Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sacred Sexuality, The lost art of sensuality and the importance of enjoying our body!

Today on my blogtalk radio show I am going to be talking about Sacred Sexuality, sharing some of the lost Divine Feminine Arts of Sensuality  and Magnetism. Sharing the importance of Sacred Dance and the importance of PLEASURE as a Spiritual Gateway.

Having a partner that gives them selves over to BE-ing the giver of pleasure for the one abeing worshipped as  The  Goddess . Allowing HER to experience deeper and deeper levels of pleasure as a means of powerful manifestation...

There is a dimension to be attained I call the Garden of Delight- and also the Pleasure Palace.

Herein magick manifests easily and swiftly -when the power of the energy of the waves of many orgasms is consciously applied to a set goal determined PRIOR to the time of love making!

Sex Magick is most often thought of being used by ones of a lower energy or dark energy signature-but that could not be further from the truth! Shame around Divine Sexuality lingers all through Western Society -even amongst those who have consciously let go of traditional Western Spirituality... we can STILL walk in shame about our Divine Sexual Be-ing!

My intention is to aid ones to RELEASE on many levels any shame and learn to embrace their divine rights as a Sexual Goddess!!

Please join me LIVE  1 -3 PM Eastern Time-you can listen to the archived show anytime!!


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