Monday, October 1, 2012

Kick ass Shaman Teachers! My bio- as it were!

I want to share some of my great teachers with you!! Several of them are Facebook friends and WONDERFUL teachers !!
I feel it is important for you to check me out- I am a SUPER open book!!

I am a Bear - I  claim Crow Medicine,Mugwort Medicine and White Oleander Medicine

Certified Haumana Shaman Certification with Claudette Knox -retired .She was taught directly by Serge Kahili King writer of The Urban Shaman.

Usui  Reiki Master/Teacher Certification with Kathy South of the Greater Alexandria Center for Reiki

Seichim Reiki Master/Teacher Certification with Mary Phelan and R Neville Johnston of Telepathic TV
From them I also took psychic development courses,took crystal healing and Tarot Classes

Munay Ki 9 Rites with Dale Schoonover

Lakota Sioux Medicine with Cinnamon Moon author of A Medicine Woman Speaks( my good friend and mentor yet)

Jewish Shamanic Healing with Rabbi Gershon Winkler and Ravi Miriam Maron (just took the healing Workshop not the 2 year certification)

Everyday Quabala Certified ( as related to the Major Arcana of the Tarot) The Order of the Doves-Sedona AZ

Appalachian Folk Medicine-Aunts, GrandMother and Grandfather

Shaman Manin- Panamanian Shaman  took Crystal Classes,San Pedro Ceremony  and some Multicultural Shamanism Workshops

Miguel Sague -Taino Shaman - love his Taino Sweatlodges and teachings on Maya Prophecy!

Bit of Cherokee Medicine from my Papaw James and the Celtic Dana Healing -Druidism from my Pa Short

Herbalism from my Mammy Short and My sister Leah  (before I was all about energy, faeries and trees-not much into herbal healing till 3 or 4 years ago!!)

Shamanic Trance Dance... Sacred Dance Classes-I forgot my teachers name-sighs-LONG time ago-took some Sacred Dance from many cultures  from pretty much all the teachers !! We always dance the Elements and Sacred Directions!!
Direct Spirit teaching from the Angelic Council of Light -Archangels.
Spirits of Nature and the Council of Dove Goddesses
She Bear Sees- a Medicine Woman in Spirit

Spirit Gifts from my Near Death experience- 1)Akashic records access as relates to your higher calling and healing! 2)Prosperity Manifestation Ceremony of Abundance ( I have an e-book about it on Kindle"I am Midas Spinning Energy Into Gold ") 3 ) Enhanced healing ability-gifts of Angel Love Light Healing,Elixir of Life: Heal the Waters, Trance Medium Healing channeling the Higher Dimensions

I have a daily blogtalk radio show
 Nearly daily blog

Author of E-Book on Kindle " I am Midas Spinning Energy Into Gold:Prosperity Manifestation Ceremony of Abundance for Lightworkers" I do the ceremony in person now and again-pretty powerful stuff!!

 Had a few art showings in the DC area- was doing pretty good with sales till the economic boom.. sighs.. BUT wanna get Back to painting again after a LOOOONNNGGG hiatus!

In Pittsburgh I started,organized and managed 3 Psychic Fairs/Oneness Spirit Fairs. Hard work- someone else runs them now -I got tired of working 100 hours for IF I WAS LUCKY a 100 bucks-lol....really really hard work!! Sadly lost some friends through that process- probably mostly my fault-I am not a great organizer OR I am stressed out and anal about it ... NEVER do business with friends !!

I did paranormal research as a psychic  with Oakmont Paranormal Research for a awhile- good at it but it makes me VERY tired working with Earthbounds and low vibrational entities! Made some cool friends though-hope they get famous someday!

I have been running meetups since 2007 - in DC -LOVED it- in Pittsburgh-sighs.. some times pretty good- mostly kinda sucked!! lol..BUT I have met some LOVELY folk and made some lifelong friends along the way!

I just never could get myself really settled into Pittsburgh-not them-Me- just didn't resonate with the energy... No good-no bad just energy!...and you see my health was not as great -had to slow down and get healed myself!!

Maybe my health was part of the problem-no energy -SO fatigued and achey all the time! Found out I have  thyroid problems and diabetes.. all good now!

I know I was probably a total pain in the arse before I found out what was wrong-I was always having to cancel things-it was sad...


Some things I want to do in Asheville...hopefully from my homestead in time!![:D]

Open a metaphysical tea shoppe-The Enchanted Tea Room! I will likely salve that by hosting quarterly Mystic Tea Thyme gatherings!

Teach people about homesteading,herbalism, olde ways!

Do healing circles, womens circles , charged Heal the Waters gatherings-drumming,singing,dancing the energy of Healing and the Elixir of LIFE!!

Getting back to my art!!
Write and illustrate some more e-books-they are FUN!!

Start a TV show-really really wanna do that-life of Modern Mystics ya know...
Alright.. gotta run! Have a GREAT day!!

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