

I am the Vortex Keeper of the Crystal Healing Vortex .
This Vortex was purposefully sealed by an ancient Medicine Woman-She Bear Sees.
She is the one that called me to this space- to set the energy for the opening of the Vortex.To guard it and to make sure it was kept for the original purpose of being a space of miracles unfolding,love,light and healing in the New Earth Energy-during this time of mankinds ascension.
The Crystal Healing Vortex is aligned with both the Himalayan Energy  Centres, the Serpent Mound Ley Line and the Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Ley Lines as well with the energy of Manchu Picchu.
The 3rd dimensional Crystal Healing Vortex is a Sacred Feminine energy Vortex ruled by Gaia- it aligns as well with the 8th dimensional Crystal Healing Palaces where the order of the Dove Goddesses convene and relay messages thru me as their Oracle and Healer to the 3rd dimension.
We work with both the Earth Mother and the Celestial Mother-Shakhina.
The Galactic Ley Lines are nearly perfectly aligned now to fully ignite and engage the Crystal Healing Vortex.It is the most powerful North American Vortex- and is connected on the Earthly Grid with 9 total Power Vortexes of the New Earth.Each Vortex has a female guardian who is a representative of BOTH Mother Gaia and one of the Dove Goddesses.
I represent the Dove Goddess-Alcyone of the Pleaides as a direct physical descendant of the ancient Pleaidean Priestess/ Scientist  who has since been diefied as the Principle Sister of the 7 Sisters of the Pleaides(my spelling is somewhat different from most but it is the accurate ancient spelling) Alcyone foresaw the destruction of her home planet by the burning out of a star and a Super Nova- she was able to take 11 crafts from her planet- several of these settled on Earth- her personal ship came to land upon the ancient green hills of Erin/ancient Ireland.These ones became known as the Great Shining Ones- they intermarried and intergrated into mankinds DNA .Alcyone became a follower of the ancient Celltic Mother Earth Goddess Dana and her direct descendants were known as Healers or Doves of Dana.The healing knowledge was passed from Mother to Daughter-
The rules of who would be primary energy carrier were very strict. She must be dark haired and blue eyes, she must be lovely of countenance and possessing of high levels of intelligence,she must be left handed and she must possess natural tact to hold the sacred secrets
There were times when a daughter of Dana would not be born in a generation and then the energy may be passed to a male of the sacred lineage -but he may not heal-only bear the energy until a daughter is born.
In my generation I was that one-trained from before my birth by my Maternal; Grandfather-bearer of the energy of Dana.
He taught me to astral travel from infancy.He taught me the ancient songs and manner of healing-from age 6 I went through yearly intitations and at times as I got older and more able to bear the energies-more often as I needed 9 initiations. I received my 9th initiation literally weeks before my Grandfathers heart burst in his sleep and he died in the night.I was 11 almost 12 ...
I remember the red history book of our lineage and the few gold coins,silver chain mail wedding dress and the blood pearls and a few other jewels that survived from times of olde-
I remember astral travel to the Druidic College of Avalon Arising.
After his death-I was silent for many years-living a seemingly normal life. In many ways forgetting my training and calling.It seemed like a far distant dream.
Until I was called by Spirit -I heard a voice outside of me say- 2012 is in 7 years-wake up!

A few days later the same voice said-you will be raised up a mighty healer for the time of Shift is upon us NOW...

Everything came back to me- my assignment ..all my Grandfathers teachings and songs...
He had told me 2011 would be a safe time to come out as a Healer of Dana / Physical Descedant and Primary Energy Carrier of Alcyone. The belief is that I bear her soul in mine as in each energy carrier is transmigration of the soul of the last energy bearer.
I want to relay some information from a giant red leather book I was taught from by my Grandfather all my life-
Back in 1157 the name Dove of Dana was changed to Madonna of the Doves to honor an ancient Knights Templar ,Catholic husband of the Dove at that time-he had been a hero saving King Richard and was granted lands - brilliantly he instantly married the local chieftain/Druids daughter (who happened to be the presiding Dove of Dana) it was seen to be good and thereafter the primary energy carrier hs been called Madonna of the Doves-or Mother of the Doves.. which were and ARE Healers and Oracles for the 8th dimensions..Order of the Dove Goddesses...and the Earth Mother.

There are times I know this and there are time it feels too big.
There have been times I thought-this is all too crazy-how can this be real?
I also know of miracles that wake me up and get me back on track !
2 Indian Mystics decreed I bear the Goddess energy.
I do know that my playing small and less than no longer serves.
I know that"looking" normal isn't helping.

Tomorrow I will tell you about my Near Death Experience at age 16 and about my calling out by the Arch Angels in a Vision in 2006.About what extra training I had to have and about how there have been times I put the energy out there and times I retreated and practically quit it all seemed TOO big!

In a few blogs I will be ready to tell you all about the space we are building here on the Crystal Healing Vortex in Pittsburgh.
If interested feel free to join my meetup-I have several gatherings a week
I will be doing more blog talk radio shows soon

PS-Interestingly my Cherokee side claims to be from the Pleaides too- and claim to be of the lost tribe of Isreal and the family Yeshua was descended from..I don't have any sense of "knowing" in this regard but i do view Yeshua as a family member and regularly converse with him when in the 8th dimensional energies as an Oracle! ... now this idea that the Cherokee are descendants of Ireal- is very closely guarded information in the Cherokee Nation as is the prophecy of Wormwood Solar Flares and the fact that many of " The People" have been preparing to live underground for 2 years..I will write about this at a later date!.

so we shall see what we shall see... the time of the Shift of Ages is here-the time my ancestresses prepared for-died for and in whom I bear the responsibility and HONOR of representing NOW..

Be blessed and a blessing!


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