Friday, March 2, 2012

Puffer: The Heart Healer

Ya'll know I usually write about things of a deeper metaphysical nature,healing,Lightworkers encouragement and so forth.

Today I want to tell you about my dog Puffer.

If you ever come here for healing circle you will get to meet one of the worlds best healers-and it ain't me!!

Puffer is our heart healer here at the Enchanted Cottage in Penn Hills. He knows just who to cuddle up with during our healing circles. He goes right for the ones that need heart healing and comfort!

He lifts peoples spirits with his simple loving ways! An angel in doggy form!

If people need to laugh he performs little tricks like his butt bump- to get ones to scratch his back he will remind them with a bump on the leg with his hip- it is really funny! Though if he gets too persistant then I have to tell him -not now Puffer nd he walks off with a sad slouch and goes to sit with his healing client for the day . Even the most depressed person will be laughing when he does his thing!

He is an absolute love muffin and King of Cuddle!

Puffer is a Schnauzzer and Shitzu mix -he is almost 10 years old and usually as spry and active as a puppy! Oh my when it is time to go outside he twirls around- 3 twirls means an  extra happy dog!

One of Puffers best friends is Kitty Kat/Rocky. They spoon on the couch most evenings when my husband and I are watching TV. I have 2 cats and he gets along fine with Rambo/Phatt Boy but his special buddy is Kitty Kat.

Both Puffer and Kitty Kat are always present at healing circles-Kitty Katt is a big ole energy HO! He loves the energy. Puffer is there to do healing-he has an assignment from Spirit . He is serious about doing his work!

I am a big believer that pure love and enough laughter can heal most anything! I have seen way to many miracles to deny the existance of them ... EVER!

An everyday miracle in my life is the devoted love of one mighty little heart healer!

Well I am going to get on with my day now-but I really wanted to introduce you to the primary healer here- when you have him and the angels all around -you don't even need me.. except to open the door!! lol...

I hope you have a really blessed day!
I want  to invite you over to our Angel Love Light: Shamanic Trance Medium Group Energy Healing
We do these from my Enchanted Cottage in Penn Hills PA just outside of Pittsburgh City Limits
Mon to Fri
4 to 6 pm!
No appointment needed
Love offering/donation basis!

Puffer and I are waiting to bring healing into your life!!

Love and Light!

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