Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Working with the Archangels

Here is an image I painted of the Archangel Urielle-there is an angelic language code written on his wings-perhaps another psychic or ancient language expert can help decipher!

I have had ones question why I work with the Archangels so much-How come a Medicine Woman calls in the Archangels in Sacred Space and calls then in to heal,protect and guide?

I guess the short answer is Appalachian Medicine People do that...we have been working with the Archangels for centuries.
Longer answer-
1st off the Archangels are NOT owned by any particular religion.They are "owned" I guess you'd say by Creator/Great Spirit. Anyone of high intent can work with them-they come when called and because of honor of our free will -they only act when we ask for their help!

I like polite folks don't you?? They are there when we need them but polite and respectful of our space as well...

The Archangels add great power and protective energy extraordinaire to any magickal working we do in Sacred Space! Of course may I add-I NEVER do harm and do my very best to serve in love and light!
(That's not to say I have never asked the angels to love ,watch over ,heal and guide someone far ,far away from where I am-my version of banishing I suppose- does not bring any Kharmic baggage  w it- it is done in love .

I have seen amazing miracle of healing when working w the Archangels! Believe it or not the Angel of Death is a cooperative guy-I love him and have worked with him many times in healing-to ask him to step back- if the one being healed has a reason to stay in this incarnation -I have seen some incredible miracles happen instantly!

I have no fear of channeling Spirits when  am surrounded and protected by the Archangels (as a trance medium healer and doing channeled Spirit messages that is vital- to have no fear- and allow myself to emptyout as a purified vessel for Spirit )

 I have loads of friends that are Witches- some of them know about working w angels-many not- Did you know the OLDEST grimoires speak of working w the Archangels ?? Uh-huh-there you go baby!! I told you-no religion owns these powerful and loving spirit beings!

So there are my reasons- and there are many many more!!

If you want to experience this Angel Love Light-Shamanic Trance Medium Healing yourself- Wed evenings at 7 -I am doing Healing Circles ...suggested $20.00 plus love offering/donation  -was doing them every weekday - but right now am writing my book" The Appalachian Medicine Woman" and painting a series of 8 Archangels and 8 Dove Goddesses for an upcoming art showing June 2012!

I aso teach a psychic development class on Thursdays at 7 -these are 15.00 per class-it is an ongoing class-come to 1 or all of them!

Beginning next week on Fridays 4 to 8 pm ones can drop by for a 20 minute psychic,palm,face,angel card reading for 20.00 - we will have snacks and a mystical movie going for those waiting-it is 1st come 1st served on the readings!

I usually have something going on Sat-either Shaman Class, Shamanic Journeying, Crystal Healers Class, Seichim Intitiations,Spirit Communication Circles.. and upcoming Spirit Art Classes!

Please join Meetup to rsvp for events! www.meetup.com/angel-love-light-healing   You may also e-mail me here or contact me through Facebook if you would like to come to events! I am Oneness Love Dove on Facebook and am in Pittsburgh PA! Feel free to friend me there-

Have a blessed day and hope you enjoy this Springlike weather the last day of  January 2012..as or me I thing February is gonna be windy,cold,snowy ,icey-so enjoy!!

Back to my book and planning out FaeDay for MayDay- am writing about that tomorrow- woo hoo!!
Have a BLESSED day!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Appalachian Medicine Woman


I am beginning a new book today" The Appalachian Medicine Woman"
Will it be another e-book ( I also have " I am Midas Spinning Energy Into Gold " on Kindle) or will it be in print? Will it be a book of poetry or a book of songs...? I don't know yet-I am letting myself be Spirit led and fed-totally Guided and giving up the need to control these loving and powerfully forward moving energies! It will be what is is meant to be- and perfect within it's imperfection.

I wrote the introduction today-it includes a poem I was gifted by a Spirit for "Healing the Water"-already even barely beginning and working on it I go into a trance state- which tells me it is a spirit channeled book.
I love writing- I can be a lazy writer but when I get into a project I come into it and work with it and love it like a nursing baby!

Besides the writing my Guides have me working on some channeled art-these will be 16 paintings- 8 Archangels and 8 Dove Goddesses-my whole Spirit Council -no not quite my whole but the majority of my Spirit Council.

My art is done on wood board- acrylics - I am channeling all the time so open Sacred Space- start playing calm flute  music and then I go out- and for 5 or 6 hours it is the one having their spirit portrait done that guides my hands.. all I know is suddenly I wake up- I have to pee and my arm hurts from holding up for so long and I am very tired.. and there sits a finished piece of art..

Above here you  see some of my art work and on my image-this is  a particularly powerful and beloved channeled art piece The White Buffalo Calf Woman Rides 2012-this art piece came w a Spirit song I use often in healing circles....this was taken at my art showing in 2008 ..I have not shown my art since then- we moved to Pittsburgh and I had a tough time adjusting to the energies.

Though Spirit Guided to move here-I hated it at 1st..Pittsburgh energy was COLD and HARD at it felt like I ran into walls at every turn - but I adjusted and NOW just love it  here-it is my forever home!

You see you /I have to adjust to the energy-the energy doesn't need to adjust to you/I -lol- a hard lesson but valuable one.. as are all important lessons -not easy to shift us powerfully and permanently!

Now I have adjusted, assimilated, rested and healed...NOW  it is time to get back to work powerfully!

An important note....

In my blog or classes or radio teachings (www.blogtalkradio.com/spiritweaver44 ) if ones wish to quote my words or share information I ask- please do so by telling who I am -Sandy Davis The Appalachian Medicine Woman-(Oneness Love Dove on Facebook) when quoting me- I require adding  link to my events page www.meetup.com//angel-love-light-healing   

I have had some issues with ones lately using my words and teachings in an dishonest/ abusive way -to promote their business (this is a hard one because I really LIKE the person very much)  and  worded as though these were original to them and all I ask is please- if you quote me-quote me-do not steal my information! Kharmically that is a terrible thing to do- it dishonors me and it does you as well-

Create within your own creation! You have all the tools you need to do your work! You don't need to imitate anyone!

I thought back to how my many teachers would have dealt with this and I said-Oh that person is lucky it was me- some of my teachers were some tough cookies and would have NOT taken it lightly!

Anyway enough of that!!

This week upcoming Wed 7 pm I have a shamanic energy healing circle
Thurs 7 I have psychic dev class.. see the meetup to rsvp!

I do my work rather traditionally as a Medicine Woman-this is my FT work- but I allow ones to gift from the heart whatever they feel is a fair exchange of energy...on each meetup there is a suggested amount-but amounts more than or less than are welcomed as are herbs,crystals organic groceries,handcrafts(candles and such)..so it is EASY for ones in these difficult financial times!

These are the only 2 things I have this week as this weekend I am going to a B&B w some dear friends and we will be celebrating Imbolc and ghost hunting...lol- yes I am Medicine Woman for a Paranormal Investigation Group!

Alright Dear Hearts -time to get back to work! Love and Light to you and you and you...