Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why the Hunting of Sacred White Buffaloes is a big deal to many of US!

I am an Appalachian Medicine Woman of Cherokee and Celtic Descent.

I am not full blooded Native American- sometimes mixed bloods like me are looked at as bastards by both Whites and Native Americans. I find my mixed blood a blessing as it let's me see both sides of any issue.
Right now my RED blood is boiling and I must speak out...

I am also a big believer in the Return of the Rainbow Warriors-peacekeepers of ever race,color and faith-coming together to usher in a time of Peace!

The White Buffalo Calf Woman  is rather like a Mother Earth Goddess to the Lakota Sioux People .It is said she brought them many of their Sacred Ceremony. When she left the People she said she would return and a sign would come soon before her return-the Birth of White Buffalo Calves.

I love the White Buffalo Calf Woman and would be honored to be counted as one of HER Rainbow Warriors.She comes to me and we dance together with Crow Feather Fans around a Sacred Fire- she bleeds and she cries for her children. I talk with the Spirit of the White Buffalo Calf Woman-have painted her image and was given a spirit song to connect with her. Many times she is weeping for her children of the First Nation- at their poverty, at their sickness and at the disrespect they are treated with by American Society.

This is an article about the game trophy hunting of White Buffaloes in Texas
Be warned it is heart breaking .

This is as insulting to First Nation People and ones who support them in energy- as the burning of a Koran or of spitting on a Bible.It included not only the taking of a beautiful and rare animal for trophy -but was a slap in the face to the Faith and Belief of many who are looking for the return of the White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Here is the legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman
very beautifully told-
please read it so you may understand the affront to the People..
at the murder of their most Sacred White Buffalo Calf!!

Brings The First Pipe
As told by: Joseph Chasing Horse

I have hope that somehow this death will bring us together. That we forget our differences and come together as a Rainbow Does- a rainbow is beautiful BECAUSE of the varieties of color!
A rainbow is an image of peace and hope!
And so now may you and I understand-
This Sacred White Buffalo - died to wake us up.

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