Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gaia's Garden and Wellness Center Project

Hello love lights!! I wanted to post a FYI-about our garden and upcoming Wellness Center project.We are now a Non Profit connected to the Global Alliance for Peace - so donations are tax deductible!

If you would like to donate to the project - we are happy to accept these!!-I will donate 1/2 the proceeds of my art and private healing sessions to build Gaia's Wellness Center .

We are working hard/hardly working on Gaia's Garden- a community garden in Penn Hills-a few doors outside of Pittsburgh City Limits on Lincoln Rd. You may have a free space for organic gardening w heirloom seeds- NO NO GMO!!

ON the same lot we intend to build Gaia's Wellness and Holistic Living Center - my part of the center will be large group daily trance medium healing w/ no charge (tax deductible love offering /donations based) I do healing very similar to John of God from Brazil.

In order to save for the building-I am now doing 1 hour private appointments for shamanic energy healing,shamanic manifestation or intuitive counsel -these sessions are 120.00 per hour minumum donation.

I am also doing my shaman art again to raise funds for the center = my interdimensional art of Angels,Faeiries, Spirit Guides and Sacred Geometry starts at $2200.00 per piece and is used for meditation,healing and spiritual connection.Feel free to visit me in the garden as I produce these spirit channeled,blessed pieces of divine shamanic artwork!!

I will be speaking about these projects Monday on my blogtalk radio sow

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