Friday, March 30, 2012

A lovely testimonial and open invitation!

Sweet review of the healing-

"OK all, this is a review on the healing sessions and of Miss Sandy: I am sort of shy and a whole lot awkward, so I was very unsure of going to group session all alone and was a bit skeptical.....but, finally did and was extremly surprised by it-it wasn't what I thought at all, it was light, loving, and happy. I say go once for the experience (cause it is pretty darn cool)....and just kind of sit b.........ack and take it all in, then come again to really let the healing begin. The first time I didn't speak much and kept my eyes closed for most of it, the second time I kept my eyes open and watched the hands on healing on someone else and saw that instead of hands, Sandy had white light in place of them......a healing white light transfering energy into the patient/person she was working on.........and no, I was not drinking or on drugs (that is NOT allowed at all).......I really could not believe my eyes cause it was pretty darn crazy. I have always heard about the healing white light, but never ever thought I would actually see it. Everyone that came to the group healings was very nice and open to new people coming in, no one judges anyone. Personally, I feel that the healings have helped me with all my health problems, and put me in a better mind set all around.....and Sandy knew things (personal feelings) that no one would ever know. So, come and try it out, I promise it is worth your time."
Thank-you Renee

Thank you for that lovely review!! Great reviews like that are so helpful as many people feel abit reserved trying a type of healing they have never experienced! Angel Love Light:Shamanic Trance Medium Energy Healing is SO very loving! It involves using vibrational and crystal healing with the use of drums,rattles,singing bowls ... spirit singing and a sageing/smudging ceremony.There is some light touch healing . I channel the healing energy of the Archangels.

My hands literally feel like they are on fire when around anyone in need of healing! Spirit rushes in to heal! It is WHY I am here.. to be a source or a vessel for this incredible healing energy!

I make NO claim to BE the healer- the healing comes from the Heavenly Realms of Love and Light! I am a simple channel and vessel for Spirit!

I am doing the Angel Love Light Shamanic Trance Medium Healing on a drop by w no appointment needed Mondays thru Thursdays 3 to 7 pm
Love offering basis- with a suggested 20.00 minimum.
If you would like to gather a group of up to a 20 I can do these in a group energy healing circle !

These willl be at my home healing space the Enchanted Cottage in Penn Hills PA just 2 doors outside of Pittsburgh City Limits and weather permitting often outside in nature!

The space here is ecumenical- we honor all Sacred Paths that do no harm!
In order to guard the sacred energy of peace we ask no political or religious debating or even political/religious conversation take place!

Please see the calendar at to rsvp-


I also teach psychic development on Thursdays at 7 pm and have avariety of events going on the weekends!
Shamanic Journeys,Spirit Communication Circles ,Drumming Circles,Merkoba Activations,Sacred Dance and MORE!

In a week or 2 I will be doing angel card readings in Natrona Heights PA Fri to Sun 10 am to 4 pm! I will keep you updated on that new assignment from Spirit!

Love n Light!

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