Monday, January 30, 2012

Appalachian Medicine Woman

I am beginning a new book today" The Appalachian Medicine Woman"
Will it be another e-book ( I also have " I am Midas Spinning Energy Into Gold " on Kindle) or will it be in print? Will it be a book of poetry or a book of songs...? I don't know yet-I am letting myself be Spirit led and fed-totally Guided and giving up the need to control these loving and powerfully forward moving energies! It will be what is is meant to be- and perfect within it's imperfection.

I wrote the introduction today-it includes a poem I was gifted by a Spirit for "Healing the Water"-already even barely beginning and working on it I go into a trance state- which tells me it is a spirit channeled book.
I love writing- I can be a lazy writer but when I get into a project I come into it and work with it and love it like a nursing baby!

Besides the writing my Guides have me working on some channeled art-these will be 16 paintings- 8 Archangels and 8 Dove Goddesses-my whole Spirit Council -no not quite my whole but the majority of my Spirit Council.

My art is done on wood board- acrylics - I am channeling all the time so open Sacred Space- start playing calm flute  music and then I go out- and for 5 or 6 hours it is the one having their spirit portrait done that guides my hands.. all I know is suddenly I wake up- I have to pee and my arm hurts from holding up for so long and I am very tired.. and there sits a finished piece of art..

Above here you  see some of my art work and on my image-this is  a particularly powerful and beloved channeled art piece The White Buffalo Calf Woman Rides 2012-this art piece came w a Spirit song I use often in healing circles....this was taken at my art showing in 2008 ..I have not shown my art since then- we moved to Pittsburgh and I had a tough time adjusting to the energies.

Though Spirit Guided to move here-I hated it at 1st..Pittsburgh energy was COLD and HARD at it felt like I ran into walls at every turn - but I adjusted and NOW just love it  here-it is my forever home!

You see you /I have to adjust to the energy-the energy doesn't need to adjust to you/I -lol- a hard lesson but valuable one.. as are all important lessons -not easy to shift us powerfully and permanently!

Now I have adjusted, assimilated, rested and healed...NOW  it is time to get back to work powerfully!

An important note....

In my blog or classes or radio teachings ( ) if ones wish to quote my words or share information I ask- please do so by telling who I am -Sandy Davis The Appalachian Medicine Woman-(Oneness Love Dove on Facebook) when quoting me- I require adding  link to my events page   

I have had some issues with ones lately using my words and teachings in an dishonest/ abusive way -to promote their business (this is a hard one because I really LIKE the person very much)  and  worded as though these were original to them and all I ask is please- if you quote me-quote me-do not steal my information! Kharmically that is a terrible thing to do- it dishonors me and it does you as well-

Create within your own creation! You have all the tools you need to do your work! You don't need to imitate anyone!

I thought back to how my many teachers would have dealt with this and I said-Oh that person is lucky it was me- some of my teachers were some tough cookies and would have NOT taken it lightly!

Anyway enough of that!!

This week upcoming Wed 7 pm I have a shamanic energy healing circle
Thurs 7 I have psychic dev class.. see the meetup to rsvp!

I do my work rather traditionally as a Medicine Woman-this is my FT work- but I allow ones to gift from the heart whatever they feel is a fair exchange of energy...on each meetup there is a suggested amount-but amounts more than or less than are welcomed as are herbs,crystals organic groceries,handcrafts(candles and such) it is EASY for ones in these difficult financial times!

These are the only 2 things I have this week as this weekend I am going to a B&B w some dear friends and we will be celebrating Imbolc and ghost yes I am Medicine Woman for a Paranormal Investigation Group!

Alright Dear Hearts -time to get back to work! Love and Light to you and you and you...

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