Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Enchanted Cottage -What trance medium healing is like here..

I do my work from a super humble little cottage in Penn Hills PA. In a mixed race , working class -yet really quiet little neighborhood.Just outside Pitsburgh City Limits on Lincoln Rd- folks here are kinda scared of Lincoln Lemmington Neighborhood but we are abit away from that and getting more into the country here...

I think sometimes I can come across online sort of heavy. Ya know-ones get the impression that this is a super serious-no laughing allowed. Tighty controlled and fairly uncomfortable healing experience.

I want to let you know -that is really NOT the way it is.. the only really controlling thing I do is ask-please be nice- we have people of EVERY religion and background here- so I like to keep the energy very loving and friendly.

Making fun of anothers faith or talking about politics- totally rapes the energy and THAT I won't stand for..Sigh-I have had to ask a person or 2 not to come back for making fun of the faith of others and it is my JOB to guard the GROUP energy..OK_ now THAT is out of the way...So we don't talk about religion, politics or stuff on the news ...or TV at all..

We DO alot of taking here about angels, faeries, spirit guides, totem animals, direct spirit communication- auras,healing...what we intend to manifest-what we are letting go of..we talk about spirit guidance-messages we get from animals- from our meditations- what we feel we are here to do.. ones ask me about my Near Death Experience- Angel and Faerie Encounters..there is alot of very positive and spiritual conversation going on!

Also - we do a sageing ceremony usually- to clear the energy -remove any lower energies...and to clear the auric field  I use sageing,feathers and a spirit rattle.. also at times I sage w Mugwort to easier see the auric field.

I have people write down on 1 side of paper-what they want to let go of... and on the other side- what they want to call in.. NOT THAT THEY ARE WILLING TO SETTLE FOR.. what the REALLYwant!.. I never see what ones write-so this is between your higher power and you.. I then put it in the fire - and the smoke goes up as a prayer to Great Sprit. Sometimes I have ones pull this into their chakras(or in Cherokee tradition these are called stars) and bathe in the smoke..I watch th fire and get messages about how things will  most likely manifest  for YOU..

I do an extensive healing prayer and open Sacred Space with the intention we are surrounded wing to wing by the Holy Archangels- they powerfully remove lower energies
..never allowing them to return in any way,shape or form-in any time,space or dimension!

People often wonder why a Medicine Woman works with the Archangels-well THEY are the Spiris that came to me when I had my Near Death Expereince- and also I had many archangel and faerie encounters through the years.. so that is why.. I see them-they communicate w me-they are NOT owned by any religious system! They are powerful messengers from Great Spirit.

We call in your personal guides, ancestors,healing faeries, power animals and at that time many times I sing and drum  the White Buffalo Calf Calling Song... I would say most of the time she is the Spirit of the Space doing the healing- as a trance medium I allow Spirits of Healing,Love and Light to come into my energy to do healing.. I remember VERY little if anything after the healing prayer is said...

The Archangel Gabrielle is the primary archangel of the space along with Metatron-but the healing angels come in for the ones present-so if you are more powerfully aligned with Michael,Raphael,Metatron, Urielle,Zadkiel or Chemuel .. these come in.. Powerful Faeirie energies come in to heal... don't you DARE think Disney or some silly being.. these are powerful angels of the Divine Earth Mother..they work with the heavenly angels but are even more interested in your LIFE.. your body healing, your romantic life-your work-your garden-your pets-your home.. they are amazing fixers...

Archangels tend to be more interested in your HIGHER calling-getting you on your path of service.Yes they heal too- but they are MUCH more interested in making sure you are aligned to your personal path of power and higher calling than about your romances, problems in your job- family issues.. and such.. the FAE- are interested in your day to day JOY!

We do a TON of vibrational healing here- with drums, used to be flutes by my nephew broke my medidicne flute little bugger- we use rattles, crystal and metal singing bowls, voice -I sing quite alot of Spirit songs.. tell you more about what that means later...

Lots of times spirit healers orancestors come that are individual to the person being healed- they give me messages.. and let me know what needs realigning in your life and body system!

Oh and also I have the gift of Chakra Healing and Balacing with a heart to heart hug and a look in the left eye.. so healing can be quite fast!

I make tea and soup for ones healing-this is totally free and if you like you are MOST welcome to simply stop by for a bowl of soup and some hot tea and a hug!

I do my healing as directed by spirit on a love offering/donation basis... so ones pay what feels fair to THEIR hearts! We have a love offering bowl on the front table and indeed appreciate your generosity!If yu got no cash honey-no worries-I love as well organic supplies for making my tea and veggie soup! I love getting white sage, organic tobacco, mugwort, firewood .. so we are really easy around here!

Just come in love and light- be sweet to the other attendees...if you like a quiet visit I suggest Mondays -they tend to be quieter- by Thurs we have a full blown medicine circle with alot of folks attending!

Healing is NOT just energy healing or vibrational healing.. it can be a channeled message,psychic surgery, sometimes an exorcism is needed( actually easy easy easy.. just let the archangels do it).... I may also have to do transport mediumship and remove attachments - no problem..I KNOW love energy is a million times more potent than anything and I am honored to work with an ALL LOVE energy from the higher dimensions!

So I could go on for days.. but I hope you get the gist... Mon to Thurs 3 to 7 ish- drop by no appt needed or taken-1st come 1st served...please check out the meetup for more information and to rsvp if you wish!!

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