Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Channeled Message Circles: Waking up and healing Lightbearers

Every Wednesday at 7 PM I have a Trance Medium Spirit Channeled Message Circle to rsvp you may join the Meetup-just click the link above and sign on-you can then see the calendar and rsvp-or you may let me know through Facebook-I am Sandra Bear Davis from Pittsburgh -feel free to friend and e-mail me there!

Please note if you want to e-mail me through Facebook is best! I rarely look at the e-mail attached to the Meetup!

I work from a simple home healing space in Penn Hills Pa. I call the Enchanted Cottage .I have chosen a life of simplicity and service! We are working towards manifesting the funds to build a proper healing center in our Enchanted Garden space!!

Now let me share information about the channeled message circle!

I always ask the Archangels to surround the space in love,light and protective energy. I am an unconscious trance medium channeler- and so I always want to make sure whatever spirit I am channeling is of love,light and the highest of intentions!

I work with a Spirit Council of Dove and Mother Earth Goddesses- Mother Mary,Qwan Yin,Mary Magdalene,Alcyone,Abundantia,The White Buffalo Calf Woman,Dana ,Isis..I work with other Ascended Masters as well- Yeshua,Buddha, Krishna.I also work with the Archangels-

We open a portal between this dimension and the 8th dimensional Crystal Healing Palaces where the Order of the Council of Dove Goddesses convene. Working as an Oracle in this Sacred Space I begin to flow with energy and in a self induced trance state begin to share their messages.

The Goddesses , Ascended Masters and Angels that speak through me are for the ones in the audience -not for me-they have messages of spirit for YOU... you may ask questions and receive spiritual answers.

They are most interested in seeing you connected fully to your path as a Lightbearer-so many have forgotten who they are in this dense,fear based 3rd dimensional energy.

Many need healing energy to awaken to their fullest potential - their bodies and minds are not used to the heaviness of 3rd dimension and they suffer pain, illness, depression ,scattered thinking.

Many long to leave this dimension and go home but they have not completed their assignments.It is not time to walk out of this space but to enlighten our gifts and shine as Lightbearers for humankinds ascension is upon them!

We are here as wayshowers,healers, Lightbearers-we are here to teach a more ascended way of being... yet many Lightbearers have their gifts still locked inside as they are in a state of amnesia.

The channeled message circles are a great aid in waking you up to your divine calling- they are also guideposts to open the path even more fully to those aligned with their divine life mission.

All is done in love and light and for the greater good!

A great deal of healing happens in this Sacred Space!!

Before the channeled message circle at 4 I have a healing circle(healing circles are Wed and Thurs 4 to 6 pm and Sat Noon)-feel free to attend both-they are both on love offering/donation basis- $20.00 recommended for each event-but just pay what feels right to your heart!!

Here is my regular schedule

Monday- available Noon to 10 pm for private energy healing or psychic readings
Sessions are $60.00

Tues Shaman Art Class 1 to 3 pm
Class 20.00

Wed Trance Medium Healing Circle 4 to 6 pm, Channeled Message Circle 7 pm
Love offering-pay what feels fair $20.00 recommended

Thurs Trance Medium Healing Circle 4 to 6 , Psychic Development Class 7 pm
Healing is love offering, class is $15.00

Friday-available Noon to 10 pm  for private energy healing or psychic reading
Sessions $60.00

Sat Noon- Trance Medium Healing Circle, 2 pm Shamanic Healing Arts Class,
4 pm Shamanic Manifestation Class
Healing love offering/donation 20.00 suggested -Shaman classes $20.00

Sunday Noon-Crystal Bowl Peace Meditation,Conscious Conversation and Potluck Brunch
Love offering basis/donation to support our work .Bring a dish to share!

This Sunday at 7 my friend psychic Dane Tarbi will be joining me as we do a " Through the Veil" Mediumship Gallery Readings. This is 20.00 per person- we have space for 3 or 4 more people is all!!

Once a month on the weekends I have prosperity manifestation ceremony of abundance, shamanic journey and drumming circle and other events including once a month "Through the Veil" w Psychics Dane Tarbi and Sandy Davis ! !

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