Monday, April 2, 2012

The Role of an Incarnated Angellic Fae

There is a class of Fae/Faerie Folk that works between the Realms of the Heavens and Mother Earth.

We are not Archangels, we are NOT Goddesses- we are not Fully Fae. We are an inbetween otherkin.

The nice part about it is getting to see things from many perspectives. The hard part of it is never getting to take sides. Because ones want you too... but one who works between the Worlds is not able to be a judge. We are also not able to fit into tidy boxs. We don't conform to social norms.

Trying to shame an Angellic Fae with-everyone else is doing it- will get you no where!

We are also not here to settle down and be as the world thinks" stable" .. we flow with the messages and energies of both Mother Earth and Great Spirit/ Father aspect of the ONE-Creator.

Why are we here incarnated into physical form NOW?

To wake up Lightworkers and get their butts back into gear!

Personally I have aided many Lightworkers to get back on their path- and most of them are mad at me till this day. Because I would not stick to the plans they made for us... you see  I KNOW WHAT I AM HERE TO DO... trying to tell someone - we will walk together for a while but when it is time to take the training wheels off you are on your own...they don't want to hear that... and will try to shut you down if you bring it up..

I have access to the Akashic Records- I generally DO NOT WORK WITH THE AVERAGE PERSON... almost every one I work with is a Lightworker that is off track...some of them have burnout or are ill ,some of them have been distracted by something glittery.some are scared to get moving, some are in addictions and are clouded -these are the hardest... the booze,drugs,negative mindset  or sex they are addicted to clouds them horribly ( and a drunken Lightworker is a total mess and a trainwreck honey)

I aid them with energy healing, long talks and intuitive guidance - also I see into their path and work with them awhile to get them going... then when they are strong I leave.. yes I leave... they THINK they still need me and feel abandoned.. it is just that BY STAYING I WOULD DISEMPOWER THEM AND GET THEM ADDICTED TO ME!!

That happens ALOT- ones get addicted to me-then when it is time to shift-like a teenager that is aggravated with parent- it is because energetically they are preparing for independence.. so they stay angry at the parent.. what was once your hero now is a royal pain in your arse...

I say that is a good thing and a healthy sign!

Then that frees me up to walk with the next series of battle fatigued lightworkers... and when they are strong and able-I will let them go too...

So- if we have worked together- and you are now doing your work- perhaps someday you will remember me with fondness! Either way-if you are angry with me or if you look at me fondly.. to me personally it matters very little.
What matters to me is seeing a Lightworker powerfully doing their work again!

You are needed so very much! You are here to aid Mother Earth in her healing process and also here to aid mankind in their ascensin process...mankind is at a dangerous juncture... and your job is to be of service to that ascension process! Be it through your energy or other holistic healing,writing, taking ones to see John of God( as one of my former charges does now) doing readings that help heal , organizing groups or community gardens , ... or any number of things to being a great Mom that recycles or a fabulous organic chef..whatever your assignment is... my job as an incarnated angellic fae  is to get you realigned!

We are the ones that help get you steadied up and moving back on course.We are not here to hold your hand for long- we push you out there-to do your work..

Like those old TV shows-the Hulk comes to mind.. where a stranger wanders in-saves the day-the person now has personal power or has some danger removed want them to stay but they cannot... they have to keep moving...

Angellic Fae live by the words of spirit. We listen to that 1st and foremost. A fact that most cannot understand.We do our work on faith and guidance.We are not attached to ones personal opinions of us. It is not always easy- but it is always powerful. Even for ones that no longer speak to me-as I see them on their path-I am happy to have been of some small service to the Light! ... and so it is-and so it shall be-for the GREATER GOOD we serve!

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