Monday, October 22, 2012

BBW Diva Goddess

I sing the notes of creation and healing energy as a living magick flute.

I invite you to listen to my radio show LIVE weekdays 9am for an hour as I discuss Appalachian Folk Medicine,Shamanism,Homesteading, Sacred Sexuality,Manifestation, Pagan Polyamory, Being a Sexually Dominant Woman, Herbalism,Living Simply and Frugally .You an listen to archived shows ANYTIME!

Move update!!

Hey love lights!


Besides the traditional Appalachian Mountain Folk Medicine Healing ....which is as passed down in my family line-casting stones and reading face and palm to do a reading of what you need , low key trance medium healing, herbalism, laying on of the hands, healing with soup and tea ,spirit singing -psychic surgery/extractions and cutting cords

I do crystal and vibrational healing

Cherokee Medicine w sageing,drumming, spirit healing

I am a Usui and Seichim Reiki Master Teacher

Intuitive Reflexologist-especially face and scalp massage w foot and hand rub -intuitively guided .

Cherokee Accupressurist- this HURTS abit but is amazingly haling and effective - we intuitively find the spot that is in need of help and mash that for 30 seconds to release the muscle

Chakra healer and Aura balancer

I am going to have a  folk medicine shoppe set up when we have healing circles for those that want to take items home!

I wild harvested enough mugwort for the year for our healing circles -I use it in the healing tea-I smoke it to see the energy body and smudge with it as well... I may even have enough to sell little baggies of mugwort and healing tea  for $4 at events.

I will havy my Elixir of life made for healing circles too-I put a few drops in the healing tea and soups as well as jugs of spring water-it is infused with massive amounts of Healing Energy-

I will have little bottles of the elixir of life for sale for 20.00 at events as well.You just use a drop or 2 daily in your water for healing purposes.

I am also making blue sage healing balm, rose petal healing balm and calendula cream ,my special healing combination -w of course time I will have those as well as shamanically charged chakra healing stones sets at my gatherings!

I will have black walnut tincture for 12.00  this is great for a parasite cleanse and tonic  

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