Sunday, October 28, 2012

Updates, schedule and events for the Appalachian Folk Medicine Woman

If Michelangelo were a healer- well-he MIGHT be nearly as good as me- that may sound proud and vain- but I realized the other day-no doubt Michelangelo KNEW how good he was .. and SO DO I...
I cannot be powerful in your behalf  UNLESS... I KNOW I AM..and own my gifts and abilities fully!
Unlike most "healers" I am a Medical Intuitive and SEER- I see into many dimensional realities all at one time - including past and future life, I see any spirit attachments,cords of attachment and literally SEE the energy body.I see the MOMENT illness began to manifest and have the ability to BEND time in order to go back to when the water whithin the cells of the body were perfectly healthy-and help them REMEMBER that pure health!
My training has been over 51 years and began when I was born-but the past 7 years has been primarily shamanic and energy healing as well as honing my herbal tonics, infused oils and vinegars, tinctures and elixirs!

I am very blessed to come from an age old lineage of healers on both my Cherokee side and My Celtic/Irish side of the family.
I HEAR your body talking and it tells me where you are hurting and what it needs to heal-I then relay that information to both you and to the healing tonics I make. They are not only made up according to the herbs you need,but an elixir of life, various tinctures and crystals are used as well as Sacred Symbols and ringing of the crystal bowl for charging the waters!
I sing the notes of creation and healing energy as a living magick flute.
I look into the astral and other spirit dimensions to see if any disruptive spirit energies are a base cause of your illness - and  place protections in your life to make these psychic attachs cease. You are now under my protective energy.
Medical Intuitive, Psychic Surgeon, Healer extraordinare!

I have had too many miracles of healing happen to ever doubt the powerful healing energy passed down in my family coupled with lifelong training in the heaing arts has produced a Healing Master.
Bearer of the Goddess Aura , daughter of Dana . Oracular Healer, Dove Goddess Incarnate.. and so it is...
In the Higher Dimensions I am known as Madonna of the Doves. I work with the 8h Dimensional Crystal Palace as an Oracle to the Dove Goddesses and Ascended Masters. Running their powerful healing energy through my expanded chakra system - we bring in miracles of healing and prosperity manifestation .
Physical descendant of Alcyone and the Bear Clan Medicine People.

Monday to Saturday 9 am Eastern we invite you to join us for an informative and entertaining hour with Medical Intuitive and Folk Medicine Practitioner : Sandra Bear Davis / Mama Bear Information on herbal healing,tinctures,tonics,distance ... healing, folk medicine , homesteading, simplicity, good Earth Keeping and working from heart center!

Monday to Friday 10 am to Midinight Monday to Saturday 10 am to Midnight Eastern Time ones can call for a consultation -no appointment needed- with Appalachian Folk Medicine Woman Sandra Bear Davis / Mama Bear
Call  1-888-693-8437 ext. 04268117
The 1 hour phone consultation is $250.00 and from our conversation as a medical intuitive and picking up your energy signature with your permission I will continue working with your healing in the Astral Realm as well as begin making an herbal tonic and elixir of life especially designed for your healing needs...
I will send the tonic to you via UPS when ready-this takes approx 2 weeks to meld fully . A month of the herbal remedy is $120.00
I also recommend ones come for 1 to 2 weeks of my Appalachian Folk Medicine Group Healing Circles starting in the New Year .These will be from 4 to 6 pm Monday to Saturday and are $50.00 per person .
These involve laying on of the hands healing, a smudging ceremony, herbal tea and healing energy infused vegan vegge soup as well as crystal and vibrational healing .
The gatherings will be in Brevard NC near the Pisgah National Forest and in Mc Lean VA -just outside of Washington DC.
I will have the dates and times available
via this blog very soon!

Miracle Manifesting BBW Love Dove Goddess and Folk Medicine Healer bar none!
Too psychic for my own good!
YET SWEET and down to Earth!
I have a daily blogtalk radio show
I do my healing events and teach classes through a Meetup
I write a daily blog
Ya know what- 1st I am a Mom of 3 great grown children
Then I am a wife to my beloved husband Charlie -we have been together for 7 years.After a 25 year marriage where I was at times physically abused-he is like an angel to me!
He understands and supports my nature and way of Being- he thinks I am an incarnated Goddess...

THEN I am an artist
I am a homesteader/prepper
To make my living I do energy healing and psychic readings.
I make herbal concoctions . I like simple living,cannot tolerate the city, dislike crowds.
I love the forrest- being out in nature .
I have alot of years of training as a Medicine Woman- but ya know what.. I no longer TRY to grow a business or TRY to DO anything-I spend all my time just BE-ing .
I play my flute,my drum,I sing,I dance,I laugh.. I cook- I love living and life!

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