Thursday, April 5, 2012

You gotta honor the Energy

Please excuse typos-I am in an ubber rush to get out the door for an appointment this morning...

I have been guilty of something.. sigh.. hate to admit it but it is SO

I have been guilty of a lack of good judgement at times... and a misreading of energy.

I am a healer- a shaman.. I was called to Pittsburgh by Spirit.
I failed to look at the energy of THIS place and work with it as IT is... I wanted it to be what I was used to- and to do things I knew how to do them...

Let me explain- Most of my life I lived in Asheville NC- now this is an area of extreme individualistic personalities.You have loads of Lightworkers, Native Ameerican Spiritual Practitioners- which the Cherokee Rezz is there and loads of us from there are part Cherokee -and usually Celtic.You have move ins- ones coming from California and Florida and also loads of"snow birds" Yankees that spend the Winter down South. You have lots of peace activists- hippy types, rostifarians, eclectic pagans,New Agers, artists, musicians,green activists and so on... ya know-quirky folks!

Then I moved to the DC area and these folks there are very into education and learning-if they are metaphysical they come to classes and if called by spirit they pay whatever the ones teaching asks. If they RSVP to come to events -they show up-on time and are very polite. They follow rules and order- as you can imagine in the governement center- the energy of that space is very orderly and rule based. It is funny to imagine I know-but there are really lots of folks that are highly spiritual and into psychic development, shamanism and just learning about the cosmos..being there for 4 years it was great because after my vision quest .. I was to learn so many things and in DC Metro area I found- Usui and Seichim Reiki Teachers and became a Master Teacher-I found a Hawaiian Huna Practitioner and became a certified Haumana-Non Native Huna Practitioner- I found the Munay Ki Rites from Andean Shamans and learned about Crystals from both a New Ager couple -Mary and Neville of Telepathic TV and a lovely and powerful Panamanian Shaman -Manin-, I found out how to learn about and get trained in Jewish Shamanic Healing and got certified in Everyday Kaballa( basically Tree of Life as to how it relates to the Major Arcana of the Tarot,) I learned how to hone my psychic ability and how to focus my channeling,I learned to work with crystal bowls and metal singing bowls-I met a high up in the trancendental meditation movement who became a guide for awhile-I met people into Faeries and art-people who moved me into being a professional artist and pushed me into having art showings and doing my shamanic music publicly...I learned GREAT business and personal networking skills- how to build websites-how to network on the internet for free- started a blogtalk radio show-.. worked in LOA and eventually taught it..was in an area where rent was SO expensive that you had to charge alot for your work- as a healer or teacher..

Then we moved to Pittsburgh. ..shoo...
I have NOW learned to navigate the energies much better -for a long time I was spinning and reeling-stopping and starting.. the energy was HARD for me..NOW I see not only the difficulties of working with the energies- but also the beauty within the hearts of the people here- they really are lovely once you figure out how to navigate the energy-once they figure out I am NOT trying to start some wierd religion.. that I am NOT trying to CON anyone-that I really am here just to love, to raise a garden, to do healing, to make an honest living doing what I am called to do as a healer - that I honor all sacred paths.. that I can finally say-I am here to stay until spirit shifts me away from here..which I anticipate being many many years if not permanently in the area..

I am going to tell what I experienced but with the understanding that it was ME that had to don't get mad!! Pittsburgh was SO different and it still has an odd energy  which was like  neither space I had lived- it took me 2 years - actually over 2 years to figure this place out.. everywhere I had lived before- 1st of all these folks hate travelling more than 5 miles to go to anything.. all my life-travelling and driving an hour to get to a class you were guided to go to was nothing-simply nothing -we just did it...In Pittsburgh no one wants to drive out of their own burrough- forget crossing a bridge to get somewhere... I have had people travel from across the globe to get healing-but in Pittsburgh people just outside the city won't drive in..they send me e-mails.. oh I wish you were closer..

Pittsburghers are thrifty- actually more" I am broke" energy there is a TON of lack mentality and fears over money - they really don't understand or have never worked with "love offering" - give what feels fair- to them it means it is free... uhm-no it is NOT free- you just pay what feels fair...come on this is my work and I am good at it-and I have to pay bills too!
I think in the past they were told what to do too much- people that were in any non traditional religion-were or became pagan or metaphysical were treated like Satan incarnate-they had a HARD time and were treated very poorly ...  many folks are super traditional -so sometimes thinking for themselves is a challenge and when they break free of all that they don't want ANYONE coming off as bossy or controlling.. they have a real hard time working with a group for that reason- hard to trust....the church and may times family was SO hard on them- the work place was hard on them-it is more traditional.. really family oriented.. and when ones seems independent minded- a hammer stroke came down on them.. so I GET THAT NOW.. poor babies- shoo.. man you were BRAVE!! .

So folks are afraid that this freebird hippy type lady is trying to form some wierd cult.

There is a ton of competition energy amongst the healers and psychics and various spiritual groups -which is SAD to me- instead of shutting ones out if they ONLY understood- competition is fear based.. it shuts off love energy and universal flow -it makes you not so good at your work.. If ones understood that to work together would make this much more a metaphysical center people from around the world would LOVE to come visit..once we get that- watch out!!

I do trance medium healing similar to John of God-there is a whole industry around his work- people open hotels- ones have restaurants, healers get private appointments- readers get private clients- metaphysical shops and artists /craftsment-get work based on his healing work.. if I can get ones to understand- it can be the same here... I can as easily heal 1 person as 5 K at a time with this Angellic Healing Energy.. they don't get that- it is sad.. someday maybe they will understand I am here to enhance the work they do- and to support them in their vision.. not as a competitior( because sorry you cannot compete with the angels healing ) but as one who is attractig people from all around the world for this healing!

One of the hardest things for me is the temper NOT everyone-there are the peacekeepers here too.. but generally speaking-lots of Pittsburghers are fighters and get angry easily- and if they get angry -they will cut you out of their life in a heartbeat! I have NEVER expereinced this level of interpersonal battling- now that part I really really dislike intensely- so have stopped working with several local groups over the constant battling and back stabbing.

I actually work more with move ins than locals at this point. I want to work with locals as well... if they'll have me! Loads of folks from Metro DC have moved to the area-they get me and I get them .. so do a few of the boomerangs-once that left the area and have moved back-I have some locals who are more shy and peaceful that come to my events- they never fit into the fighters mode...

I magnetize folks from all over the US ,Canada and from across the many waters..not alot- not yet.. but over time I have seen- many will come is time for the Divine Feminine ones to be brought back into the forefront- and do our healing!

So-there is my story of the energy . and how I had to change... and yes a few things I still see that need smoothing out.. but it is ALL good and in time we will have quite a wonderful space of love,light and healing!

I want to invite you to my trance medium healing-it is Mon to Thurs 3 to 7 pm- come for just a short time-or the whole time! Love offering basis-pay what feels fair to your heart!!

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