Friday, March 9, 2012

When you are a healer-how come we feel guilty when we get sick?

I have a cold. Came on yesterday- well for 2 days everyone has said-you look really tired.
I haven't wanted to get out of bed. Just SO tired ... and this morning I woke up with a for real head and chest cold.


Like just because I am a healer I should never get sick.. like as a manifestor I created it..kind of a lot of weight to put on one isn't it? A simple cold brought on a guilt trip!!

Now that is just plain silly..

Sometimes we get sick. We live in 3rd dimension with its pollution,with it's negativity and with it's many germs,molds, mildews and viruses Sandy-get over it already!

I have a cold- my body is saying.. can we rest for a few days-let me fight these viruses- just rest,sleep,drink hot tea and veggout.. no guilt needed!

Guilt is such a useless emothion- well not really-it does keep us from doing harm to self or others.. but it can easily get out of hand!

So today I have a cold-simple.

Even Lightworkers get the sniffles, we have our back go out, we get fender benders,we have misunderstandings and fusses w others and sometimes we are broke and bounce checks -sometimes Lightworkers get more serious illnesses or have accidents!

It is simply the "what is so" of 3rd dimension!

We don't have perfect lives-because we are in a soup pot loaded with toxins- events outside our control.

And so we do the best we can with what we have- and we rest and we heal!

Continuing to drive ourselves ragged just because we have a path of service is not self loving- and love needs to be the very basis of our lives and our work!

So today I will love my virus overcome body- I will sleep, eat hot soup watch movies ,pet kitties and my doggie Puffer and stay in me jammies all day long- betcha I feel better by Saturday latest!

Love and Light to you!!

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