Monday, September 24, 2012

Harvest,move to Mtn. homestead,manifesting,links to events!!

Been busy with the harvest,making tinctures and cough syrup, canning,drying ...gathering acorns for bannock bread.

I have been off the blog for abit- I want to share a few things I have going on right now..

I am moving back home to the Mountains of Western NC! I will be building an off grid-no electric at all -homestead and 1 room cabin.Going back to the land so I have time to write, to paint my spirit art,to teach and to do healing!

I was getting pretty sick in Pittsburgh w the city energy - and need to live off grid and detox from electromagnetic energies. As a sensitive I find myself needing to live in the woods and very close to nature to do my work powerfully as a Medicine Woman. I have always thrived when living in a quiet place deep in nature-city life almost killed me!

I need the peace and quiet of the forrest and the Mtn streams and springs to create- and to gather energy!!

A nice young couple is taking over the community garden here in Penn Hills-my husband will stay up North for abit to finish a work project and to save to build our off grid cabin! We will build 2 cabins actually- 1 is a 1 room cabin for my work as a healer,teacher, artist and author. We will build a 4 room cabin as our residence and are looking for approx 24 acres in order to do self sufficient homesteading!

We will have some camp spaces available for my full time apprentices. More info upcoming on the in residence training!

I already started a Meetup there in Chimney Rock NC to teach the  Ways of traditional Appalachian Folk Medicine .It is growing miraculously quickly- we already have 64 members and our 1st gathering we had about 20 participants! Some VERY  powerful angelic healing came!

I am Cherokee and Celtic mixed and over the years in the far back country we formed a type of healing and manifestation ability unique to the Mtn folks! It is free to join- and allows you to rsvp for upcoming events!

We work with indigenous plants,herbs, the waters and springs, power animals -especially for me the Bear-the honeybee, Crow, Rainbow Trout.I work with the Oak Tree ,with Faerie Kingdom,with the archangels.
I drum and sing, sitting around the campfire with a group powerful energy comes in- we dance the energy!
 We bathe in the cold Mountain streams and we commune with the trees and the stones-the spirits of nature!

I make healing herb tea and soups infused with healing energy.
My gatherings are on LOVE offering basis-in other words pay what feels fair to YOUR heart!

As a traditional Mtn Medicine Woman -some call a Granny Woman- having died and return to life I walk between the worlds of spirit and the mundane as a Shaman and some would say a Spirit Medium. I have found these words to be somewhat interchangeable.I go into a trance state and access the spirit realm for knowledge to help the people that come to me.

Our healing gatherings are ecumenical-spiritual but not religious and we honor ALL faiths that do no harm! We ask anyone coming to be nice or go home!! Leave behind religious and political or racial divisions and simply be in the love and healing energy together!!

If you would -like my facebook page!!

Also feel free to friend me on facebook-I am Sandra Bear Davis of Chimney Rock NC!!

 I have a weekday 1 to 3 pm internet radio show with my husband who is a holistically healthy home builder and a Christian Mystic. We share updates on the homestead and on any healing or teaching events. I share recipes and herbal knowledge as well as work with distance healing and do some drumming and singing! You can listen to archived shows anytime!

My next healing event is Oct 13th-I will be camping and have invited Meetup members to come by 1 to 8 pm for healing around the campfire! If interested please join the meetup and rsvp! As always pay what feels fair to your heart!  This is the event link!!

Looks like I MAY be teaching some continuing education classes at a local Mtn College-more info upcoming there and have found and am working with a prepper community .This move has been incrediibly easy- everything about it has fallen into place! I am so grateful to the Universe for the blessings!

I wish you a lovely day!! I had a vision yesterday I am sharing on the radio show today- as well as sharing info on making bannock- acorn bread and how to make black walnut tincture for parasite cleanse!

Love n Light!!

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