Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Slow Down

Since moving to Pittsburgh I have found something to be the case..

When it gets warm and sunny everyone bales on gatherings.They wanna be OUTSIDE playing!

Guess I am picking that up-huh???

As soon as it got warm and sunny I was like-f having my meetups!

I don't want any strangers hanging out at my house.

I have NEVER ever-had to deal with the level of rude folks and psychic vampires I have since moving here... have run gatherngs for 6 years-and NEVER had to ban anyone-but here... had to ban 3 people!

In Asheville people are just generally sweet and mellow-in DC manners are impeccable-if the rsvp "yes".. they show -on time and they pay.. no questions.

Pittsburgh-I have had 20 rsvp's and literally 0 attendance at events.
No calls to apologize
No changing the rsvp

Just no shows.

Honestly I have about had it with em..

Except-you KNOW-I have met some really great people here...ones that make is worth while!

Love lights-really great folks!

So I am just gonna take a needed break.

Enjoy the Summer! Raise my garden. Paint some art .
Eat lots of fresh veggies and fruit...
maybe sit down by the rivers and have a beer!

Drum to the Faeries ...
Drum for my own sake!

I am ready to be quiet-ya'll I am SO ready to be quiet..

Summer time slow down- just what this ole medicine woman needs..

Hugz to you and you and you!!

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