Monday, May 28, 2012

Simply Enchanted Living

I have been Guided by Great Spirit and Mother Earth to create a group to teach ones how to develop a Simply Enchanted Life.

We live at a Great Time in mankinds ascension- and we need to build strong and healthy minds,bodies and spirits!

Our focus will be on simplicity,good Earthkeeping ,livining in  harmony with Natural Rythms, developing a holistically healthy lifestyle.. frugally, joyfully, simply abundantly!

I invite you to join us at these Sunday Gatherings starting June 10th! These will be in Pittsburgh PA
I will be teaching these principles as well through this blog and through blogtalkradio -right now my radio show is an occasional treat- soon though I will be doing a daily 1 hour spot on "Simply Enchanted Living" as well as doing a You Tube show on this!

I have had a blogtalk radio show since 2007 and very much enjoy sharing information with you!My old show was Madonna of the Doves: Messages of the Ascended Masters.Madonna of the Doves is my higher dimensional self very connected to the 8th Dimensional Crystal Heaing Palace where the Order of the Council of Dove Goddesses convene.I work as their Oracle and when called carry their message of peace,love,oneness and healing to the 3rd dimensions.

Back to simply enchanted living-I will have many details upcoming!

If you would like to join the Meetup or subscribe to this blog I invite you to-and please forward this information out! We live at times of great shifts-and the ones who learn to live in peace and harmony-to honor a simpler way of being are ones that will walk easily into the New Earth energies!

Sunday, June 10, 2012
3:00 PM to

I am a Medicine Woman-Shaman and Healer. I have learned to create the simply enchanted life of my dreams . I want to share with you what I have learned!
I want to see you thrive!
Being  joyfully abundant and radiantly manifesting all your dreams come true!

Sundays at 3 PM we will gather together regularly to offer support, to work on releasing what no longer serves us and to reinforce what is working well.
Instead of loathing our bodies or our lives -we will work from a space of loving and honoring our bodies and life force as a sacred vessel and temple! In time this respect and love will translate to creating the body and life of your dreams!
We will pass the talking stick and allow each person a time to express their feelings,hopes and dreams and to release any lower energies ,fears and doublts in space of love and support!
We will set goals for the week - such as journaling, meditating, focusing our intentions to create, facing and walking through the walls of our fears, walking or dancing regularly, avoiding conflict, reinforcing healthy eating and relaxation.
I want to show you how to do chakra clearing and charging to improve your health and ability to create your dreams come true-we do this through movment and as a dance!
We will finish with a guided meditation to allow you to create energetically. This is also valuable for stress relief and healing!
Please bring a notebook , any business cards and samples of products you make!

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