Tuesday, October 2, 2012

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Life is FUN and busy as we prepare to move this Fall!
For that reason-I don’t have any public events scheduled till the New Year 2013!
THEN the FUN starts!!

 I have a new Meetup in the Brevard NC area-outside of town in the Forrest!
We will have regular weekly events starting in the New Year !
Please look into your heart and see if any of these will fit into your calendar! The Meetup is free to join and allows you to participate in many FUN and deeply spiritual gatherings with likeminded, divine  love lights in the LOVELY Pisgah National Forrest area of WNC!

The Elixir of Life : Heal the Waters
·                                 Beginning weekly Sunday, January 6, 2013
Each Sunday at 3:00 PM
·                                 THE ELIXIR OF LIFE:HEALING THE WATERS
·                                 Charged water and crystals with crystal bowl and spirit songs with the angels -thus making an "Elixir of Life for healing the living waters of the body.
Our cells and DNA are under attack from GMO foods, radioactive particles and heavy metals .

In a healing attunement with the angelic council of light I was gifted the ability to make an "Elixir of Life" for healing these issues...it goes back to a healing modality I worked with in Atlantis.
Our healing time will include soup and herb tea infused with this healing water.. as well as simple glasses of the charged water.

I will offer laying on of the hands healing ,drumming and singing  a spirit song to ignite ever more so - the healing energy of the "Elixir of Life"
I will teach you a simple toning exercise to charge the Thyroid Chakra which is under such attack from psychic energies as well as environmental contaminates!

These gatherings will occur Sundays at 3 pm in a private address in the Brevard countryside -beginning in the New Year!! I will send the address 3 days in advance to ones who rsvp YES to the event!!
$11,$22 or $33  love offering suggested for the gathering

·                                 Thursday, January 10, 2013
7:00 PM
Intuitive n Psychic Development, chanting ,chakra healing , open 3rd eye

·                                 Beginning Thursday, January 10, 2013
Every Thursday thereafter 7:00 PM

I have been teaching psychic development using more esoteric means for 6 years.

Each week we do a sageing ceremony, chanting, toning exercises, meditation to open the 3rd eye as well as ceremony to open our psychic centers.

We then do some practical application of the intuitive gifts- we will start with basic psychic development exercises- learn to read Oracle cards, psychometry, remote viewing, astral projection
You are free to join in for 1 or many classes!

I like to make them fun and relaxing!

Love offering suggested $11,$22 or $33
We also barter for organic foods, firewood, herbs, oils, handcrafts ,gift cards,etc...

The Sensual Goddess: Dancing in the Energy of the Divine Feminine Arts
·                                 Weekly Series Beginning Saturday, January 12, 2013
7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
The Divine Sensuous Goddess can be of any age, any body size-can be lovely or plain.. it doesn't matter-because as you see your power grow.. you will be viewed in a different way.
Your auric field glows and expands! You become ever more creative and enriched...LIFE is exciting, depression slips away and becomes a long distant dream, health problems fade into nothingness...
We are the ones that get the job promotion, we are the ones that attract love, we are the ones brave enough to follow our divine path of power! We are the ones that have determined for OURSELVES what is best for us in our lives!
WE ARE the blessed and fortunate-because we KNOW how to attract and magnetize te energies needed to MANIFEST what we desire!
Weekly Sacred Dance, Energy Gathering , Guided Meditation, Chanting and Toning.
How to charge the Divine Feminine Womb energy to manifest YOUR dreams come true!
Love offering of $11, $22 or $33
or a barter for organic foods, firewood, herbs, handcrafted candles
Suggestion- Dress in a loose flowing skirt or wear a dress (pants are OK too) and bring a scarf - if ya can-get yourself a bellydance jingling hip scarf.. wear a shirt that allows you to move...we will generally dance barefoot -if not too cold we may be outside around the campfire - and then of course you might like some comfy shoes...

I will also be letting ones come by without an appointment for Trance Medium Healing or Intuitive Counsel weekdays 3pm to 8 pm
Like everything it is a LOVE OFFERING basis!!

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